Rogue ex-Housekeeper Part of Set Up

Rogue ex-housekeeper, JS is a part of set up and started this, who is this person? JS was once serving with a charity organization in Segamat. This was prior to me coming to know her through Ps JM‘s recommendation. As the housekeeper then, JS was allowed to stay on my property with her young son.

There is an entry in the diary that mentioned about her using the nick “keeper” to substitute for her name initial, JS.

Excerpt from diary

14 March 2018, Wednesday
1000 hrs Arrived at Pekan Nanas Detention Centre. No haversack. Ladies’ handbag is allowed. Switch off handphone.
JF managed to get D‘s pouch which contain all the houses’ accesses cards and keys from one of the immigration officer in the meeting hall. No money in D‘s pouch.
While we were leaving, we met M (keeper’s sister) M came forward to our car to talk to G. M informed G that she is visiting her boyfriend who is also inside Pekan Nenas, the same day D was remanded. Her boyfriend has no valid documentation. She subsequently also saw keeper at the entrance of Pekan Nanas.

Excerpt from diary

This ex-housekeeper, JS and her immigration boyfriend, MZ were mentioned in my appeal letter to the director general of immigration (DGI). When that appeal to the DGI did not allow me to turn my dire situation around, I took the action to the court. In the same manner, these two ex-occupants who were staying on my property were again named in my affidavit to the court.

Named in Affidavit

How I got involved with this ex-housekeeper

This ex-housekeeper, JS was first introduced to me by a Malaysian acquaintance known by the initial Ps JM. I get to know Ps JM through my involvement with a Malaysia charity organization.

On a side note: Ps JM was also the man whom a scheming immigration officer, PS approach to be his “messenger” between immigration officer, PS and my family with an “offer to help me”.

I came to get involve with this charity organization through a long time Singaporean friend. This friend would frequently travel up to visit this charity organization to help raise funds. He also connected this organization with many other volunteers from Singapore.

I have donated regularly from August 2010 till Jan 2012 to this charity organization. In total I donated a total of S$3,000 (equivalent RM6,900) plus RM25,800 for this period.

The President of this charity organization in Segamat is a mutual friend whom I met through my Singaporean friend.

charity organization
One of many donation receipts

Property came into the picture through charity organization

This friend was also, at one point, running a half way house for ex-drug addicts in Singapore. Due to the Singapore landlord-owner of the property taking back the property, he had to close down the half way house.

In order to continue and complete the short-term program for the last resident, he decided to place this last resident in a rented premise in Malaysia temporarily. That was in the year 2009.

From this rented premise, we moved on to acquire our own property nearby in this quiet neighborhood. We hoped to use this property for some form of charity work in collaboration with the Malaysia charity organization.

In the year 2013, Ps JM recommended her to me because she was one of the staff serving with this charity organization. The charity organization then paid her to help run a “Home Resident Stay Program” on this property.

Her duties were to look after the property and take care of the residents. And for that, she was allowed her to stay at the property. So she and her young son stayed at the property with meals provided too.

This “Home Resident Stay Program” comes under the Malaysian charity organization. This ex-housekeeper also had to maintain a full set of accounting for the program and to report to the Malaysian charity organization directly. She also comes under the supervision of Ps JM.

Eventually the program ceased in 2015 due to insufficient residents from the charity organization. I continued to provide shelter to this single mother ex-housekeeper, her son and her two sisters. At the same time, I paid her a monthly allowance to look after the property out of kindness. This was for supporting herself and her son.

Exhibit “W-4” Letter of service
Exhibit “W-5” Salary payment

Background of the ex-housekeeper

This ex-housekeeper, JS was part of a family of three sisters who were orphans from a very young age. And because they were orphans, they grew up under the care of a charity homes in Johor.

This charity organization operates a total of fourteen charity homes, including a home for delinquent like her. To help her, the charity organization appointed her to be one of the helpers to assist the supervisor to run this delinquent home.

The charity organization also runs a half-way home for ex-drug addicts. This half-way home for ex-drug addicts was where the man with whom she had a relationship stays. Through the relationship with this married man, this ex-housekeeper, JS had a son with him. As the man already had a wife, he abandoned her and left her to take care of her son on her own.

Ex-housekeeper’s second marriage

rogue housekeeper
Married to Sarawakian
Ex-housekeeper, JS signing her marriage certificate. With her sister, ML
The boyfriend, CBS of ML, sister of ex-housekeeper, JS

She re-married again with a Sarawakian man on 8.3.2016. They were both staying together at my property out of goodwill for the couple and her young boy.

Not long after the marriage, the Sarawakian left and refused to have any contact with her within a year. After their fallout with one another, the ex-housekeeper’s second husband and the man’s mother completely avoided JS. Even then the Sarawakian husband’ mother was not spared from JS‘s constant harassments. She was very determined to get back at her ex-husband, whatever her gripe with him was, I never asked her as this was their personal private matter.

This ex-housekeeper disclosed that she will not let her Sarawakian husband gets a divorce so as to make sure that he cannot re-married. This was her stand when I asked her about her relationship with her immigration boyfriend issue.

Ex-housekeeper rushing into third relationship

Sometime around August of 2017, I first noticed a stranger appeared at my property whom she introduced as a new friend. As I do not stay at this property and I visit my property occasionally, I do not notice nor seen him. It was because they were spending time outside of my property when he was visiting her in the early days of their relationship.

I noticed that he drove a white Honda car bearing registration plate JLV2202 when he comes visiting at my property. I sense that he is trying to impress that he is a man of means. Right from the start, I have no wish to interact with this immigration officer, MZ because he is a government official. Furthermore, I sensed bad vibes emanating out from him when seeing and talking to him.

From records of my WhatsApp messages with the ex-housekeeper, JS admitted to me that her illicit relationship with this man started around May/June 2017. This is her new immigration officer boyfriend, MZ.

Not getting into illicit relationship is one of the conditions and rules that I have laid down if she will to stay on my property. Together with this rule, there are other rules such as no smoking, no drinking of alcohol, no illegal drugs taking.

So, I have rules in the service letter agreement against all these vices and any illegal activities. Doing this will enable me to remove her from my property should she be found breaking any of these rules. Because I do not stay there, she managed to hide all her illegal activities from me. But not for long anymore.

I advise her not to get into any illicit relationship with this new boyfriend. This is in line with the teaching in the bible. “Go and sin no more, Jesus said to the woman caught in adultery in John 8:11. Because of this reason, I took a stand that I will not let them stay in my property when JS insisted that she will never move out. It went to the extent that I can only evict her with a police report when I caught both of them red handed sleeping together at around @3.00 am on 15.1.2018.

In trying to sway my decision in letting this immigration boyfriend to cohabit with her, the ex-housekeeper, JS gave a fake reason, saying that she allowed him to stay because he was a senior immigration officer. Being an immigration officer, she claimed that he had helped her to check on the immigration status of those she had allowed to stay on my property. MZ can confirm for JS on validity of work passes and passports of occupants. What a nasty pathological liar that she turns out to be.

A pathological liar

Eventually I made a final decision in December 2017 to evict her off my property, no matter how she tried to sabotage my decision. She even vowed to my face, “want me to move out from here, it is impossible” in the presence of two policemen. The police report dated 15.1.2018 helps evicted her from my property at 12.00 midnight of 31.1.2018. It was despite all her strong resistance to move out and with support from a new-found strong backer, or so she thought.

To know more about this ex-housekeeper, here are extracts of WhatsApp conversation between me and the ex-housekeeper girlfriend of this immigration officer, MZ.

Extracts of few WhatsApp messages:

criminal action
Exhibit “W-6” Immigration officer, MZ’s ID

“26/07/2017, 21:53 – Perintis J: Hi bro d, I don’t u to hear from other it’s much better for me to be honest to u .. And to avoid more misunderstanding ….I DO SMOKE ..”

“22/09/2017, 19:44 – Perintis J: I’m starting to lock ever door at day n nite .. sorry Bro d I don’t want u to here from others so Iinform u one of the immigresen Chief officers he is here wit me to help me have an eyes on them as well the others..”

On the 7.11.2017, she pretended to “confess” about this relationship with the rogue-immigration-officer boyfriend. During this time, she sent the immigration officer’s ID card. She then disclosed that they were having this relationship for about six months. She tries to trick me into letting both of them cohabited and stayed on my property. They have ulterior motives for staying on my property.

“08/11/2017, 14:35 – Perintis J: Ok Bro D seems bro D talk bout it to be honest n don’t want to hide or complicate this matter I have been in this relationship for 6months ago n my divorcing procedure is going on .. I’m much sorry”

“08/11/2017, 15:37 – ~D: So you have been telling me a lie for 6 months that this man helps you to check on tenants immigration status, true?”

“08/11/2017, 16:46 – Perintis J: Bro D he is a Immigresen high officer he help me too as well”

“08/11/2017, 16:46 – Perintis J: I’ll send u his authority card pic”

“08/11/2017, 16:58 – Perintis J: IMG-20171108-WA0013.jpg (file attached)”

Whatsapp messages record

That was how this immigration officer boyfriend, MZ inserted himself into my life and a ignominy of two parts illegal detention to his credit.

Intelligence used wrongly on evil scheming

In fact, she did all the illegal acts that were mentioned in the agreement, she did all these acts behind my back. During my detention, I was together with the Nepalese boyfriend of this ex-housekeeper’s sister, ML. This boyfriend of rogue housekeeper’s sister disclosed all the bad things that she was doing behind my back. One of the acts was taking drugs together with the first wife on my property when the first wife visited my property.

From here it was all downhill for me. They refused to move out no matter what I do or say. Instead they were giving me lots of issues and turned the property into a mess. They insisted that unless I had proof of them staying together, I have no right to ask them to vacate. This is Malaysia and this is their land even though you own the property. She echoed that again in front of the police officers; “to ask me to move out, it is impossible.” This is the first sign of a house keeper turns rogue.

Finally I am able to get the proof when I went to the property on the morning of 15.01.2018 around 3.30 am.

I made a police report against this rogue immigration officer on his illegal trespassing on my property. Because of this report, she had no choice but to move out.

immigration officer, MZ‘s car, JQK 8940
Immigration officer, MZ‘s car, JLV2202
Exhibit “W-7” Police report of MZ’s illegal trespassing

Ex-housekeeper sabotaged the property

They vacated at midnight of 31.01.2018 and left the property in a big mess as she sabotaged the property one final time before leaving. The immigration officer boyfriend, MZ gets some people and a van to help move her belongings out. During the moving out, she was screaming and cursing into the air.

She destroyed the mattress, cupboard, curtains and stuffs in the property. When I inspected the place, I discovered that she had left a hose with water running into the drain continuously, costing a RM600+ water bill.

Damaged mattress and cupboard

I also had a rat problem that I had to set up traps and other measures to tackle the problem.

Stalking me out after eviction

After moving out, JS rented a room in one of the neighbor’s houses near my property. She was renting and staying in this rented room to monitor for my occasional visit to my property by looking out for my Singapore or Malaysian car parked outside my property.

Why I can confirm on this claim is as follows:

This neighbor, unknowingly of what had happened, had approached my family member to ask whether my family member knew where this ex-housekeeper is. She had disappeared without paying her last month rental that was owed to this neighbor. This neighbor wanted to locate JS to collect JS‘s unpaid rent owed to this neighbor.

These were happening during the busy Chinese New Year period where I was shuttling between Singapore and Malaysia.

So, on that fateful night of 28.02.2018 that I went there to carry out maintenance and repairs work, fixing the damage around the house.

She spotted my Malaysia car parked outside the property, then tipped off the immigration raiding team to move in when I am busy inside the property. She managed to trap me with this set up, for she knew that the issue of the other occupants’ status needed to be resolved and most likely not been resolved yet. These are occupants left behind by her. A housekeeper turns rogue indeed with this action.

This property was disposed of, in order that no one related to me will be easily identified and targeted by this ex-housekeeper, or her immigration boyfriend or the boyfriend’s accomplices.

Perpetrators’ “dividends” is a story published here

When I fell into their set up trap, they hoped to use that as leverage to get a big monetary payout from me as well as seeing me serve jail time. JS and MZ still hoped to get something out from me after losing the “fight” for control and personal use of my property or even scamming me for the property.

She had betrayed me for a hopeful “thousands of ringgits cut of her share”. But unfortunately for her, not a single ringgit to profit from me or my family, nor will I pay out to anyone. The exception is the lawyers’ fees and the court fines. This is a validated point as a “messenger” went to meet my family as well as myself, suggesting that kind and helpful immigration officers “willing to help me”.

On the night at Setia Tropika Immigration HQ, I remembered seeing the happy faces and high fives amongst immigration officers and guards. The immigration officers and guards exuberated with high fives and gleeful smiles, telling me that they are celebrating a “big catch”. There is chattering in Malay and a spattering of English among the detainees that the market rate is 5K to 10K per head and all can be “kaw tim” That about sums up the whole story of an ex-housekeeper, JS turns rogue, the person in the forefront and her immigration officer boyfriend, MZ in the background with their dark scheme hatched in the darkest hour of the night.

It was therefore no coincidence that JS was there at Pekan Nanas Immigration Detention Depot on the 15th day of my detention. It was the same day that my wife visited me. She was there, inside a security-controlled depot, to meet with her immigration officer boyfriend, MZ to check on progress status as well as meeting other participating team member conspirators. But the couple and the whole team of conspirators did not get any “dividends” except the “dividends” is to have their stories published.

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