An account of a foreigner's experience with Immigration Department of Malaysia, of human rights abuses, and of Justice

This series is about the Malaysia legal and justice system following the saga of 35 days of detention by the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

This is a personal account of a foreigner/Singaporean's experience.

Starting from involvement with a Malaysia charity organization to a raid on his old bungalow property shelter home, this series looked at the different stages of his journey and journal his experience.

The different stages relate to, firstly, 35 days detention in oppressive, hostile, unhygienic and inhuman conditions Immigration Department of Malaysia detention cell. Being subjected to 26 days of such conditions and kept incommunicado, he pleaded guilty. In so doing he had managed to stay instead of being detained illegally continuously at the whims and fancies of immigration officers in their notorious detention cell.

Next, is his journey through the Malaysia courts stage, seeking the truth of all related matter to his detention and the lifetime immigration blacklist.

Through the litigation in Malaysia courts stage, it culminates with three court victories that declared the part 1 detention period and part 2 detention period perpetuated on him were illegal, unlawful and unconstitutional.

You can read about their notorious detention cell's oppressive, hostile, unhygienic, and inhuman condition that foreigners are subjected to, hidden and shrouded in secrecy from public view.

You can read about human rights abuse of foreigners with no accountability and the fact that foreigners are defenseless in a foreign land.

You can also read and understand what a foreigner would expect to face when taking your grievance and injustice to the Malaysia courts.

The series is an on-going compilation project of all the materials that had been gathered and journaled for case study and public awareness.

Through the exercise of much perseverance, the truth and justice has prevailed.

It also allowed a light to be shone into the dark world of the Immigration Department of Malaysia. What dark secret that is hidden will be uncovered, truth uncovers lies and deceptions.


Malaysia immigration detention center

Life Inside Malaysia Immigration Detention Center

Life inside immigration detention center, one of suffering, violence, cruel inhumane treatment, torture, injustices etc. We have read of many horror stories of undocumented migrants’ intense sufferings within the walls of detention depots run by the Immigration Department of Malaysia detention centers, but we know very little of what they actually go through. This post…

rogue immigration officer and housekeeper

DGI, vengeful ex-housekeeper and boyfriend

The vengeful ex-housekeeper, JS and her immigration boyfriend, MZ’s retaliation was the main focus of my complaint in an appeal letter to the Director General of Immigration (DGI). That appeal letter was written and hand-delivered around July 2018. Writing an appeal letter to the DGI then was my only hope to have my lifetime blacklist lifted, or so I thought.

immigration traps

Wayang Kulit And Imigresen’s Hand

Around the end of Mar 2018 on 26.3.2018, I was brought before an immigration court magistrate to face a charge. There were about thirty people altogether who were brought before one magistrate. Such a number of immigration cases being dealt with in a few short hours must be very cost effective to have just one magistrate to clear these many foreign migrants’ cases. It is cheap, fast and easy, so there is no need for consideration of foreigners’ human rights and justice for foreigners in Malaysia anyway.

scheming and debauchery

Scheming Officer In Set-Up Case

A tale of my encounter with a cunning and scheming Immigration Department of Malaysia officer. This officer’s way of corruption is through subterfuge, and in the shadow under cover of loopholes.

rogue housekeeper

Rogue ex-Housekeeper Part of Set Up

This ex-housekeeper, JS and her immigration boyfriend, MZ were mentioned in my appeal letter to the director general of immigration (DGI). When that appeal to the DGI did not allow me to turn my dire situation around, I took the action to the court. In the same manner, these two ex-occupants who were staying on my property were again named in my affidavit to the court.

magistrate remand

Magistrate Remand Order – Two Opposing Claims

And finally, it will be answered from the court document such as affidavits and evidence itself that were presented by the Immigration Authority to the Court. Needless to say, these facts are without dispute as these were presented before the KL High Court. These records are found in the Criminal Application No. WA-44-178-07/2019 & the Originating Summon No: WA-24-5-01/2020 court cases.

perverse enablers help subvert justice

Perverse Enablers Help Pervert Justice

It is a tale about the odds stacked a foreigner, being discriminated against, due to the presence and role of perverse enablers. Such perverse enablers help to pervert justice on behalf of crooked and evil people.
These perverse enablers not only enable evil people to continue doing harm, but they also help them to get away without consequences.

high court declaration

May 4th 2021 Malaysia High Court Declaration

On the 4.5.2021, the HC judge, NBB concluded that I was never produced before a magistrate on 12.3.2018 for a remand order that would allow the Immigration Department of Malaysia to detain me legally for additional 14 days in detention.
In her written judgment, she had stated the following: “It is of the considered view that the Plaintiff’s deposition that he was not produced before any magistrate on 12.3.2018 is substantiated by the fact that there are two remand orders which have not been explained off by the Defendant.”

lies and falsehoods

Lies and Falsehoods Perpetrators

The trial before the high court judge, NBB, has conclusively proven the truth of whether the account given by the Immigration Department of Malaysia or my account is the truthful one. The high court judgment is purely based on the evidence presented before the judge. This evidence is the missing page 3 that was provided by the Immigration Department of Malaysia in an earlier high court hearing.