Ex-occupants colluded, set trap to fix me

Two ex-occupants of my property were finally forced out of my property on 31.1.2018 midnight after eviction notice was served on one ex-occupant, my ex-housekeeper, Ms JS. The other ex-occupant is her immigration officer boyfriend, MZ who would trespass illegally on my property ignoring the fact that I am the owner. This property has been operating as a charity home for many years in collaboration with a Malaysian local charity organization. As I do not stay in this property, I only visited occasionally when there is a need for me to attend to some matters or issues there.

This forced eviction was finally accomplished in spite of how this ex-housekeeper, JS had arrogantly vowed “you want me to move out from this house, it is impossible” in the presence of two police officers. Also, during that scene, her boyfriend, MZ had also threatened me to “watch out”.

Little did I know that both had plotted to set a trap for me to retaliate for the forced eviction. The vengeful couple were planning to use MZ’s immigration connection to fix me in the days thereafter. When I fell into their trap, they will use that as leverage to get a monetary payout from me as well as seeing me serve jail time. They still hoped and tried to get something out from me after losing the “fight” for control and personal use of my property.

After moving out, JS rented a room in one of the neighbor’s houses near my property. She was renting and staying in this rented room to monitor for my occasional visit to my property by looking out for my Singapore or Malaysian car parked outside my property.

Why I can confirm on this claim is as follows:

This neighbor, unknowingly of what had happened, had approached my family member to ask whether my family member knew where this ex-housekeeper is. She had disappeared without paying her last month rental that was owed to this neighbor. This neighbor wanted to locate JS to collect JS‘s unpaid rent owed to this neighbor.

Illegal trespassing on my property

On 15.1.2018 at around 3.00 to 3.30 am, I went to do a random check on my property at Taman Perintis because I suspected JS allowed her boyfriend, MZ into my property to sleep with her. This was a breach of JS‘s service agreement with me. The terms of our agreement were that she must not smoke, drink alcohol, take drugs, gambled or cohabiting with a man while staying on my property.

I noticed that there was a Honda car bearing the registration plate JQK8940 parked outside my property.

I took photos of this car which also captures the date and time of when I took the photos.

Photo of Honda car bearing registration plate JQK8940 parked outside my property at Taman Nusa Perintis. Date and time of photo: 20180115_041823
MZ‘s second car white Honda with JLV 2202 plate

I then called the Gelang Patah police station to send a police patrol car to my property. Two policemen then accompanied me into my property to wake JS and MZ up.

He threatened me to “watch out” in the presence of the two policemen as well as playing the race and religion card against me in that scene, citing to the police that I am a foreigner, a Singaporean Chinese and a Christian.

During the conversation in front of the police, JS had also vowed this to my face, quote: “you want me to move out from this house, it is impossible”.

Though this MZ was illegally trespassing on my property, I was kind enough not to file any criminal charges against him when asked by the policeman. I told the policemen that I do not want any trouble except that this man no longer steps inside my property. I am aware of the race and religion sensitivity that I am a Singaporean Chinese, a Christian while this man is a Malay Immigration officer and a Muslim. Already he had shown himself earlier as a religious bigot and a racist when he played the race and religion card before the two Malay policemen.

Having caught JS and MZ red-handed sleeping together in the room early at 3.00 am, I have the proof requested by them and the reason to evict JS immediately. However, JS demanded to be allowed to stay up to end of 31.1.2018 12.00 midnight.

A Singaporean neighbor friend staying in the same Malaysian neighborhood of my Malaysian home advised me to make a police report on the incident. This is to protect myself against a local Malaysian. So, I made the police report, No. GPATAH/000338/18 at the Iskandar Puteri Balai on 15.1.2018 at 2350 hour. Good advice as I found myself having a piece of evidence to defend myself, though this police report is not much of help and use in my court cases in Malaysia.

From then on and true to form, both ex-occupants were troublemakers, giving me problems up to their moving out on the midnight of 31.1.2018. Before leaving, she damaged my furniture and run a water hose into a drain with the tap fully opened. The wasted water into the drain caused a RM600+ bill. This water bill evidence was shown and given as evidence to Immigration Department of Malaysia, together with my surrendered Singapore IC. During my release on 4.4.2018, my personal surrendered items were returned to me except for this piece of evidence. This is the proof that the immigration officers involved with raiding my property colluded with MZ, the immigration officer boyfriend of JS by destroying this surrendered bill. These two ex-occupants of my charity home property were involved in a set-up to fix me.

rogue immigration officer
Page 1 of police report
mattress and cupboard sabotage by JS

Information about ex-housekeeper’s boyfriend, MZ

I first seen this ex-housekeeper’s boyfriend, MZ around August 2017. As I do not stay at this property and I visit my property occasionally, I do not see much of him.

I noticed that he drove another white Honda car bearing registration plate JLV2202 when he comes visiting at my property. I sense that he is trying to impress others that he is a man of means. Right from the start, I have no wish to interact with him based on the bad vibes emanating out from him when seeing and talking to him.

From records of my WhatsApp messages with the ex-housekeeper, JS admitted to me that her relationship with this man started around May/June 2017.

The ex-housekeeper, JS gave a fake reason, saying that she allowed him to stay because he was a senior immigration officer. Being an immigration officer, she claimed that he had helped her to check on the immigration status of those she had allowed to stay on my property. MZ can confirm for JS on validity of work passes and passports of occupants. What a nasty liar that she turns out to be.

She assured me that everyone, including her sister, ML’s boyfriend, CBS, a Nepalese who is staying on my property have been vetted by her immigration officer boyfriend, MZ. After all of us were released, CBS (Chitra) informed me that he had paid a hefty bribe to MZ but still he was deported back to Nepal. He was deported together with two other Nepalese detainees, FBT (Bahadur) & SG (Gole). Both also informed me, after I was brought back there from Kluang prison, that their boss had paid thousands of ringgits to immigration officers but still immigration officers wanted more. I had heard from many detainees that immigration officer would ask for “payment fee for their service” to help with their release. The market rate to release (or “redeem”) detainee out is RM3,000 per head. However, the Nepalese detainees’ boss refused to pay more money and decided to let the Immigration Department of Malaysia to deport both back to Nepal together with CBS. It is a lucrative additional income for immigration officers and so the more foreigner/detainees brought in for detention, the more they celebrate with high-fives. I remember the night I was first brough back to Setia Tropika Immigration HQ office, I witnessed this scene of seeing their celebration with high-fives and big wide smiles.

Following after, JS sent MZ‘s Immigration officer ID to prove that MZ is an Immigration officer to me through a WhatsApp message (IMG-20171108-WA0013). I somehow had an innate sense that JS is doing this to send me this message, “Now I have a strong powerful backer behind me, so I can twist you round my fingers”.

MZ‘s court affidavit in reply (AIR)

According to MZ‘s Afidavit Jawapan Responden on 19.9.2019 filed under KL High Court Permohonan Jenayah No: WA-44-178-07/2019, MZ‘s title is a Senior Immigration Officer in the Immigration Depot Unit Malaysia, Pekan Nanas, Pontian, Johor.

In his affidavit paragraph 5, he declared that his job at the Pekan Nenas Immigration Depot is a supervisor to maintain the safety of blocks and detainees.

To my complaint on my affidavit, “On 15.1.2018, I visited the house and found both the housekeeper and him in the House, I immediately reported to police, who came and removed him from the House. I lodged a police report after the incident.”

In his affidavit paragraph 11: “With reference to paragraph 17, I acknowledge that the Applicant arrived with the police at the house. At that time I wanted to give help to JS whose son was not well”. The truth was he was there sleeping with the housekeeper when the police woke him up around 3.30 am.

Pegawai Imigresen Tinggi ID
MZ lied in his affidavit and gave the excuse that he was there for JS‘s son. They were caught red-handed sleeping together in her room at about 3.00 to 3.30 am

Abuse of power of an Immigration officer

On the second day that I was at the Pekan Nenas Immigration Depot, he started to check to see which block and cell I was locked inside.

Within one of the first few nights, he sent a runner aka as “kawasan” to forcefully snap a picture of me. Kawasan is a term that refers to detainee-cum-runner serving immigration guards/officers. The kawasan tried hard to snap a photo even though I tried to shield my face hiding behind other detainees.

The kawasan then runs from north side to the south side as I turned around to evade his mobile phone camera. Every detainee watching this knew from then on, that this immigration officer, MZ has marked me out for harassments, intimidations and violence.

This photo is presumably taken to gloat to his girlfriend, JS of having gotten me inside this Pekan Nenas Immigration Detention Depot.

Whenever he is on duty, he would turn up at my detention cell to whack loudly on the metal bars with his baton to intimidate me.

MZ brags loudly in the ears of all detainees about his power as an officer in charge of this place, showing that he can make life like living in hell for detainees. These messages are directed at me and at the same time warning others not to help me.

All these instances of harassment acts are in full public view of the other immigration officers and detainees. Everyone knew that he was targeting me and saw his threatening behavior towards me throughout my detention period.

Other acts of harassment, intimidation and violence

On one night, this MZ created a “situation” and then instigated a immigration guard who came in cursing and was looking for the moment of slip-up on my part that would provoke him, giving the immigration guard as a reason to whack me. I kept silent and talked in soft tone to his taunting. This eventually makes him backed off and knew that he was being made use of by MZ.

The “situation” that he created is to make me out as a troublemaker that got the whole cell of detainees being punished together. Everyone was forced not to move from their position for an extra half an hour. By stirring this, he is signaling and hoping some detainees would find fault with me as reason to attack or assault me inside the big cell.

Another time there was a fight between different groups of detainees, and I was singled out and questioned. It is one way to involve me and trap me into snitching against one party. By snitching, it will lead to being a marked man, but I claimed I was sleeping at that time, and I did not see anything to avoid further questions.

On another occasion, MZ was videotaping me with his HP camera when I was asleep. But one of my detainee mates, who had been looking out for me, saw him doing the videoing. and he stopped the act The video would shows my “pathetic” state and suffering from MZ‘s treatment in the cruel and inhumane conditions cell. I suspect that it is for the purpose of shaming me on YouTube or social media, or for blackmailing or any possible criminal act in the future.

I was also told by an immigration guard that he had ordered to withhold sending my passport over for the processing so as to delay my release by one week or more.

About the ex-housekeeper, JS

A pathological liar

To know more about this ex-housekeeper, here are extracts of WhatsApp conversation between me and the ex-housekeeper girlfriend of this senior immigration officer, MZ. As I do not stay on the property, she did many things behind my back in return for my kindness. Eventually I made a final decision in December 2017 to evict her off my property, no matter how she tried to sabotage my decision. The police report dated 15.1.2018 finally forced her and her boyfriend to be evicted at 12.00 midnight of 31.1.2018. It was despite all her strong resistance and with support of a new-found strong backer to move out, or so she thought.

Extracts of few WhatsApp messages:

“26/07/2017, 21:53 – Perintis J: Hi bro d, I don’t u to hear from other it’s much better for me to be honest to u .. And to avoid more misunderstanding ….I DO SMOKE ..”

“22/09/2017, 19:44 – Perintis J: I’m starting to lock ever door at day n nite .. sorry Bro d I don’t want u to here from others so Iinform u one of the immigresen Chief officers he is here wit me to help me have an eyes on them as well the others..”

“08/11/2017, 14:35 – Perintis J: Ok Bro D seems bro D talk bout it to be honest n don’t want to hide or complicate this matter I have been in this relationship for 6months ago n my divorcing procedure is going on .. I’m much sorry”

“08/11/2017, 15:37 – ~D: So you have been telling me a lie for 6 months that this man helps you to check on tenants immigration status, true?”

“08/11/2017, 16:46 – Perintis J: Bro D he is a Immigresen high officer he help me too as well”

“08/11/2017, 16:46 – Perintis J: I’ll send u his authority card pic”

“08/11/2017, 16:58 – Perintis J: IMG-20171108-WA0013.jpg (file attached)”

Nepalese victim, CBS was JS‘s sister, ML‘s boyfriend

This immigration officer was staying together with the ex-housekeeper for quite a few months prior to the 28.2.2018 immigration raid on my property.

He was in fact staying together with those migrant workers found on the property. One of them was CBS (Chitra), the boyfriend of the ex-housekeeper’s younger sister, who is a Nepalese national.

CBS (Chitra) was detained as well and ended up deported back to Nepal and blacklisted. After he was back in Nepal, he contacted me. It was through our correspondence that he informed me that he has paid a hefty bribe of thousands of ringgits to MZ. After payment and deportation, he then realized that he was scammed by MZ and JS with a promise of a deal that never was.

There were two other Nepalese nationals, FBT (Bahadur) & SG (Gole) each paid RM6,000 to work permit agents for their valid work permits as security guards. They were hired by a local security firm sub-contractor who supplied them to my ex-MNC company. They were promised that they will be released to return to work after their boss made the “service fee” payment. Instead, their boss told them that immigration officer wanted more than what had been paid. Their boss refused to pay any more ringgits and so the boss had no choice but to let the Immigration Department of Malaysia deported them back to Nepal. They suffered loss of their RM6,000 work permit fees each to their agent and loss of liberty in coming to Malaysia. What they hope for is a better future, but it turns out to be a traumatic experience for them because of corrupt Immigration Department of Malaysia officers.

Now that these corrupt immigration officers involved in my immigration case had lost in both my Part 1 and Part 2 illegal, unlawful and unconstitutional detentions, I hope that these Nepalese nationals and other victims can read my posts and be cheered by the three court victories over Immigration Department of Malaysia.

CBS (Chitra), the Nepalese boyfriend of ML
WhatsApp message from ML‘s Nepalese boyfriend, CBS(Chitra)

JS‘s status, still a married woman

This ex-housekeeper, JS is a single mother with a young child before she re-married a second time to a Sarawakian man on 3.8.2016. When questioned about this relationship in relation to her new relationship, JS told me that she does not want to divorce him so that he cannot move on in life with his married status.

At the time when the immigration boyfriend, MZ was staying with her together on my property, her marital status was “married”. I insisted that she gets her boyfriend, MZ to rent a place outside to stay together and definitely not on my property. He is a well-paid immigration officer who can afford to pay rent to hose her and her boy in a nice home.

Before eviction, she was up to so many tricks and playing all kind of psychological and emotional games with me, and adamantly refused to move out. It is as if she has decided that she is the owner of my property, possibly thinking that with the backing of a senior immigration officer, there is no way I can evict her.

Marriage registration to a Sarawakian man on 3-8-2016. The younger sister was the witness to the wedding document signing.

Even if I had to goes through high water, whatever troubles, problems and challenges that come my way, this is a non-negotiable decision for me. I will not allow both of them to remain on my property. Though eventually I did go through some terrible ordeals that costs me a lot of grief, still it will not change my belief. I do not, nor need to bow down before evil and compromised my belief, value and principle.

A wise man, King Solomon recorded this proverb: “The evil bow before the good; and the wicked at the gates of the righteous.” – (Proverbs 14:19).

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