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justice systems - tales of two different systems

Justice systems – A Tales Of Two Different Systems

Justice systems in Singapore and Malaysia, it is important to talk about the Singapore justice system in comparison to the Malaysia justice system. This is because both countries are so close to each other, just like twins. The citizens of both countries traveled, stay and do business in each other country. Both countries have many…

immigration traps

Wayang Kulit And Imigresen’s Hand

Around the end of Mar 2018 on 26.3.2018, I was brought before an immigration court magistrate to face a charge. There were about thirty people altogether who were brought before one magistrate. Such a number of immigration cases being dealt with in a few short hours must be very cost effective to have just one magistrate to clear these many foreign migrants’ cases. It is cheap, fast and easy, so there is no need for consideration of foreigners’ human rights and justice for foreigners in Malaysia anyway.

immigration detention

Tragedy Of Untold Grief In Immigration Detention

Tragedy of untold grief, this post is about the death of an Indian-national immigration detainee who died in Immigration Detention Center. He died while immigration guards are busy going along with their SOP rather an emergency. It was the same detention center that immigration detained me for 26 days (28.2.2018 – 26.3.2018) without a Magistrate…