Beautiful Illusion of Law and Order

Beautiful illusion of law and order is for my dear fellow Singaporeans.

This post is about how Malaysia Immigration Department treats Singapore citizen’s rights

Thanks be to God for the truth has been revealed finally. This is from the Malaysia High Court’s declaration that the Immigration officers had detained me unlawfully for 27 days.

The one important question that the public on both sides is asking: How can this happened?

With the High Court’s declaration, it is the right time to bring more detail out into the public domain.

#1 – Beautiful illusion creates a mirage of how terrible the crime is

Isolation and all communication cut off

From the time of my arrest i.e. 28-02-2018 up to 06-03-2018, no one knows what happened to me or where am I.

The only information that everyone received was my arrest by the Malaysia Immigration for a week.

This sort of holding someone in detention in so secretive manner is not applied to any civil society except for closed authoritarian society like North Korea.

The question is what is the purpose of doing this to me? Read on to find out about this beautiful illusion of law and order in a neighboring friendly country.

I was in Malaysia with a 5-year MM2H visa and valid Singapore passport. They refused to escort me to collect my passport from my other Singapore car and inform my wife as well. They were already preparing the serious charge of being in Malaysia illegally without valid documentation and giving them reason to lock me up in their Immigration depot.

Hence everyone who heard this news must be assuming that I must have done something extremely terrible, like murder someone.

Even for murder case, the accused has access to lawyers and family members after getting a remand order within 24 hours according to their Constitution.

#2 – Beautiful illusion indeed with treatment that happened during detention?

Physical torture in the cruel and inhumane Pekan Nanas Immigration Detention Depot

The breadth of the cell is about 16 feet of three rows of about 5.5 feet, 5 feet, 5.5 feet row. This is because the detainees are sleeping side by side in three rows. The detainees do not have enough leg room to stretch out to sleep and the average height is 5 feet 4 inches.

In the front of the cell is a raised concrete platform right up to the length to before the gate door. This length is about 8 feet.

Then after the platform is the metal gate door. After the gate door, the length used for sleeping is up to the back metal gate door. After this gate door is the toilet area where a water tank is.

We can calculate the length of this sleeping space using the following: 22 inches (for the breadth-wise of human body side by side) by 43 men per row. From the calculation, it is about 78 feet for the length. So using 78 feet length by 16 feet breadth, we get about 1,248 square feet of sleeping space. This is the sleeping space cramped with 130 people at the max during my stay inside.

For our sleeping are two rows of raised level that have wooden planks, designed for sleeping. But because this old wooden planks have been infested with blood-sucking bed bugs, it makes sleeping at times impossible. There was even a full scale attempt by all detainees to disinfect all the wooden planks of bed bugs and washing all these planks with limited success.

beautiful illusion
Layout of sleeping space
beautiful illusion
Detention cell block

Witness to brutality, assault, torture and tragedy

Open-mesh-design metal grill embedded onto concrete pillars and low walls enclosed this space. This is to provide for an all-round open view. The detainees can witness incidents happening outside. The outside view looks directly toward the staging ground and the officers station post.

Detainees from inside can witnessed what is going on outside because of the open view. So we witnessed incident such as the torture of an Indonesian national detainee by a group of immigration officers.

Another incident that we witnessed from inside was seeing detainees who were involved in a fight taken out and beaten by Immigration officers.

From the outside, the officers can watch the detainees 24/7 hours for 365 days.

#3 – Unhygienic condition within beautiful illusion

beautiful illusion
open-concept-with-no-privacy WC

There are four open-concept-with-no-privacy WC for 130 people and usually one of this is out-of-order.

Hand scoops are provided and used for the following. Pink scoops for showering, washing our clothes, scooping water to clean food tray. The blue ones are for scooping water for cleaning off after the “business”. Occasionally, a detainee used the wrong water scoop and possibly contamination of the whole water tank.

The water tank is one big common all-purpose water tank to hold water for shower, washing clothes, and cleaning the food trays after each meal. Water use in cleaning up after detainees completed their “business” is taken from here too.

Because my cell is on the lower floor, all detainees who have walking disabilities are placed here. Occasionally, an old man who cannot walks just release his “business” on the floor of the toilet. At other occasionally times, he release his “business” at where he sleeps. Some detainees would help him clean up.

Food for refugees

Every day, the food served is:

Breakfast is two loaf of bread and tea-flavor drink for breakfast.

Lunch and dinner is rice with the nasi lemak ikan and a few pieces of cabbage. Once in a week, you get a small hard piece of horrible-tasting curry beef meat.

For tea break, they give two pieces of cracker biscuit and tea-flavor drink.

This is the maximum food intake to sustain you but leave you malnourished.

Personal hygiene deprived

Throughout the first 14 days, I was wearing the only set of clothes similar to what I was using on the night I was detained. On the 15th day, my missus brought me extra set, towels, soap, detergent, toothpaste and my medication. That was during her 2nd visitation on the 15th day of detention. During these days, have to depend on donation from other detainees’ of personal hygiene items.

In Immigration court affidavit, Immigration claimed that personal hygiene items were issued to us but none of the detainees received any.  On their exhibit – items issued out only show that personal hygiene items issued out to the guards. It is clear that items corruptly went to the guards, not to any detainees.

#4 – Beautiful illusion shrouds event in secrecy

beautiful illusion
Water tank chemically washed

There was an incident where detainees inside witnessed an Indian national detainee who was very ill waiting to receive emergency medical treatment. Much later we saw that he was transfer to hospital but never saw him went back to his cell since.

We heard he had died and following there was a lot of cleaning up of all the surrounding areas of the block.

Even the water tank inside our cell has to drain off completely and cleaned with chemical soon after this incident.

Nobody knew what had happened to the detainee to this day as everything is shrouded in complete secrecy.

#5 – Beautiful illusion is having my first family visitor after seven days

Visitation allowed on 07.03.2018 (Rabu)

On the 07-03-2018, I finally managed to talk to my wife when she visited me. This visit allows me to brief my wife on all important matters to attend to.

These important matters relate to this Immigration case matters and my Malaysia properties.

On this day my family had approached the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) to obtain more information about my case and possible charges. They were not able to gets any neither useful information nor can MFA intervenes.

How Malaysia Immigration can convince MFA that such detention in isolation after a week without any access to anyone is their standard protocol? Was fake information been relayed to MFA for such an outcome?

Beautiful illusion and a surprise unwanted visitor

I was not able to talk to my family or a lawyer and kept totally isolated. But today I got a surprise visitation from acquaintance, Mr. JM. The Immigration officer, Mr. P. Singh had given him special privilege to visit and talk to me specifically.

According to his account, he went to Setia Tropika to give his statement and testimony to Mr. P. Singh about my character and charity work.

Mr. J.M. seems convinced that both Mr. P. Singh and Mr. M. H. Bin K. are both kind and helpful officer willing to help me. They will recommend someone who can help me rather than engaging lawyers. He informed me that he will be talking to my family to help me.

Apparently from the diary account, he had already met with my family on 08-03-2018 and proposed a “payment for help” deal.  There was a mention of Team 5 to my family in the conversation.

My family and my extended family have a crisis meeting to decide on this “payment-for-help deal”. They were aware of the retaliation plan by another Immigration officer, Mr. M. Z Bin M. A. and his lover, to make sure that I will also ends up inside jail.

Because they knew it was a trap, there was no interest from my family to this offer. They do not buy into Alice’s wonderland beautiful illusion of law and order.

Engaged a lawyer on 13th day of detention (12-03-2018)

Diary account:

QUOTE “1030 hrs – Drove to City Square Mall to Singapore Embassy to obtain the list of solicitors in JB.  Obtained the list from the Embassy staff.

1200 hrs – At the same time, we visited CST (office is also located in City Square Mall).  Met with solicitor CST. However, CST informed that he does not go to the court. He does only conveyance.  Solicitor CST then refer us to another solicitor, Mr HKY.  We google for Y’s address.  Address is in Larkin area. 

1530 hrs – We found the office and contacted Solicitor Y.  We met him in his office at 1530 hrs.

Solicitor Y informed that he handles mostly capital sentences and drug offences.  Nevertheless, he can together with another senior Solicitor Haji N to undertake D’s case.” UNQOTE

My wife signed the Authority to Act for my lawyer and they engaged lawyer Y to act for me.

#6 – Beautiful illusion is basic human needs met on third visit by family on 15th day of detention

I do not know whether I was allowed visitors or not. It is only after I read from my brother-in-law’s diary account the following. Went to Setia Tropika on the 14th day to enquire and found out that only one visit was allowed and family member was only allowed.

So on the 14-03-2018 at 10.00 am my wife came to visit me to bring me some clothes, towel, personal hygiene stuffs for me to use as we are provided none of these. She also brought my inhaler medications which is very essential. She was accompanied by her older brother because she cannot drives and is only conversant in Chinese language only.

With proper clothes, personal hygiene items and my medication, life is better now. In spite that life is slightly better, the total isolation and cut-off from civilization and time passes very super slow is the biggest mental torture.

This total isolation and cut-off from civilization is one of their mental tortures to break you down psychologically. This is so that you will do their every bidding such as telling my family to capitulate to their offer through this acquaintance of mine.

The fourth visit on 21st day of detention (20-03-2018)

Visitation allowed on 20.03.2018 (Selasa)

This is another visit from my family to inform me that they have engaged a lawyer and to find out more details about what the Immigration officers are framing me for. Lawyer needs such information so as to be able to defend me.

However it is very clear that Immigration officers are not giving any information to anyone. Worse is this Mr. P. Singh actually feed my daughter misinformation to mess us up more and sabotage my defense?

#7 – Beautiful illusion is having access to lawyer on 22nd day of detention (21-03-2018)

My Lawyer’s account:

Letter of approved visitation for my lawyer to discuss my case on 21.03.2018

Quote “The I.O. was M H Bin K. He gave me a letter of no objection to me visiting you in the immigration depot at Pekan Nanas. The letter was dated 21.3.2018 and my interview with you took place on the same day. I must have contacted him some time before that to obtain that letter.

Apart from dealing with access, it is never the prosecution’s practice to divulge any information regarding the case prior to trial. Therefore, no information was given to me pertaining to facts of the case until you were formally charged in court on 26.3.2018. You were arrested on 28.2.2018 at 11.05 p.m. You should have been brought before the immigration Magistrates’ Court the next day for remand order. It was located in the immigration depot.

With that letter of no objection which I presented at the immigration depot, I was then able to have access to you to have that first and only interview.

Access to you was therefore not denied but my complain was I was only allowed 1/2 hour to speak with you and under the watchful eye of an immigration officer who was sitting across the room.” Unquote

Lawyer who acted for me before the Magistrate

Not only was Mr. P. Singh watching us, another 3-pip Immigration officer from Setia Tropika who accompanied my lawyer was also in the room.

They also have put a burly Immigration guard with a threatening beating baton standing in the room making noises to intimidate us. That was their shameful so-called “access to lawyer” for any accused.

Indeed a beautiful illusion of law and order and the access to a lawyer as guaranteed in the Federal Constitution.

Conclusion on beautiful illusion of law and order:

This is the account of the 27-days unlawful detention. The unlawful detention aims to coerce me to capitulate to their corrupt scheme.

However by the grace of Lord Jesus in protecting me and vindicating me, He miraculously gave their official Magistrate office document into my hand. Luke chapter 12 verse 2 is indeed true.

“For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.”

Luke 12:2

The document that exposes them originates from these corrupt officers and hence they cannot vehemently deny its contents in court which reveal the truth.

About me:

I fulfilled my National Service obligation and served in 30th Singapore Combat Engineer.

And have dutifully paid all my taxes obligations over all the years as a citizen of Singapore.

I witnessed an Australian citizen in my same cell involved in a fight. Instead of rushing in and beating up the Australian for fighting; they called in a very senior immigration officer to deal with him. These Immigration officers are scared of violating the human rights of this Australian knowing that Australia is a first world country that protects the rights of their citizens.

Surely it is not asking much to request for State’s assistance when our rights to freedom and liberty has been violated and our life in danger.

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