Scheming Officer In Set-Up Case

Scheming officer was the interviewing officer

This post is about a scheming immigration officer who interviewed me during investigation who pretends to be helpful. After my release, I was debriefed by family members as well as reviewed all information from various sources regarding this officer. With all these information gathered, I concluded that this officer is very scheming and cunning.

Why is this one-pip officer scheming and cunning? Read on for my observation and the facts of the case to see why it is so.

My first encounter with any immigration officer was only on the 7th day of my detention. I was not brought before a magistrate to order my remand. This is an unlawful act according to their constitution. All I am facing for 7 days are only guards with beating batons watching over us 24/7.

This is their Federal Constitution Article 5. How can Immigration justify my detention as lawful in such circumstances as described clearly here?

Prior to this encounter, I was being locked inside a cruel and inhumane conditions detention cell. For the first three days, it was the Setia Tropika cell and then transferred to Pekan Nanas Detention Center for the other 4 days.

Torturous days inside Setia Tropika

Setia Tropika is a temporary lock up cell about the size of a 300 sq ft room. Within this room is an open concept unhygienic toilet with low-wall and without door. I was held together with 30-40 people in this horrible place. The food served everyday is a simple tray of rice and a nasi lemak fish and very dilute syrup water. This is just minimal sustenance so that you won’t died from starvation.These are our lunch and dinner and everyone has to eat like animals in this horrible environment. Sleeping is on hard cold cement floor with no blanket.

During the first 3 days at Setia Tropika, these guards would threatened me with physical assault whenever I requested strongly to see their Immigration officers. No matter what strong objections I raised, these guards just intimidated me with all kinds of threats, just like wild animals. One of the guard had in no uncertain terms disclosed that Immigration can remand me without magistrate order for 14 days + another 14 days. He bragged that I cannot do anything about it because no one can intervene here. So his message to me: be compliant and fearful else bad things would happened to me.

More torture psychologically, emotionally and physically in Pekan Nanas

The other 4 days are spent in the Pekan Nanas Detention Center before encountering this officer. This is another cruel and inhumane facility to keep all illegal immigrants and foreigners without valid documents. I was however with valid MM2H long term stay visa and was inside here because of a immigration officer set-up. This officer oversees one of the block here and working very hard to see that I suffered at his hands.

Such facilities are plainly used to torture ensnared foreigners for an “expectation”. Inside this hellish place for the rest of my unlawful remand days, I was subjected to torture psychologically, emotionally and physically to break me down.

During all these days, there is no bathing, no washing up and no change of any clothes. I am just wearing the same dirty clothes and no brushing of teeth throughout till my wife brought me the necessary hygiene stuffs.

Total isolation used by scheming officer

I had to endured 7 days of no access to legal counsel, no appearing before a court official and no communication with family. This is a total cut-off for me from civilization. Then only is my first encounter with this scheming immigration one-pip junior officer.

The torturous part is that the time passes terribly slow with your mind not knowing what to think, being completely isolated. There is totally nothing to do to occupy your time. I turn to praying a lot which helps to relieve this torture.

This is real torture that is designed to break you down psychologically. In the process of breaking you down, they would like to see you yield to them. Or to beg them and even buy your way out from this hellish place. This is their “marinating” process before the “cooking”.

Scheming officer putting on a fake mask

So on the 7th day, when I was brought before an immigration officer, I was elated that I am finally seeing an officer. Elated that maybe I could request for all those rights that were not provided to me.

My encounter with this man is one moment a kind-hearted officer to hears you out, then the next moment as a strict officer of the law. At this point, I did not see his hypocrisy and his scheming because things appears normal then,

My situation got no better and in fact, he has already adding a serious charge. This charge is staying in Malaysia without a valid Singapore passport. But he still had to allow me to make one phone call to my wife using his mobile phone. This is to confirm that my passport has been delivered to Setia Tropika. Using his phone is to make sure that my full conversation is recorded.

This is an immigration officer warrant card. Attached is the keys for handcuffs.

Scheming officer offers false “help”

On the 9th day (8th Mar), a Malaysia acquaintance went to meet this officer at his office to provide a statement. He was asked to visit me and then to meet my family. Pretending to be helpful, he proposes for him to be his intermediary between his fixer and my family. He has an “expectation” that can be directed to Team 5 as recipient through the “fixer”.

This is what is recorded in the blow-by-blow account of event in the diary:

“Ps JM updated us that he managed to get an authorization letter from IO to visit D the next day, which is on 9 March 2018. He also mentioned that he had gave a statement to the IO to testify on D’s Personal Character – D is a good character person and he opened the house at G1 for old folks and the homeless. Ps JM also said that he met Mr P.S. who was willing to help D. Mr P.S. appeared to be a very religious person and a kind officer, who said that he always goes to the temple.“

Excerpts taken from Diary

My extended family had a crisis meeting regarding this “help” from this scheming officer. Though it seems like a good offer, but knowing the background behind my case, they saw that it was a trap set. This trap has only two possibilities :

– scammed you for more and more money after payment

– add one more serious charge of corruptly offering bribes, confirmed jail term.

Officer was arrogant with my lawyer

My next encounter with him was on the day of my one and only meeting with my lawyer.

Obviuosly he was sore displeased that I would rather spent money on lawyers rather than his offer of “help”

So what happened during my half an hour meeting with my lawyer. He only allows the meeting to be held in a open room with him overhearing our conversation and seeing every of our movements.

He also assigned a guard with a beating stick to be in the room as a form of intimidation to both of us.

Other instances of encounters

#1 – Upon release , my family member told me of her conversation with him. He has approached her to talk about me. He was telling her lies such as he pities me, took care of me and he tries to help me and so on. Then he cunningly feed her false information on the charge that I faced and my trial date. He gave her a false charge which is a charge with much serious penalty. He is probably still dreaming of getting his “expectation” from her. This false information was later relayed to me when she visited me (six days before the trial date) making me believe that it is true.

#2 – I had another encounter with him 5 days prior to the date of my trial. This was after my meeting with my lawyer. With zero knowledge of what is happening, he approached me to chat in a friendly manner. During this chat, he was actually feeding me false information. This was only apparent as lies spun by him on the day before the immigration judge when the facts differed totally from what was told to me.

The fat Nepalese woman who was convicted according to Mr P.S. was a legitimate worker of a big local company in GP and the small Nepalese woman was actually an illegal said to ran away from her employer.

He also gave false information regarding the number of illegals to be charged, saying it was five but instead turns up to be six. Such is the duplicity of this religious and pious officer. I saw through these false information to see that this man was cunning and good in scheming.

The final encounter with this scheming officer

After the court trial, he meet the officer who set me up to inform him on my sentence. They were both expecting a jail term for me.

The last encounter with him was in his Setia Tropika office on the day of my deportation to Singapore.

Here another officer was angling for an “expectation” by offering me a contact for a back door way to be off their blacklist. Maybe he and she are partners to share some “expectation”

Passport defaced. Have replaced with new passport and return this shame back to them.

Lastly, this statement by this scheming and cunning officer takes the cake:

Quote: “I extended your detention in Pekan Nanas because it can help you in your appeal against your blacklist because you are still in Malaysia.

scheming officer

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