Second court victory in unlawful detention challenge

This morning was a different morning with a good signs from heaven.

I had a lovely sighting of a bright full moon with a lone star below the moon to accompany me throughout my early morning walk exercise.

It later turns out that it was indeed a harbinger of a sweet court victory news, the second victory against Malaysian Immigration authorities for their illegal, unlawful and unconstitutional detentions.

A good sign of a beautiful moon with a lone star

This news was carried by Malaysiakini news, an online media available to be accessible by subscription. I therefore screenshot the news for those without the subscription to read from here.

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Readers’ comments

Not only the Malaysiakini news media carried this news of my second victory, The Singapore Straits Times also reported this news.


Well wisher Mr Ravi
Well wisher Jeanne
My debt of gratitude

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