The Australian Detainee In Pekan Nanas “Resort”

Australian detainee from first world Australia

The story of this Australian detainee is mentioned in one of my earlier post. He is the only Australian-national staying in this “resort” while the rest are mostly from third world countries staying in hellish detention center.

Why do I termed “resort”? It is because this Australian detainee is the only one accorded with “special privileges” and NO immigration officer DARES touch him.

He was the only national that all these immigration folks do not have the guts to touch him because he is from a first world country that stand up for human rights. Bravo for Australia and he proves it as the story goes.

google photo of Pekan Nanas detention center
google photo of Pekan Nanas detention center

This story is included in my court document

In my document to the High Court, I have included claim about this Australian-national which is denied by the immigration and deemed unbelievable.

My claim is that this Australian detainee was involved in a big fight. It was a physical fight against a gang. Arising from the fight could be hell. It could lead to an internal rioting. Anything could happened to the other detainees inside the cell. Any fight involving gangs could posed a grave danger and bodily harm to me during my 35-days detention.

So the point is that if they believed that there is no such fight, then this Australian is indeed having a stay in a “resort”. He was having a ball of a time being fully naked (after his shower) even when there are VIP outsiders inspecting the surroundings who are ladies.

Snippet of Affidavit – Fight involving an Australian and a group of Nepalese

This Australian detainee is a folk hero in Pekan Nanas history

I repeated again that he is the only person that none of the guards will come near him. The guards are smart enough to stay away and let him be handled by their three-pip Indian officer. Almost all officers are Malays and this one Indian officer is the only one that came near him and converse in English with this Australian.

Back to the fight story. It started off with the Australian being unhappy with the checker. This checker is the person named by the officer to check and report all things within the cell. In short, he holds power over all detainees inside.

This checker is a Nepalese and because there are many Nepalese inside, he has a group of supporters. Among the supporters are one or two trouble makers who are aggressive. Their aggressiveness can be seen in many instances of argument between groups or individuals. In a couple of instances, fights almost broke out involving the one that is very aggressive.

Well we all knew that Nepalese are real brave warriors throughout history. The gurkas are the most trustworthy and reliable fighting force in this world. But some doubt the identity of this checker is a true blue Nepalese. Some speculated that he is a Indian that have stayed in Nepal for a long time.

The backdrop to the this event

Because the Australian is a indomitable person, the officers hated him. So naturally they stirred the detainees to strongly disliked him. So the checker and the one supporter (that likes to play hero) is always getting onto the nerves of this Australian.

This Nepalese checker, being given power, always played macho and mafia-type behavior in front of everyone. He is always boasting that he can teach whoever “a lesson they would never forget”. It means that he will beat the hell out of that person on a one-on-one. This bragging is almost every time there is a unhappiness or challenge from the rest of the detainees. It is easy for him to play macho as officers are backing him. In any situation involving the checker, these officers would intervene to beat the crap out of anyone involving in fight within the cell. There are a few fights that I witnessed but their tales are for another day.

All the detainees is waiting for the moment when he would display his kung fu fighting skill. Everyone could then judge his boasted so-called “beat-the-hell-out-of-you” fighting skill.

The Australian detainee and his territory

This Australian gets to choose the best spot in the cell and that is the spot nearest to the front platform and the gate. He demarcated this spot to be his own territory within this cell. Here, within this territory, he will put all his belongings. And the person sleeping next to him must not sleep onto his demarcated territory. So this is the Australian way of life which is so unlike everyone of us.

He not only gets to have his own territory, he makes sure that within this territory, he can exercise all his rights. His rights involve being able to be fully naked after he comes out from his bath and wipes off the water etc.

So in one memorable incident regarding an inspection visit by a group of VIP outsiders. These group of VIP includes women and they were walking around outside. It is memorable because at that time, he was fully naked and exposed to the view of outsider women visitors. He could not be bothered with all the noises from the rest to him. Voices of admonition to him to respect the decency of the women visitors.

Tempted to test the Australian detainee’s boundary

To him, this is not his problem as he is within his rights, within his territory within the cell to be fully naked as there is NO RULES against this. His unspoken message to everyone is that these visitors are out of place to come to a fully male place. Further more these visitors are fully aware that they might see all the detainees inside. They knew that they could view what the detainees are doing as the whole cell is 360 degrees exposed to the outside view.

In his mind, maybe these women likes to see a man’s private part. We may not know if he thinks that way or not and if it is the natural Australian’s thinking.

Within the Australian’s “territory” he maintained and defends his ownership. No checker or his gang is going to dominate him. So after a few of the incidents describe above, the checker and his handlers is dying to see the moment the Australian would be humiliated in their heart of hearts.

The big fight that TV news and cable channels missed

Well the day finally came when the checker taunted him and he challenged the checker to a one-on-one fight on the raised platform. No one will be allowed to intervene and the checker promised that the officers will not intervene. This is the big fight of the Pekan Nanas Immigration Center. It is between on one side of the ring is “The checker” and on the other side of the ring is “The Australian”. It was too bad that there is no television crew to broadcast this one-in-a-lifetime- big fight. Headlined big fight between an Indian-Nepalese and an Australian fighter.

The action-packed moves was so fast that within seconds both were hitting at each other on the platform. And to the surprise of everyone, the Australian’s kung fu was of a different level from the checker. The checker was a mess of himself, all twisted up on the floor. Other Nepalese quickly have to enter the fight against the Australian. The checker had to be rescued from further damage by his supporters. One of the supporter was like superman delivering a flying kick to the Australian. Another was doing damage to the Australian’s body. Others have to step in between the checker and this Australian but not getting into the fight to avoid being punished by the officers.

The humiliation of the checker

The checker was such a sorry sight, after bragging all the times that he is a fighter that beats the hell out of people. When the immigration intervene, many officers rushed into the cell and like in the movies, everyone nearest to the fight is like getting ready to be whacked by these officers. One particular point to note is that the checker was not taken to task. Nor were those who ganged up to attack the Australian taken out to be whipped. This is the usual punishments that immigration carried out from all previous fights accounts. The immigration backed up their checker and gives a light slap to his wrist only. There were calls for witnesses to step forward. This is hoping more would point fingers at the Australian which is a fat hope.

The fight and the commotion freezes just like in matrix and everyone wonders what is next. Will the Australian be taken outside to be whipped the daylight out of him for fighting? If so, we can witnessed another acts of brutality against this Australian. Guess what, they have to called the most senior three-pip officer out of his afternoon nap. They need him to deal with this Australian. Seems like a wise move to do this to avoid a diplomatic row with Australia huh. If any diplomatic row, this officer is the best person to be held responsible instead of their own kind who most likely cannot converse well in English. I must qualified that this is from my observation.

Australian dares not touch. Do not want a diplomatic row. What good is your eat-durians-friendship diplomacy with their convicted ex-PM? It only emboldens their immigration to bully Singaporeans, unlike Australians.

Immigration claimed no such incident in court document

In my court document, I was disputed by immigration that this event happened. The court agrees with their assertion. However, to me this event is very easy to prove by these points.

On the day, this fight happened, the senior three-pip officer warned the Australian that he can be reported to the police for fighting. With that report to the police, immigration can extend his detention by few more months or years. To pacify the Australian detainee, the senior officer agrees to an unusual arrangement to move him from the current cell to the cell one storey above. And a Japanese national have to be moved to our cell in exchange.

This involvement of the prominent senior officer is easily verified as well as record of the transfer and relocation to a different cell. This senior officer who is easily identified can makes a sworn statement that this event is an imagination to prove that it did not happened.

I also believed that there is a log record of any movement of detainee from one cell to another location that can be inspected and verified from.

The above two points are easily verifiable and proof even though immigration’s document to the court had claimed other wise. But would they want the truth?

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