Treated Like Animals At Detention Center

Filipinos mums being treated like animals

Treated like animals at a detention center in Malaysia,a group of Filipinos mothers and their children were finally reunited. These mothers went through living hell from Malaysia immigration. They and their under two years old children were forcefully separated and locked away separately. And they end up spending 20 days of not knowing what is happening to their little children. As mothers, they are also concern about the emotional and psychological damage to their very young children being subjected to such cruelty. Indeed it is very disturbing to read news of such barbaric behavior still existing in Malaysia society.

Because of such inhumane actions, their case drew widespread international condemnation for this violation of UN human rights. The international community is right to do so as Malaysia is a party to this convention on human rights. Only upon the strong intervention from NGO, Migrante International and the Catholic Church, the Malaysia immigration relented. And both mothers and child were reunited with the NGO’s help.

Quote: “The children were gripped by exhaustion while their mothers found themselves going frantic at being separated from their children, according to Migrante International.”

Finally released from inhumane detention

Freed Filipinos Children Return Home Reunited with their Mothers.

News of these released Filipino mothers arriving back in Manila on Jul 3  2019

. Courtesy of online news screen grab

What kind of country justice system allows and support this kind of barbaric behavior?

Recognizing this serious human rights violation, one politician has raised this in the country parliament. He managed to solicit a promise from the Home Minister that he will looks into this matter.

What is common in most of the reporting was these:

The Filipinos women were subjected to endure the pain of seeing their children taken away from them. They were also were treated like animals.  While inside detention, they were subjected to cruel and inhumane living conditions. They detained in the KL Bukit Jalil Immigration Detention Center. This center has a history of cruel and inhumane treatment of detainees and more than 100 deaths.  These more than 100 deaths occurs over a period of nearly two years. Apart from Bukit Jalil in KL, there is another infamous Pekan Nanas Immigration center in Johor. This is another example of foreigners’ complaints of immigration abuses without regards for human rights.

Their terrible ordeals inside Immigration center

We are treated like animals

Quote: “Glorene had said the continued detention of the toddlers violated the Child Act 2001 and the “spirit” of the Convention On The Rights of the Child to which Malaysia is a party.

But Immigration Department director-general is denying Tenaganita’s claim that the children were held in “less than hospitable conditions”. He said basic facilities were provided for children detained at the center.” He is again lying just like the case of American Maggie 5-days “living-in-hell” detention.

Courtesy of online news screen grab

Detained Filipinos Speaks Out On Inhumane Conditions

For the public and foreigners, do listen to their voices as they speaks out on such inhumane situations happening in Malaysia Immigration. Please be careful on immigration related issues.

As Malaysia continues to allows such barbaric, cruel and inhumane treatment of foreigners, refugees, migrant workers, the international community is calling for a stop.

Malaysia: Stop Treating Rohingya Refugees as Criminals

Jailing, Caning Refugees Violates International Law

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