Malaysia my second home (MM2H)

Blog Journal of my post-Malaysia My Second Home 🏡 (MM2H) Journey

This BlogM2H is a blog journal documenting primarily my experiences post-Malaysia My Second Home journey as well as one major incident pre-MM2H journey.

It covers mainly my experiences related to significant events and major incidents that happened prior to my Malaysia My Second Home visa program ending.

One such incident is my 35 days of detention by the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

My MM2H visa was revoked on 4.4.2018 and a lifetime ban, courtesy of the Director General of Immigration (DGI).

One of the significant events in this journey is related to a local Malaysian woman, JS who was allowed to stay on my Malaysian property.

This old bungalow property was acquired so as to do some local charity and a giving back to society. And because it is for charity purpose, the local Malaysian woman was given to stay for free since 2013.

This was in consideration that she was a single mother with a young son. On 3.8.2016, she re-married to a Sarawakian man who was also allowed to stay on my property.

However, in the early part of 2017, she got involved in a personal relationship behind my back with a Malaysian man, MZ who was also an immigration officer. She was able to do bad things behind my back as I visited the property only occasionally.

When she started getting involved in an illicit relationship with the immigration officer, MZ, she was still a married woman but living separately from her Sarawakian husband.

JS allowed MZ to visit her and cohabit together in her room on my property. JS persisted in her wayward action despite my warning to her to stop allowing MZ to stay overnight with her because she is still a married woman.

Ignoring my warning given on the previous night to MZ, that he is trespassing illegally on my property if he stayed with JS on my property without my permission, MZ persisted to stay overnight on 15.1.2018. On the 15.1.2018 morning, I visited my property around 3.00 am morning to do a random check and saw his car parked outside of my property.

Having caught JS and MZ red-handed despite all their earlier denials, I call the police to my property to remove MZ. I also later follow up and made a police report against MZ for the illegal trespassing.

With a police report made, I finally managed to evict JS from my property. MZ came and helped JS moved out from my property on 31.1.2018 at 12.00 midnight. This eviction was after a long and strong resistance from JS and despite JS vowing that "it is impossible to make her moved out" from my property and MZ threatening me to "watch out".

After moving out, JS rented one room nearby from a neighbor in the Gelang Patah Perintis Taman.

A month later, on 28.2.2018, I visited this property to do some repair and maintenance work. While I was busy with the repair work, a big team of immigration officers led by their team leader, MHBK appeared outside my property gate attempting to forcefully break down my gate. It turns out that JS had been stalking me for my appearance at my property since moving out.

It is easy for JS to spot me and know that I am inside my property by looking out for my car that is usually parked outside the house. JS tipped off the immigration contact that I am inside the property which then activated the raiding team.

JS had allowed most occupants, known to her, to stay when she was the housekeeper. Her sister, ML and one of the arrested occupants, CBS who is the boyfriend of ML were also staying on this property. Another of JS's sister, MS was also staying there but had moved out before the Immigration raid. All the three sisters were orphans since young, two of them were single mother with a child each. They have been taken into the wings of a Malaysian charity organization since young.

It was through this charity organization that JS was introduced to me to work as a housekeeper.

As this property was used for charity purpose, there is no shame on my part for this whole "immigration incident". God has used the three court victories in Malaysian courts to vindicate me but that is not the final chapter yet.

From all the linkages between all the parties, it is apparent that MZ is in the background, and JS is the front woman, both were colluding with immigration to raid my property. This was set up with the motive to arrest and detain me in the couple's vengeful act in retaliation as well as for corrupt motives.

I believed the reason that both the two ex-occupants of my property planned and colluded with the Immigration raiding team to target me is this. They must be thinking that I am an easy target, a helpless non-citizen, possibly well-off as an owner of this old bungalow property, for their evil scheme conceived in the dark of night.

Being a foreigner in a foreign land, I was defenseless in facing this danger. Furthermore, their Immigration Act is an anti-foreigner and anti-human rights Act that was used to arrest and detain me.

After going through the court process, it has now been proven 100% in Malaysian courts that this Immigration Act has been used by many corrupt officers or little "Napolean" to target foreigner as victims for illicit gains. Two court orders declaration on two separate illegal, unlawful and unconstitutional detention at their whims and fancies have confirmed the abuse of powers and blatant victimization of foreigners through all these years.

In this blog journal, I detailed all those corrupt acts targeting against me in these posts.

One of the main perpetrators is the Immigration Department investigation officer, MHBK.

Through the few cases challenging these perpetrators in court, I have managed to uncover many lies, falsehoods and deceptions.

It is hope that all these helps shine the light into the dark world of the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

There are other perpetrators and perverse enablers in this long-running saga, corrupt and perverse officers. It is just a false hope of extracting a few pieces of silver from others. In exchange is their souls for the silvers.

Happy reading!

Declaration by High Court of illegal, unlawful and unconstitutional detention for part 2 detention.
Declaration by High Court of illegal, unlawful and unconstitutional detention for part 2 detention.

How Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) visa was ended.

This blog journal starts the journey from Make Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) visa application year in 2010.

On the 28.2.2018, a team of Immigration Department of Malaysia officers raided my old bungalow property. The leader of the immigration team, MHBK arrested me in handcuffs together with 11 other foreigners and brought us all to Setia Tropika Immigration HQ in Johor.

From the time I was arrested, I was being kept incommunicado, under very oppressive, hostile, unhygienic and inhumane detention environment where deaths occurred, and diseases spread, up to 26.3.2018.

On the 26.3.2018, I was brought to their immigration court situated inside their Pekan Nenas Immigration Detention Depot compound before a magistrate. This will make every court proceeding shrouded in secrecy as the Pekan Nenas Depot compound is a security-protected compound that is off-limit to the public. You can read about my account of the immigration court proceeding.

Period after the immigration court proceeding

From the 27.3.2018 to 3.4.2018, after obtaining a court discharge order, Immigration Department of Malaysia officers continued to detain me, in disregard of the court discharge order, illegally, at their personal whims and fancies.

This 2nd part illegal, unlawful and unconstitutional detention was processed through the KL high court in Malaysia. On the 12.9.2022, Judge AS A/L SS declared this 2nd part detention period of 8 days illegal, unlawful and unconstitutional. You can read about this Saman Pemula No. WA-24-16-04/2022 case here.

On the 4.4.2018, the Immigration Department of Malaysia officers finally released me from their oppressive, hostile and inhumane detention cell. This can only happen upon the intervention of the Singapore Consulate Attaché, preventing further abuse of me through further and longer period of illegal detention. This has been confirmed and an account can be read here. A log record of the phone call from my family to the Singapore Consulate Attaché for urgent help and intervention.

Deportation back to Singapore ended my MM2H journey.

Before the deportation, I was taken to Setia Tropika Immigration HQ to revoke my MM2H visa and put the lifetime blacklist stamp on my Singapore passport. This revocation should be done on 27.3.2108, the day I was discharged by the court for my release and deported immediately without putting me under illegal detention, unless there is a corrupt motive by the immigration officer, PS for not doing so.

While the immigration officer, PS was going through the process of revoking my MM2H visa and putting the lifetime immigration blacklist stamp on my Singapore passport, at the same time and in the same office, another immigration officer offered me a contact's (fixer) HP number who can arrange a backdoor deal to remove my name from the blacklist for RM10,000.

This is just one of their ways and means for corruption, through subterfuge, by these immigration officers. As far as I am concerned, they will not profit a single ringgit from me. One should never bow to evil, though it costs me lots of grief, distress and trauma to my family.

The biggest challenge in nailing their corruption motives is that it is being done through subterfuge, cunning scheme put in place so that it is not directly linked to these immigration officers for them to be exposed with hard evidential proof, though not impossible.

Even so, I have every reason to believe that it was the one of the reason and purpose of me being targetted and ensnared by a vengeful immigration officer. This is because being a foreigner, I am a defenseless person, a soft easy target, without the necessary resources in a foreign land to fight them.

Appeal to DGI, find ways to remove name from blacklist.

It has been a long five years of tough journey that I have been. Starting with an appeal in July 2018 to the DGI to lift the lifetime blacklist but instead was given an ill-meaning "concession" of three months special visa to settle my Malaysian properties, to an Application for Revision (Permohonan Jenayah No WA-44-178-07/2019) case in the high court of Malaysia.

To all those who believes that writing any appeal letter to DGI or to DG of Public Service Complaint Bureau will be read and consider, let me just say that any letter or appeal will goes into a black hole only. Whereas the Director of MM2H was helpful and did wrote and appeal on my behalf to DGI and gotten a response.

Through this Application of Revision case, God delivers an "opening of the Red Sea" moment for me, doing the impossible, that is to deliver the Immigration Department of Malaysia officer, MHBK's own evidence document into my hand. This evidence is the irrefutable proof that I was not produced before a magistrate within 14 days. What a glorious moment!

First court victory for 1st part illegal detention period in court

The journey through the court continues with me pursuing the truth of the matter concerning my illegality of my detention up to 26.3.2018 under Originating Summon (Saman Pemula No. WA-24-5-01/2020) case. This ended with a court victory and a declaration that the period of detention from 14.3.2018 to 26.3.2018 is illegal, unlawful and unconstitutional. This was a big embarrassment to senior immigration officer, MHBK as it reveals his incompetence or worse, his lawlessness. Immigration Department of Malaysia, through AGC appealed.

This court declaration has implication for the other eleven detainees who were arrested together with me. The irrefutable evidence that proves the illegality of my detention is the same evidence that proves that these eleven were also victims of human rights abuses by Immigration Department of Malaysia officers. UNHRC officials should be involved on their behalf, to redress this illegal, unlawful and unconstitutional detention.

Second court victory for 2nd part illegal detention period in court

Following this high court success, it is time to pursue the 2nd part detention period from 27.3.2018 to 3.4.2018 concerning the illegality of this detention. It is very obvious to me that it is illegal to detain me contrary to the court-issued discharge order, evidence of a valid MM2H visa, a valid passport.

The first move to pursue this is a police report to Royal Malaysia Police on this detention contrary to law of Malaysia. With the possibility of a double-standard RMP, a second-tracks action through the court with another Originating Summon (Saman Pemula No. WA-24-16-04/2022) case.

With this second Originating Summon case is the emergence of two Immigration Department of Malaysia officer, namely NBJ and MHBI. Both are immigration officers that I have never met, never seen them at all, never heard of throughout my detention, zilch. The strangest thing is the emergence of two mysterious immigration orders, namely an Order of Removal and Order of Detention.

This ended with a second court victory and a declaration that the period of detention from 27.3.2018 to 3.4.2018 is illegal, unlawful and unconstitutional.

So as at 12.9.2022, I have obtained two illegal, unlawful and unconstitutional detentions set in stone.

Third court victory with the AGC's appeal being dismissed unanimously by all three judges.

As the Immigration Department of Malaysia through the AGC had appealed against the judgement in the Saman Pemula No. WA-24-5-01/2020 case, this yet to be concluded appeal hearing is on the 31.10.2022. On 31.10.2022, all three appeal judges agree with me that the detention is illegal,unlawful and unconstitutional and dismissed the AGC's appeal with costs.

The Immigration Department of Malaysia officers' act of deporting me to Singapore in handcuffs, under the pretext that I was a criminal and an illegal immigrant together with the lifetime blacklisting is their attempt.
(i) to shame me in order to keep me from mounting any fight-back. Being shamed would makes fighting for justice extremely difficult.
(ii) to prevent any entry into Malaysia to file complaints, be a witness against any immigration officers and to bury my case for good to close their chapter.

They would have never imagined nor expect a fight-back from me after all the attempted shame put onto me.

I finally managed to ventilate all that I had experienced, all that I have witnessed first-hand, the encounters with their lawless officers, all the courts actions with the Immigration Department of Malaysia officers and all the various other challenges and shine a bright light into the dark world of this department.

Being blacklisted makes fighting for justice extremely difficult

Back in Singapore a week later, I then visited the Malaysia High Commissioner to confirm on the matter concerning the duration of my blacklist. The High Commission of Malaysia then confirmed to me that Malaysia had blacklisted me for life. I was also told by them that only the Malaysia Immigration HQ in KL could remove this blacklist-for-life.

I was shocked to hear this confirmation. Needless to say the road ahead will be a very long and difficult road for me and for my family.

Because I am no longer able to enter Malaysia, what will be badly affected will be my Malaysian houses (bought for Malaysia My Second Home purposes) and my Malaysian car (imported from Singapore for Malaysia My Second Home purposes). All these have since been in complete limbo thereafter.

It has caused me financial losses, grief to my family as well as upended our lives.

Such is the cruelty of these perpetrators (including perverse enablers that helped them).

Over the course of this four and a half years, we have seen more and more people getting involved and drawn in since till current (this is the latest update on 27-9-2022).

All these information are good for public knowledge.

Objective is to inform and expose for public awareness

This blog journal documented the facts of what transpired surrounding the 28-02-2018 incident despite having stayed many years under Malaysia My Second Home program.

Many facts came about after having gone  through the legal process in the Malaysian courts. The legal process was started in July 2019 and dragged on for close to three years plus as at 27-9-2022.

Having gone through the Malaysia judiciary, the Malaysian legal processes and their High Court, Court of Appeal much of what is documented on this blog journal came through these legal processes - factual and objective with supporting evidences.

At the same time, the whole legal process exposes how justice can be perverted just because that someone is not "one of their kind".

This is undeniable as now there is proof of court officials in cahoots with one another of their own nationality and race.

As the legal challenges continue, more and more of others involved in the perversion of justice are exposed.

One immigration officer had even showed his hand in submitting seemingly "tampered" evidence in his affidavit. Another immigration investigation officer had submitted fake "manufactured" remand order in his affidavit. Then there are countless delays after delays to the trial as like unto infinity.

Much of these are detail out in this blog journal post.

Blog journal details many gross human rights abuses.

Many posts in this blog journal is relating to the cruel and inhumane living conditions within the immigration Pekan Nanas detention depot that were complained about in my affidavits to the court.

These are my first party eye-witness account of the human rights abuses I saw inside their Immigration detention facilities.

These posts served to reveal the skeletons hidden behind high barbed walls and shrouded from the public eyes.

Even my Malaysian friends and acquaintances are shocked with the revelations about their Malaysia Immigration Department.

Having seen and heard first hand of the stories of hundreds of foreigners subject to corruption and abuses at the hands of Malaysian Immigration authorities, such actions and behaviors does stink to high heaven. Surely the victims' cries and prayers rises up to heaven too.

the Malaysia Public Complaint Bureau is non-functioning

As being email-advised by the Singapore Consular officer, I should write to the Malaysia Public Complaint Bureau Director-General to complain against their errant civil service officers. This Public Complaint Bureau is a high-powered office that comes under the Malaysia Prime Minister’s office.

Even when this is being complained to their Public Complaint Bureau Director-General, there was only complete silence from him. Neither was there any response like just a shell office with no activity. However something happened after I have sent in my complaint to this address. LHDN officer quickly refunded me an amount that was clearly to be refunded back to me.

This action exposes the fact that this DG had received my complaint and supposedly to inform them to refund me the amount that was very clearly due to me. That amount that they were forced to refund was an attempt to take what was not theirs forcefully.

However, despite his/her complete silence, I have been sending to the DG regular reminders and will continue doing so. All documents will be public record of all events as objective facts.

Beware, your life & investments are not safe in Malaysia

With regards to the lifetime blacklist, I started the necessary unwinding of all my investments there.

However the experiences I encountered from these unwinding are even worse.

Already my life was upended by these evil and perverse people from their corruption and given a lifetime blacklist.

Yet along came people from other Government department like LHDN who are just about the same. You can read about this here.

Despite applying for MM2H with the preferential tax treatment gazetted, this all turns into an illusion with their corrupt system and governance.

The Malaysia income tax department (LHDN) also hoisted on me unfair arbitrary claims of Real Property Gain Tax (RPGT) owes. They will take forcefully even what is not theirs through all kinds of tactics. Based on all the documentation from LHDN and my lawyer, I have exposed all the many discrepancies, errors and inconsistencies that do not matched up.

the Malaysia Public Perils of foreigners living in Malaysia

Generally it must be said that Malaysia as a whole is a nice country for touristy visits and the majority of Malaysians are nice and not as what has been described above.

But there are lots of horror experiences that happened to many foreigners such as what had happened to me. This could be due to many being unaware of the many perils that existed. Such perils existed in large part due to the many evil and corrupt people were not exposed.

So to all foreigners who read this blog journal, please beware of the perils when you are considering living in Malaysia.

Do take care and be aware when making Malaysia a second home, or visiting as tourist, or studying on student visa, or working and even when investing in Malaysia.

Last Updated: 27th Sept 2022

new mm2h programme requirements.


"The just-announced revised MM2H programme comes with truly onerous new requirements called ‘hostile’ by one MM2Her, and consultants say it will likely doom the popular visa scheme.
The new Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) programme has been announced, and it will certainly not be welcomed by many people at all. The new requirements, which take effect in October 2021, add considerable strength to the argument that many expats have expressed to us, concluding that the current government simply does not want them here.

Since early last year, the MM2H programme has taken a real battering and resulted in MM2H visa holders giving up the visa or becoming very upset with the treatment they received. On a number of occasions, the MM2H visa holders were the last residents of Malaysia allowed to return here and some are still locked out. Although we were very disappointed by their treatment during the pandemic, we did not believe the government wanted them out altogether. Some expats and MM2Hers did not share our view, nor our willingness to give the benefit of the doubt. Now it seems they were right and we were wrong..."

(Updated on 16-08-2021)

Declaration by Appeal Court of illegal, unlawful and unconstitutional detention
Declaration by Appeal Court of illegal, unlawful and unconstitutional detention

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