Journal Entries of 35-days Detention (Part 3 to 6)


Journal entries for day 15 – 14.3.2018 (Wednesday)

This is a Part 3 continuation of Journal entries of 35-days detention Part 2 in Pekan Nenas Immigration Depot.

From very early in my detention, I decided that this was going to be a huge spiritual attack on me. I decided to fast and pray regularly to help me weathered this spiritual attack.

Starting from a one-day fast and pray, it then leads me to fast for more days progressively with each new fast and pray. As the days get nearer to the court date, I seriously set to do a ten-days fast and pray, seeking divine help. So today is the start of many days of fasting without food throughout this period (except for a day where I felt unwell). Eventually God intervenes and the outcome for me was a last-minute change of the Magistrate and a most lenient sentence.

Journal entries of second visitation from wife

On this 15th day my wife came to visit me, bringing some clothes and personal hygiene stuffs for me to use as we are provided none of these. She was accompanied by her older brother because she cannot drive and is conversant in Chinese language only.

All these personal hygiene items were a big relief to me after going through 14 days of inhumane conditions. No wonder Immigration Department of Malaysia has to shroud the whole depot in secrecy away from the public eyes. And the irony of it is that Malaysia’s representatives are giving speech and lecturing other countries on human rights at the UN.

According to the dairy’s account:

Quote: “1000 hrs – Arrived at Pekan Nanas Detention Centre. No haversack. Ladies’ handbag is allowed.  Switch off handphone. 

(wife’s brother) managed to get (me)’s pouch which contain all the houses’ accesses cards and keys from one of the immigration officer in the meeting hall. No money in (me)’s pouch.

While we were leaving, we met (sister to officer MZ‘s girlfriend).  (sister to officer MZ‘s girlfriend) came forward to our car to talk to (wife).  (sister to officer MZ‘s girlfriend) informed (wife) that she is visiting her boyfriend who is also inside Pekan Nanas, the same day (me) was remanded. Her boyfriend has no valid documentation.  (sister to officer MZ‘s girlfriend) subsequently also saw (her sister) at the entrance of Pekan Nanas.” Unquote

Journal entries of Nepalese detainee’s predicament

The account by the sister, ML to immigration officer MZ‘s girlfriend, JS regarding her Nepalese boyfriend, CBS contradicts the official immigration account of CBS‘s legal standing. Immigration Department of Malaysia did not charge CBS with any immigration offence i.e. meaning that this Nepalese boyfriend, CBS could have valid work permit or possess valid documentation. However, CBS was deported without being charged seems to support the hearsay that some sort of back door illegal deal in exchange for bribe has been arranged. I have seen and come across falsified Order of Removal and Order of Detention that could be used to alter one’s immigration status if one does not have a valid work permit or possess valid documentation.

According to the Nepalese boyfriend, CBS‘s account, he alleged that he had, through his boss and girlfriend, paid a sum to officer MZ. He was cursing officer MZ for deceiving him to spends thousands of ringgits for nothing after he was deported back to Nepal.

That was how he ended up being scammed, deported and blacklisted possibly to neutralize him and prevent him from being a witness.

The boyfriend, CBS, of ML. ML is the sister of JS

Journal entries for day 17 – 16.3.2018 (Friday)

Journal entries of attack on Indonesian national detainee

Supposedly when you packed large number of foreign migrant or foreign illegal workers of different nationalities and cultures together into cramped cell like caged animals, what would one expects to see?

We will most likely see people who are distressed, disillusioned and tense. In such cramped cell space, there is no freedom of movement except within the four walls.

And imagine doing this for extended period of months and even years. Then you also add in inhumane and cruel conditions, dirty and unhygienic environment into the mix. We would expect that this would makes these people feels very bitter, resentful with deeply suppressed anger, frustrations and loss of their normal sense of decency/human nature. Adding to this mix, you put violent and egoistic immigration guards armed with beating batons. You select immigration guards who like threatening and violence and set these guards over them 24/7, guess what will you get?

You either get very docile people or you get a super resistance freedom fighter. And many Pekan Nenas detainees did indeed witnessed one from among them a super resistance freedom fighter on this day.

A folklore story of freedom fighter from Pekan Nenas

This story is one story that would makes for a folklore story to tell any audiences seeking to hear folklore story of heroic acts against vile and despicable people. The immigration guards were vile and despicable because they have proved through their actions and witnessed publicly by many detainees.

It is said that under extraordinary circumstances will produce a man of the moment. Treacherous circumstances may make or break a man but an exceptional man will never surrender under all circumstances.

This man that is the subject of this folklore story is a fierce freedom fighter of Indonesia nationality. Because of his loss of his God-given freedom, he appears deeply agitated and a mentally disturbed person.

Judging from what can be seen as described in later section, this man is deeply displease over his loss of freedom. And judging from his responses to the guards throughout the story, he viewed these immigration guards as weak cowards. He shows much contempt and despises these immigration guards for their mockery and made a sport of him. Indeed, the immigration guards had displayed egregious behavior by doing a perverse sexual act subsequently on him publicly to deserve his contempt. This story is told in life Inside Malaysia Immigration Detention Center.

Journal entries for day 18 – 17.3.2018 (Saturday)

Days are spent hearing stories from detainees of their predicaments. There is this Indian national detainee, who despite having completed his six months jail sentence was still in Pekan Nenas for months. He could not regain his freedom because he has no one to provide money for buying his air ticket so that he can be deported back to India. In fact, he alleged that he did have valid permit and had lived and worked for a few years in KL. However, according to him, he claimed that he was arrested by police who destroyed his work permit/passport and framed him as an illegal worker and served jail time. Only God knows whether he is speaking the truth or not because there is no way to verify his claim now.

He was waiting for someone to send money as his family in India is too poor to give the money for his air ticket. As long as he is not able to have the money for the air ticket, he remains in detention.

While we were willing to raise the money for him as well as prayed for him, along came a Malaysian distant relative who provided for this ticket. This was quite a surprise that somehow this distant relative got the news of his predicament and subsequently helps him.

That was a happy ending for him after having waited for quite some time to regain his freedom.

This is hardly a humanitarian deportation if the detainee has to wait for money from someone to sponsor his air ticket and detainee could be languishing for months inside this detention cell. Real cruel treatment on poor people from third world countries.

So much for having a seat on the UNHRC while locking people in inhumane conditions for months and years.

Journal entries for day 19 – 18.3.2018 (Sunday)

On this morning, we witnessed an Indian detainee being taken outside to a staging area shed. The detainee is from a different cell and this staging area shed is directly in our line of sight. From our position we can see clearly as it is just outside after the grass patch. All the detainees witnessed this incident from our cell. This Indian detainee looks to be in a bad shape and very ill condition. He was vomiting and most likely also feeling nausea, giddy or breathing difficulty.

A couple of immigration guards were round about him probably to find out more from him on his illness. They put him up lying on one of those tables that are around with his back facing up. This provides him relief and intermittent respite.

As he was lying there, the guards would occasionally check on him. The immigration guards were busy with their routine duties per the immigration SOP. As there was no available immigration guard for escorting, the guards left him there waiting for a few hours.

Escorted for medical treatment but did not return to cell

After a long time, he was getting into worse shape, he was finally escorted and sent to a medical facility for medical treatment. That was the last we saw him as he was escorted away for medical treatment. He did not return back to his cell where he was locked up. We heard from our friendly kawasan that he had died. The information, as told by the kawasan was that the cause of death was related to rat urine poisoning. The story of this death in detention is shared in life Inside Malaysia Immigration Detention Center.

Journal entries for day 20 –19.3.2018 (Monday)

False information from immigration officer, PS

Totally unable to receive any information from anyone, every detainee relied on information from the checker.

According to the checker, the immigration officer, PS had pass on information that today is the date of my trial. This was relayed days earlier by the checker. I was also told by the checker that I would be charged under a more serious section of the Immigration Act under Section 56(1)(d) as follows:

” (1) Any person who –
(d) harbours any person whom he knows or has reasonable grounds for believing to have acted in contravention of this Act, except section 55E;

(bb) in the case of an offence under paragraph (d), be liable to a fine of not less than ten thousand ringgit and not more than fifty thousand ringgit for each person harboured and where it is proved to the satisfaction of the court that the person has at the same time harboured more than five such persons that person shall be liable to imprisonment for a term of not less than six months but not more than five years and shall also be liable to whipping of not more than six strokes.”

Citation: Immigration Act under Section 56(1)(d)

For anyone thinking of “buying your way out” to have the charge dropped, the bribe sum would be at least one hundred and ten thousand ringgits minimum and three hundred and thirty thousand ringgits average, based on the range of ten thousand to fifty thousand ringgits for each person harboured as stipulated in the Act.

The checker also told me that the immigration officer, PS had dropped the charge of not having a passport. However, this was never a charge as my wife had delivered my passport to Setia Tropika Immigration HQ on the 4.3.2018. This kind of feeding false information is to scare and confuse me.

I waited for this event, but the day come and went without me being brought before any court Magistrate for the journal entries record.

On the actual day of trial on 26.3.2018, my charge was under section 55E (1) which is different from the charge I was told here.

55E. (1) No occupier shall permit any illegal immigrant to enter or remain at any premises.
(2) An occupier who contravenes subsection (1) shall be guilty of an offence and shall, on conviction, be liable to a fine of not less than five thousand ringgit and not more than thirty thousand ringgit or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding twelve months or to both for each illegal immigrant found at the premises and, in the case of a second or subsequent conviction, to a fine of not less than ten thousand ringgit and not more than sixty thousand ringgit or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years or to both for each illegal immigrant found at the premises.

Citation: Immigration Act under Section 55E (1)

Coincidently, this false information was given before my family’s third visit. Is this a ruse by this immigration officer, PS to scare me as section 56(1)(d) is a far more serious charge with worse consequences?

On hindsight now, it has all the likelihood of a ruse by this immigration officer, PS. He was hoping that I would persuade my family to turn to him for his “offer to help me” rather than through engaging a lawyer. Giving me this false information is to scare me to do just that as the immigration officer, PS already knew that the actual charge was section 55E (1) and in fact even refused to divulge this information to my lawyer, YHK.

The story is shared in cunning and scheming this immigration officer, PS.

Journal entries for day 21 – 20.3.2018 (Tuesday)

Journal entries of third visitation by family

This visit is to brief me on what is happening outside and about the effort to have a lawyer to defend me.

Till today, I was not able to talk to a lawyer and it has been 21 days already.

It is a total helpless situation deliberately created by the scheming Immigration officer, PS and the investigating officer, MHBK. They never allowed me access to a lawyer for 20 days. And I was never brought before any magistrate since the day I was arrested. There was a total information blackout to me and to my family. If there is any information given by immigration officer, PS, it is actually false information or misinformation given to confuse, mislead or trying to manipulate me. It is their ploy to push me to ask my family to approach the checker, indirectly to officer, PS for his “offer to help” which is actually a backdoor illegal deal. As far as I am concerned, I have no interest for any backdoor illegal deal, and I thanks Jesus that my family also did not do any backdoor illegal deal on my behalf.

Letter of approval for family visitation

Journal entries of release of wrongfully detained Bangladesh nationals

On this day, a group consisting of 11 Bangladesh national migrant workers were being released from Pekan Nenas Detention Depot. They had been detained for ten days while waiting for their company, TC Sdn Bhd’s representative to redeem them out from Pekan Nenas Depot.

There is hearsay from many ex-detainees that though they had proper or valid document, immigration officers would still detain them until someone would pay a market rate of RM3,000 “service fee” before the detainees will be released from immigration detention.

One of them is MNU (body No. 249) and the only one who could converse quite well in English with me.

They were work permit holder workers who had finished two years contract work with their previous contractor-employer. To secure new employment, they each paid RM12,000 to their new employer, TC Sdn Bhd for a two-year contract. TC Sdn Bhd was a big construction contractor who had clinched the Southkey Megamall Development – Phase 1 Project Feb 2018

They were shocked and fearful when they were all arrested by an immigration raiding team as they expect that their new company would have obtained the necessary work permits. They could not understand what the company has done and why the Immigration Department of Malaysia officers arrested them.

They were very happy walking out through the metal gate as we wished them all the best after going through such a terrible ordeal.


Journal entries for day 22 – 21.3.2018 (Wednesday)

Journal entries of my lawyer’s account of access to me for discussion on this 22nd day of detention inside Pekan Nenas Immigration Depot, quote:

“The I.O. was MHBK He gave me a letter of no objection to me visiting you in the immigration depot at Pekan Nenas.

The letter was dated 21.3.2018 and my interview with you took place on the same day. I must have contacted him some time before that to obtain that letter.

Apart from dealing with access, it is never the prosecution’s practice to divulge any information regarding the case prior to trial.

Therefore, no information was given to me pertaining to facts of the case until you were formally charged in court on 26.3.2018.

You were arrested on 28.2.2018 at 11.05 p.m. You should have been brought before the immigration Magistrates’ Court the next day for remand order. It was located in the immigration depot. I am not sure whether such had been done as it was before my engagement.

With that letter of no objection which I presented at the immigration depot, I was then able to have access to you to have that first and only interview.

Access to you was therefore not denied but my complain was I was only allowed 1/2 hour to speak with you and under the watchful eye of an immigration officer who was sitting across the room.”

Citation: Malaysian Lawyer YHK‘s report

Letter of approval to visit me from investigating officer (I.O.)

journal entries

Journal entries of no confidentiality on discussion with lawyer

This is the one and only meeting I had with a lawyer today. We were only allowed thirty minutes for this meeting by the immigration officer, PS.

Immigration officer, PS set up the meeting in a big open room which has no privacy. Imagine meeting with your lawyer to discuss on how to defend your case and two immigration officers and one immigration guard hear every single word that both of us talked. This kind of Malaysia lawyer-client discussion protocol is so fake and is a joke. Such lawyer access is just an illusion that is used to provides credence in form not in substance, to this legal requirement as required by the Federal Constitution article 3. Article 3 – “Where a person is arrested he shall be informed as soon as may be of the grounds of his arrest and shall be allowed to consult and be defended by a legal practitioner of his choice”.

Throughout the meeting, there is immigration officer, PS watching us and listening in. Also, in the room watching us was another three-pip immigration officer from Setia Tropika Immigration HQ. This three-pip officer was the escorting officer of lawyer YHK.

An immigration guard was assigned and stationed in the room. He was standing watch with a big intimidating beating baton.

My lawyer can only lament that the immigration officer, PS refused to tell him any information relating to my case. With zero information and unable to speak openly about the case, it was a fruitless and futile meeting which is also under watch.

PS likes to feed false information or misinformation.

After the meeting with lawyer, and YHK‘s departure, immigration officer, PS took the initiative to start chatting with me, pretending to be like a kind and helpful man. Instead, he was actually feeding me some misinformation.

He was passing me misinformation about who were those without valid documentation as well as the number of people to be charged together with me.

It was apparent that he was lying when I discovered the facts differed totally from what I was told on the 26.3.2018, the day I was brought before the Immigration Court Magistrate.

Immigration officer, PS claimed that the fat Nepalese woman, SP was a legitimate migrant worker who worked for a big local company in Gelang Patah, but later turned out to be illegally working and charged. Officer PS claimed that the company boss had come and redeemed her out. PS also claimed that her friend, the small Nepalese woman was an illegal who ran away from her employer.

He also gave false information that the number of illegal migrant workers to be charged was five but instead turns up to be six. Such is the duplicity of this pretentious, kind, helpful and religious Sikh officer feeding many false information to me.

Malaysian Bar Press Release


“At the remand hearing, the police sought a four–day remand order.  However, this was only in respect of the allegation of obstruction of a public servant under section 186, and interestingly, there was no reference of the initial allegation of kidnapping.  After hearing submissions from all parties, the Magistrate refused to grant the application for remand.

The independence of an advocate and solicitor to act for a client without fear or favour is fundamental to the administration of justice.  A lawyer must at all times be allowed to advance a client’s rights without obstruction or impediment, or fear of prosecution for carrying out his or her duties as an officer of the Court.  Any unwarranted interference with the discharge of such duties is a serious violation of the independence of the legal profession, and an affront to the administration of justice.”

Citation : Malaysian Bar Press Release | Abuse of Police Investigative and Detentive Powers Must Stop dated 25th June 2018

Reference to above Malaysian Bar Press Release:

This is the abuse of power of immigration investigation officer (IO), MHBK, firstly to deny me access to a lawyer upon arrest.

He then makes himself the judge, jury and executioner: (i) by isolating me from accessing legal counsel for 21 days. (ii) by obstructing and impediment of my lawyer’s private and confidential discussion with me. (iii) And to top it all up, he decided to illegally lock me up without a Magistrate remand order at his whims and fancies.

In summary, either it is something wrong with him or something wrong with those who put him in this position or something wrong with this justice system.

Journal entries for day 23 – 22.3.2018 (Thursday)

Occasionally some days when the detainees looked out, they may see groups of female detainees passing by outside their cell. Within the Pekan Nenas compound, there is one block of detention cell for females and children. This brightened up the days for the detainees to sees some ladies for a change. Some women detainees do have their little children detained together with them. Similarly, we can see the fierceness of the women immigration officers and the harsh treatment by these female officers.

For the women detainees, we have read that their personal hygiene items and conditions is terrible. Just like we went for 14 days without proper change of clothes for us, they have additional woman hygiene requirements that have no proper provision, in addition to change of clothes. It is no wonder that there is so many complaints by a group of Filipinas detained together with their children.

Journal entries for day 24 – 23.3.2018 (Friday)

This Australian detainee is another folklore hero in Pekan Nenas

There was this tall lanky Australia-national Ang Mo who is a very individualistic person from first world Australia. On this day is a story about his involvement in a solo vs a gang big fight.

In my affidavit, I have included the story of this Australian national detainee fight with a group of Nepalese national detainees.

He is the only Australian national staying in his “resort” while the rest are mostly from third world countries staying in hellish detention center.

Why do I term “resort”? This is because this Australian detainee’s life here is the only one accorded with “special privileges” and no immigration officer dares to touch him.

The reason why no one have the guts to touch him is because he is from a first world country whose government stands up for human rights.

On this day, this Australian was involved with a fight, one man against four to five Nepalese nationals and he was unbeatable and still standing strong. The immigration guards and officers came in to stop the fighting, but no immigration guard dared to go near him to punish him. I repeated that he is the only person that none of the guards will go near him. The immigration guards are smart enough to stay away and let their senior three-pip Indian officer handled him. Almost all officers are Malays, and this one Indian officer is the only one that goes near him and converse in English with this Australian national detainee. The story of this solo Australian fighter vs many Nepalese fighters is shared in life Inside Malaysia Immigration Detention Center. Bravo and salute to this courageous Australian.

Journal entries for day 25 – 24.3.2018 (Saturday)

Earlier I had written about this Australian Ang Mo and how he truly proves that he is “top of the pack” after his fight.

Well, he was the only detainee from a first world nation that was in the same cell as me until he was moved out because of a fight. The senior Indian immigration officer arranged for an exchange for someone from the cell upstairs to swop with this Australian national detainee.

What is puzzling is why must the senior immigration officer select a Japanese national detainee instead of just any third world detainee? It can hardly be doubted that there must be a reason for this choice from a shrewd man. As for the reason, one can only speculate.

The first world Japanese national detainee

So, this Japanese detainee entered into our cell with a grand entrance and carrying very little possession and tattered clothes and beltless three-quarters pants. The pants were folded up unevenly and the shirt was buttoned wrongly, giving the impression that he is slightly off his rocker. I believed that this is the same clothes that he must be wearing when he was picked up.

The escorting officer parting words to him: “XXX-San, you must be good here”. ‘XXX’ is the numeral that is assigned to each detainee for identification purpose. We do not know the name of any of the detainee. Every detainee is just a three-digit number.

Though we expect to see the Samurai spirit in a Japanese, he did quite well despite the fact that he is alone and a big communication problem. It is noticeably that he was having a hard time in his previous cell up stair, from the guard and detainees from the tone of the guard and their body language.

He is of 40 to 50 years old of age; about 5 feet 7 inches tall with crew cut hair and unshaven chin. He does not understand the Malay language except the little he picked up while being locked inside here and everyone communicated in Malay. It is very apparent that because of his communication handicap, he was misunderstood as well as unable to communicate his needs and requests to be understood. The communication gap was a huge part of his problem with many people during his detention.

Journal entries for day 26 – 25.3.2018 (Sunday)

Today is the end of 10 days of spiritual fast and pray throughout this period. Doing this fast and pray is to prepare to face the big spiritual battle ahead when I will be put in front of the magistrate for an unknown charge (at that time) and its consequences. Looking to my Lord Jesus for grace to see me through the evil that these immigration officers had planned for me. Indeed, God has heard my prayers and granted divine favor.

I heard from many that there was as an eleventh-hour magistrate substitute today for the regular lady magistrate. It is a good thing as this absent lady magistrate has typically jail offenders for most cases.

There are some grounds for this rumor because the immigration officer MZ has thought that I would surely be jailed by the lady magistrate. I was also given the most lenient sentence of a fine of RM30,000 which is the lightest penalty allowed in accordance with section 55E (1). Giving thanks to God Almighty.

Journal entries for day 27 morning – 26.3.2018 (Monday)

Special immigration court and proceeding

We had to wake up very early to prepare us to leave early from the detention center. From the detention center, we were to be taken to the “Makamah” court to face charges before a magistrate.

We were all handcuffed together while immigration officers lead us over to the building.

The court building is within the Pekan Nanas Detention compound. The building is the Mahkamah Sesyen Khas Pati Pekan Nanas. Mahkamah is the Malay word for court in English.

During my 26 days of detention, I observed that immigration officers treated foreigner national detainees in their custody worse than animals. They handcuffed and linked everyone together whenever they moved these detainees around outside of their detention cell.

At this point in time then only we know exactly who were without valid document which were 6 of them. Four of them were employees for one big factory in Gelang Patah. In fact, this big factory is just along the same street as the company I worked for.

As recorded on the 21.3.2018 journal entries, immigration officer, PS had told a pack of lies such as the factory boss had come to redeem the fat Nepalese girl, about this boss being such a nice man that he has met.

There were altogether about thirty people altogether that were brought before the magistrate. I guessed it is more cost effective to have just one magistrate to clear all the many foreign migrants’ cases.

On that day, there were a few local Chinese Malaysians have to attend court as well. They have committed some minor immigration offences and have to turn up in this court. They just walked in because they are local whereas all foreigners are in handcuffs and herded like animals.

They seated all the accused in rows after rows to face the magistrate at the front of the hall.

The magistrate sits on a raised chair with a very high back chair to make him look the most important guy in the room.

The proceedings went like clockwork. A court officer would read the charge to the offender. The magistrate would then ask the offender whether he plead guilty or not guilty?

The story of this immigration court proceeding is shared in wayang kulit and imigresen’s hand.

Plead guilty and was fined RM30,000

I pleaded guilty and the Magistrate gave the minimum fine of RM30,000 with no jail time. Indeed, it is by the grace of God, that I had averted a jail-time evil through fasting and prayer.

Officer MZ was fairly confident that I will get a jail term because he knew this lady magistrate loves to give jail term. But he did not know that the lady magistrate was swopped out on the previous night.

I believe that through the fasting and praying, God has given a fair-minded magistrate to preside over my case. This magistrate ordered a minimum five-thousand-ringgit fine sentence for each person charged together with me, according to the range of punishment the Acts prescribed.

On the day after my sentencing, MZ came rushing to see whether I get a jail term. I watched him conversing with immigration officer, PS excitedly. He had rushed back to the center from somewhere outside. They were both deeply disappointed.

After the court proceeding ended, they segregated all the detainees into different groups according to the sentence ordered by the court.

We were given packets of rice for our lunch and thereafter we were packed into their immigration transport vehicle and transported to Kluang prison.

In the meantime, my daughter meets up with my lawyer and follow up to make payment for the fine immediately. The day (26.3.2018) and 13:16:46 hour shown machine-printed on the Bil Rasmi. After making the payment, she proceeded to obtain the “Order of discharge” from the court for my release.

My family was looking forward to my release after paying the fine. Guess what? The Immigration Department of Malaysia officers refused to release me to my family in disregard of the order of discharge.

Receipt for RM30,000 court fine
Court discharge order


Journal entries for day 27 noon – 26.3.2018 (Tuesday)

Part 2 illegal detention by Immigration Department of Malaysia

My family member had paid off my fine by noon time. From Pekan Nenas, they put me on their immigration truck and sent me to Kluang Prison. On arriving, we were waiting outside of Kluang prison and not knowing what was happening. After some time, they transferred me inside the Kluang prison. It became clear now that they are not releasing me even though my daughter had paid the fine.

And this was the start of my Kluang imprisonment on the afternoon of day 27th. This prison is two plus hours of drive from Pekan Nenas Immigration Depot on the immigration truck along bumpy and rough roads terrain.

Immigration officers refused to release me because as a foreigner, I am at the mercy of these immigration officer. Their attempts to draw my family to approached Setia Tropika Immigration HQ to pay a “service fee” did not work and I was detained illegally.

So, they locked me in their Kluang prison for next few days for sinister motives. Let me explain why it is for sinister motive. I met another detainee, a China national, in this Kluang prison who told me that his wife had to pay RM3,000 to an immigration officer for his release from Kluang prison.

They refused to process this China national detainee’s release after his payment of the fine amount. His wife then went to Setia Tropika Immigration HQ to find out where is her husband. An immigration officer point blank asked for RM3,000 service fee to help settle for his immediate release. Instead of paying such kind of service fee, my daughter approached Singapore Consulate in JB for help to monitor and ensure that I will be released from this prison.

So begins this next stage of illegal detention by Immigration Department of Malaysia against a Singaporean after the unlawful 26 days before trial. A lot of insidious corruption is becoming more and more apparent with no shame.

journal entries
Overview of the Kluang Prison complex

A look at Kluang Prison and life inside

Set in forested surrounding is Kluang prison, a considerably huge complex. From the Google image, you can see seven tri-section top view designed prisons buildings. These seven buildings are for the different categories of prisoners such as death row prisoners, for life sentence prisoners, violent & hardcore prisoners and petty crimes prisoners and so forth.

Outside the main entrance is a building, food court/canteen, and some amenities. These catered to the prison officers and their families as well as for outside visitors.

Once inside the huge prison complex, we were ushered to wait while the processing of handing over is going on. After the handover, we had to queue to show all our personal belongings to the prison officer. The prison officer took custody of these personal belongings and issued a receipt for these items.

The prison guard fancies a S$100 bill among my few S$100 bill. He then told me that he had never seen a one-hundred Singapore dollar bill. And he asked to have one for souvenir.

kluang prison-7

Kluang Prison administrative section

Next, we were led to the main administrative section for the prisoner-in-boarding procedure.

We were led to a room, lined up against a wall, stripped and searched for any hidden objects. Here are a few sadist prison guards dishing out the usual merciless treatment to prisoners while doing this routine.

These sadistic officers would randomly pick upon someone to beat up wantonly. Another standard behavior is the prison wardens yelling fiercely and taunting as in typical prison regimented setting.

After the search exercise, they took us to the main administration office. This is where they conducted the interview, paperwork registration procedure and particulars confirmed by the prison police officers.

Other buildings surrounding the main administrative sections are the cook houses, the building for doing laundry, the workshops for prisoners to work at and living quarters for prison wardens. These are within the same security zone.

Kluang Prison guard brutality

During the interview, paperwork and documentation exercise, one of the prison wardens picked upon one particular Bangladesh national prisoner. It was a random and unfortunate event for the Bangladeshi national. The warden beat him up brutally and mercilessly with his hand-held “torture” weapon.

As this sadistic officer was inflicting his torture, this prisoner was crying out loudly in great pain from this torture.

While this was going on, no one among the other prison wardens nor anyone in the same vicinity intervene or says anything.

It is also a rule that all prisoners are to look down at all times or they will be punished.

I overheard from other prisoners that the local-born Malaysian of certain race have deep animosity against Bangladesh nationals as the reason why this happened.

Kluang Prison sergeant’s scam

Following, they bought us to another section to await our standard prison attires for the prison sergeant to issue to us.

During this time of waiting, one of the runners for the prison sergeant started making an announcement to all the prisoners. He was pitching that the prison sergeant could offers a package consisting of telephone card, one set breakfast with coffee at canteen and hygiene items for RM 75.

In no time, there was a queue of prisoners waiting to transact the money to the sergeant and he then alters the amount on our receipt to minus out the RM 75. Up till and on the day of my transfer back to Pekan Nenas Immigration Depot, the prison sergeant refused to deliver the package when I insisted for it. Clearly the prison sergeant had scammed many prisoners through this trick.

Acknowledgement receipt from the prison sergeant indicating the RM 75 (105 -30) scammed

Next stop is the issuing of our prisoner’s attires. They issued the standard prison clothes to us for our change out from the personal clothes that we were wearing. They then tagged our personal clothes, handed over to the runners for storing in the prison holding store.

Prisoner’s standard – head shaved bald

Next is they were going to have the hair on our head fully shaved off as it is the standard prisoner’s appearance as a form of shaming. We took our turn to have our hair fully shaved. Once everyone had their head fully shaven clean, they took us inside the main complex where the prison buildings were. We had a fairly long walk to reach the prison building.

The prison officers led us from the administrative section to the prison building. I remembered that it was a long walk. We passed by the Prison Medical Center which is at the far end in-between the rows of prison buildings.

They brought us to one of the last three prison buildings past the Prison Medical Center.

Kluang prison block and cells

The prison buildings have three different sections in a tri-wings top-view design with two levels. On each level, there are rows of open-view cells adjacent to one another. These individual cells have iron-rod grills and gates to secure the prisoners inside. These rows of cells are on both sides facing each other throughout the whole length of building. They locked us in one of the many cells on the lower level.

Each individual cell of approximate 250 square feet space can hold about thirty prisoners. We had to sleep on hard cold concrete floor. There is no window but a row of opening with iron bar grills high up on the wall behind. Through this opening, the cold chilly wind from the forested surrounding blows into the cell. This cold conditions from the cold chilly winds outside and the hard cold cement floor were bad for people with weak health or having asthma.

Two levels and two rows on opposite sides

As for our meals, each of us was given a food container to collect our food from some cell representatives collecting on our behalf. These representatives collected from the main food distribution point outside. The food was horrible as expected from prison setting.

Free movement allow within the tight security zone inside block

There was no freedom for us to be let outside of this cell for the next few days. Those other inmates who had been here after a week or two were let out of their cells to walk around the common corridor and the outside space of the cells within certain times.

We heard that amongst the prisoners, there were also a few Singaporeans that were locked up in this prison. We also heard that there is a head amongst the prisoners who control many prisoners to run errands for him. Many illegal stuffs are available through him at a high price and the illegal stuffs are smuggled in by prison offices, then sold to him for high prices. This head lives like a king with good food, making money and allowed entertainments and special treatment from prison officers. Many of the tales about this head came courtesy of the Chinese national prisoner who volunteers his professional massage service to this head.

It is a good thing not to be out there and interact with the other prisoners as these are real criminals and gangsters background looking to recruit others into their gangs. Once when I was outside after being allowed out for a visit, one of those gang head was seated at a table supervising his henchmen-prisoners started engaging a conversation with me.

He asked for the reason for my stay as well as asking for my contact number. He claimed that he will be released soon and wanted to contact me in Singapore after his release. That is one of the main reasons why young people should avoid prison to avoid mixing with criminals and syndicated gangs.

Journal entries for day 28 – 27.3.2018 (Tuesday)

Day 2 in Kluang Prison (day 28 in detention)

The building within the complex and nearest to the main entrance is the visitors building within the first security zone. This is a building for visitors to meet the prisoners separated by a glass panel. It was quite a huge place with zoning and numbering. They would direct you to the zone and number where your visitor will be there. At this numbered desk is a linked telephone to talk to your visitor on the outside.

My daughter’s visitation

On this day my lawyer kindly drove my young daughter more than 2 hours to this Kluang Prison to visit me. My daughter stopped by a supermarket to buy local food, snacks and items for me before reaching the prison. The good thing is that the accompanying lawyer helped to advise her what items were allowed under prison rules.

They brought me outside food, snacks, coffee and essential hygiene items which were really God-send items. This is the first time to taste outside local food and have real coffee after 27 days.

A guard escorted me to this visitor building and allowed to meet and conversed with my daughter for half an hour.

Here I was given information on a probable release date should be around 4.4.2018 based on information from some sources.

The three Indian national detainees with me

We decided to pay the fines for all the three Indian nationals so that they would not have to spend prison time of six months for two of them and four months for one of them.

This will help to send them back as soon as possible to their families in India who are facing financial hardship because they were very poor. They are the main bread winners working to feed the family.

They were in this predicament because of unscrupulous agents who deserted them after collecting their agency fees and even disappearing with their passports.

Miraculously my daughter managed to raise just enough funds to pay the total fine amount for all four of us.

Met a China national detainee inside Kluang prison

Interestingly in this Kluang prison I met a China national whom I get along well as we can converse with each other in the Chinese language, and I also helped to interpret for him into English.

He told me that his wife paid his compounded fine after the sentencing. A week had gone past, and he is still not released from Kluang prison.

Through a visit from his wife, he came to find out that his wife had gone to Setia Tropika Immigration HQ to find out about his release. The officer she approached told her to give RM3,000 if she wants her husband released earlier. This was payment for service to do “something” to help her husband. After the wife paid up, immigration officer made the arrangement for his release soon after.

Journal entries for day 29 – 28.3.2018 (Wednesday)

Day 3 in Kluang Prison (day 29 in detention)

My daughter has been dropping by the Singapore Consulate Attaché office to give regular update to the attaché as to my situation updates. With the attaché request for information on me to the Immigration Department of Malaysia, they have to arrange to release me from this prison on this day. Because of the attaché’s involvement, my daughter was probably spared paying RM3,000, the RM3,000 paid by the wife of the China national to secure his release without further prison time.

We and the three Indian nationals knew we were going to be released when we were brought to the prison administrative office to prepare the release paperwork. We were all scheduled to be released on the same day tomorrow and had to get ready for the discharge early next morning.


Journal entries for day 30 – 29.3.2018 (Thursday)

Day 1 back to Pekan Nenas Depot (day 30 in detention)

Transfer from Kluang prison by excursion bus to Pekan Nenas Immigration Detention Depot.

journal entries-4
Pekan Nenas Immigration Depot

Journal entries of photographic record of physical condition

We arrived at Pekan Nenas Depot after the excursion tour bus ride from Kluang prison in the afternoon.

Upon reaching Pekan Nenas office, one of the immigration guards immediately took a photograph of me. For whatever reason, I know not and could only speculate on the reason for this immediate photo taking of me.

My speculation is that they could show that I was physically in good shape. Or maybe it could be a record of reference in the event that there is a physical assault on me.

My family is well that aware that immigration officer, MZ is targeting me to retaliate for my police report against him. In fact, MZ has been constantly harassing me as he is in charge here.

As precaution, my daughter had informed the high possibility of an assault on me to be a serious concern to the Singapore Attaché. Many people, including detainees knew of all the harassments and attempted assault from one immigration guard on the manipulation of immigration officer MZ.

*1 – This officer MZ was one the three main players responsible for the whole illegal detention.

journal entries-5
Immigration officer, MZ

Journal entries of naked squat exercise torture and assault

As I have a Christian bible with me, I asked one of the escorting immigration guards for permission to bring with me to read. The guard gave me permission to bring it together with me. This was prior to the naked body squat check that will be conducted later as I do not want to be faulted or penalized during the naked body squat check.

Next is the naked body squat checks. Here the immigration guards ordered us to strip fully naked in a small room The we are to put all those items that were with us in the middle while we were lined against the three sides of the wall. Then we were ordered to stretch our hands up. Now we are ready to do this squat torture in the nude by fully squatting down. This will be followed by standing straight up with hands fully raised. This whole exercise is repeated countless times in a fast-paced manner till we were exhausted or breathless. This was supposed to be a body search for any hidden item, but it looks more like a torture that is game for these sadist immigration guards. Why is that a torture that is game for a few sadist guards is explained in the next paragraph.

When I was brought here on 2.3.2018 for my first part detention, I declared my asthma condition and one of the guards excused me from doing the strenuous exercise. Similarly, for this second part detention, I have declared to them my asthma condition and such strenuous squat exercise could trigger an asthma attack. But this whole lot of immigration guards ignored and insisted that I joined the rest on the strenuous squat exercise to torture me despite the health risks.

Upon finishing the torturous squat exercise, I started to collect all my belongings.

Para 10 of affidavit (AIS)

Journal entries of assault by immigration guard

During the collection of belongings, one of the Immigration guards assaulted me with a hard kick when I retrieved my personal bible. I fell to the hard concrete ground and my spectacles fell off to the ground.

One of his colleagues quickly helped me. He helped me to get up on my feet, checked whether my spectacles was damaged and whether I was injured or not.

As a Singaporean, it is hard to imagine such sadistic treatment from immigration guard of a friendly neighboring country. The guard who assaulted me must be one anti-Singaporean (for whatever reason) and anti-Christian (because of the bible) immigration guard. This has to be so as one of his colleagues, the immigration guard whom I approached earlier seeking permission had already granted me permission.

At least one other immigration guard helped picks me up and showed some concern. It was so unlike this sadist guard’s behavior.

On the 4.4.2018, the day of my release and deportation, I reported this incident verbally to the senior Immigration Department of Malaysia officer. This is the senior immigration officer that was assigned to escort me during my deportation back to Singapore. Apart from this, there is no other avenue to file an official report of this assault. I also insisted that the senior immigration officer retrieve my bible back from the guards’ staging post and return to me my bible. After two attempts, he returned my bible to me.

Journal entries of Nepalese national detainees

Later when I was brought to the cell, I was surprised to see that the three Nepalese who were arrested together with me were still in the detention cell. It was confirmed that they had the valid documentation and they told me that they would be released to the company to work after our trial. It was indeed not right that they were not charged for any offence and yet they were still detained.

What I was told by the two Nepalese security guards was that their boss had paid a sum of money, but apparently more money was demanded by an immigration officer. According to them, their boss is not willing to fork out the extra money that was demanded and decided to let the Immigration Department of Malaysia to deport them back to Nepal. He also assured them that he would settle their balance of salary back in Nepal and apologized to them for not able to get them out. It is easy to find out the truth of the matter about these two Nepalese security guards. They worked for a security contractor company supplying them as security guards to the big MNC company that I worked for previously. This means that even if they were deported to stop them from being a witness, their records and documentation can be traced easily.

The other Nepalese national detainee told me that he had already paid RM3,000 through his Malaysian girlfriend but he claimed that the immigration officer demanded big money from him (his own word – “yes boss big mony they want to eat but cannot I givan eat”) and he refused to pay.

journal entries
Google map of Pekan Nenas Immigration Detention Depot compound

Journal entries for day 31 – 30.3.2018 (Friday)

Day 2 in Pekan Nenas Depot (day 31 in detention)

Skirmish and fight challenges

Today a small fight started involving a Japanese national and another man. As the man started to hit the Japanese, others also took opportunities to join in and beat this Japanese as he fought back.

However, this fight did not last long as the immigration officers started to open the cell door and intervene.

About this Australia national Ang Mo, I had written about him on his fight incident with a few Nepalese national detainees.

And because of that incident the senior Indian immigration officer arranged to move the Australian to the cell upstairs in exchange for a Japan national detainee to move down.

The Japanese national detainee

What is puzzling is why must the senior Indian immigration officer select a Japanese national instead of just any third world detainee? Whatever the reason for this choice, we now have a Japanese national detainee staying in our cell.

This Japanese national came down carrying very little possession and tattered clothes and beltless three-quarters pants. His pants were folded up unevenly and the shirt button was buttoned wrongly. This gives the impression that he is slightly off his rocker. He was wearing the same clothes as what he was wearing as when he was picked up.

The escorting immigration officer parting words to him: “XXX-San, you must be good here”. We do not know the name of any of the detainee. Every detainee is just a three-digit number.

A loner handicap by language barrier

It is noticeably that he must have been having a hard time in his previous environment, the cell upstairs from the guard and detainees from the tone of the guard and their body language.

He is of 40 to 45 years old of age; about 5 feet 7 inches tall with crew cut hair and unshaven chin. He does not understand the Malay language except the little he picked up while being locked inside here and everyone communicated in Malay.

It is clear that his language handicap (not understanding Malay and English) caused him to be misunderstood easily and was being picked on many times.

Though his behavior is a bit peculiar, but we can see his Japanese Samurai spirit in his response to those taunting and bullying when he fights back.

Journal entries for day 32 – 31.3.2018 (Saturday)

Day 3 in Pekan Nenas Depot (day 32 in detention)

Set aside this day to fast and pray specifically that there will be no deliberate refusal to transfer my passport from Setia Tropika Immigration HQ to Pekan Nenas. This is the requirement in their SOP that will stop my release on 4.4.2018 as schedule and makes it reasonable in the public eyes.

Unless Setia Tropika Immigration HQ send my valid travel document/passport to Pekan Nenas administration office tomorrow, then only would my release be process for me in the same week.

Setia Tropika Immigration HQ Building

The nameless and faceless SOP, a convenient scapegoat

Their Immigration SOP requires that for a release in Pekan Nenas, the detainee’s passport must be provided to the Pekan Nenas administration office in order to process the release.

In other words, Pekan Nenas immigration officer will not release me if they do not receive my passport on Sunday regardless of whatever circumstances.

This is one of their ways to detain you longer by using and hiding behind the faceless and nameless SOP as the reason for your non-release.

Everyone here knew that the immigration officers will deliberately detain me longer by not transferring my passport from Setia Tropika Immigration HQ to Pekan Nenas Detention Depot.

Pekan Nenas Immigration Detention cell block, courtesy of Malaysiakini

Journal entries for day 33 – 1.4.2018 (Sunday)

Day 4 in Pekan Nenas Depot (day 33 in detention)

Journal entries of medical treatment of urinal tract infection (UTI)

As I fasted and prayed for a smooth process, I was looking to the good news that my passport had been transferred from Setia Tropika as prayed for.

Strangely that on this day I suffered a urinal tract infection (UTI) in the morning. This UTI caused so much pain that I had to see a doctor urgently while roll muster time was on.

The immigration guard immediately let me out so that I could visit the doctor to be treated. I was harboring a hope that I could go to a hospital, or this might even facilitate an early release. However, it was a very long wait of a few hours as the guards were busy with detainees’ movement, muster time and other duties. There were no spare guard available to escort me to doctor. They leave me to suffer in much discomfort and pain. All the guards would have leave me to die here if my heart attack, that happened four months later, had happened in this inhumane place.

That is why there are cases of detainee who died while in detention when the detainee develops life-threatening medical condition due to waiting for hours for a spare immigration guard to escort him to hospital A & E. When any detainee died, then the blame is conveniently on the faceless and nameless SOP which excused anyone of responsibility.

journal entries
Heart attack emergency on 8.8.2018

Information gathering by the China national detainee

While outside and waiting, the China national was also allowed out to contact his wife to send his air ticket to Setia Tropika Immigration HQ. As he has been “giving” generously to some guards, in exchange they were providing information he asked for.

According to the information he received, everyone who is processed to be release on Thursday would have their process completed by Sunday with their passport and air tickets. Without my passport being given to Pekan Nenas administration office on Sunday, I will not be released on the 4.4.2018.

He was given information that his earliest release could be happening the week after next week or even a later date. He is possibly expecting the same ploy for RM3,000 similar to what happened for his Kluang prison release.

A surprise visit by a Malaysian friend, LW

In the afternoon after returning to my cell, I was called to go out again. I initially I thought was to receive confirmation that my passport has been received in Pekan Nenas. However, it was not so but a “jumpa” visit, it was someone visiting me.

While waiting, one immigration guard chatted with me and then helped by running a check through his hand phone app. He then sounded to me that Setia Tropika Immigration had not sent my passport and advised me that unless Pekan Nenas received my passport ASAP, my release would not be processed in time for this week release i.e. 4.4.2018. It was such a divine intervention to send my Malaysian friend, LW visiting me and a kind guard giving me this important information.

It was another of the scheming immigration officer, PS’s plot to stop my release on the 4.4.2018. Through this visit by a good friend, I relayed a message through her to my family to sought urgent and immediate assistance from Singapore Consulate Attaché and my Malaysian lawyer.

Family sought Singapore attaché’s help on 2.2.2018

Setia Tropika Immigration’s Outrageous Claim

The Singapore Consulate representative, Attaché approached Setia Tropika immigration officer to forward my passport to process my release on the 4.4.2018.

The Setia Tropika immigration officer makes the claim to the Singapore Consulate representative that they did not receive my passport. The attaché informed my daughter of this ridiculous claim. My daughter retrieved the acknowledgment receipt issued by Immigration Department of Malaysia and forward to the attaché’s office to challenge the Setia Tropika immigration officer’s outrageous claim.

journal entries-3
Setia Tropika immigration officer’s outrageous claim on Singapore passport being not received

My daughter regularly seeks out the Attaché to get updates as well as seek their help knowing what these immigration officers are up to in this saga.

With the help of the Singapore Attaché’s intervention, they were forced to produce my passport and send to Pekan Nenas without my family paying any “RM3,000 service fee”. We have heard from the China national of this “RM3,000 service fee” being paid so that he would not be detained unnecessary longer.

With the block 4B other detainee-friends, we talked about the corrupt role that the immigration officer, PS had played in releasing false information to me regarding the number of persons being without valid document is only 5 while in actual facts, it was 6 persons. Also, he was feeding false information that the fat Nepalese girl has valid documentation while her friend was a runaway and had no valid documentation. These friends shared similar sentiments on this immigration officer, PS.

Journal entries for day 34 – 2.4.2018 (Monday)

Day 5 in Pekan Nanas Depot (day 34 in detention)

A Doctor Detainee

This day we have a new detainee who is a doctor. He was being detained together with us in Block 4B while waiting for deportation.

The senior immigration officer who brought him told the Pekan Nenas front office to look out for him as he is a qualified doctor. Furthermore, they had no case to charge him after their investigation.

So the front desk quickly helps him to procure an air ticket through them instead of asking his Malaysian girl friend to buy the ticket and then send to the Pekan Nenas office.

Though the senior three-pip officer says that they are waiting to deport him, they have to put him inside Pekan Nenas according to their SOP. He ended up having an unjust lengthy detention before being deported. We met again when he was finally out and back in Singapore.

journal entries-2
Doctor, Illegal foreigner he was not yet was detained by crooked immigration officer

Journal entries of doctor’s account of his case

He was asked by Pekan Nenas front office staff why he, being an intelligent doctor, was arrested. So, he gave his account of how he was being cheated by a Malaysian Chinese agent. He engaged this agent to act for him on his visa application.

This is his story of being setup by a local immigration agent working in collaboration with immigration officer.

This agent promised to help him secure a permit so that he could operate as a licensed doctor in Malaysia. He has a girl friend who is a Malaysia citizen. However, this agent failed to do that but demand another RM15,000 to be able to continue the process. Naturally the doctor saw through the scam and refused to give in to the extra RM15,000 demand.

So that agent collaborates with immigration to raid his place of residence, thinking that he is staying in Malaysia without a valid visa. Both the agent and his immigration handlers were doing this for “expectations” from doctor.

Then the front desk chided him for being foolish as a doctor to trust the agent. She then told him that many agents are in cahoots with immigration in arresting many of the cases. Anyway he clarified that he did not trusted the Malaysian agent but he trusted his friend who recommended the agent. It is his bad day that the Malaysian agent is a crooked man.

Journal entries for day 35 – 3.4.2018 (Tuesday)

Day 6 in Pekan Nenas Depot (day 35 in detention)

This doctor was not without valid documentation

Immigration officers were tipped off by this crooked agent and raided his place of residence. They arrested him citing that he did not have passport. However, his passport was with China Embassy for the purpose of applying for China visa. During investigation, Immigration determined that he had a valid passport stamped with a 30 days social visit pass. This 30-days-allowed-to-stay in Malaysia stamp was still valid yet was detained. Maybe someone do not understand what this mean thus making the mistake.

It so happened that when immigration officer visited him at his house, he just came into Malaysia with a 30 days tourist visa and was in the process of applying for a visa for China who took his passport for the processing.

When he could not produce his passport, they detained and remanded him for the standard 14 days plus 14 days detention. All under the pretence of carrying out the investigating process.

We have known from all that we have seen inside this place that all these is for the purpose to intimidate, frightened then “milked” some ”expectations”.

They have nothing to charge him and could only say: “sorry, wrongful arrest” to him that he has to goes through this. They told him to bear with all these detention before getting send back to home country.

So he ended up in detention for 28 days when they finally settled his case when they could not charged him any offences. Immigration came up with a reason to cover up the mistake in his detention. This is through putting him on a “return-to-country-of-origin” to cover up apparently.

Fasted for one day to pray for my release on the 4.4.2018

Journal entries for day 36 – 4.4.2018 (Wednesday)

Day 7 in Pekan Nanas Depot (day 36 in detention)

Journal entries of release from illegal detention

This was the day that they could no longer detained me within their Pekan Nenas detention cell walls despite all their dirty strategies. They called out my body number 876 after morning breakfast. The call-out is for my release on this day from Pekan Nenas cell.

Exhibit – Order of Removal showing my body number has over-written over someone’s body number

I saw their disbelief that Immigration Department of Malaysia actually released me. As long as a detainee is in their hand, they have every opportunity to milk “something”. Everyone in the cell believed that immigration officers would definitely keep me in Pekan Nenas for at least another week or even two weeks. Most detainees’ minds are conditioned that they are at the mercies of these immigration officers.

They have seen many cases of long period of detention without justifications for many previous detainees, of whom some I have detailed their cases. Even a Singaporean released with me on the same day shared that it will be at least a week or 2 before we will get released. This is from their observations, the experiences and stories of many ex-detainees in the past.

We had loaf of bread and dilute tea kosong for breakfast. However, we were charged RM10 which was taken from everyone to be released that morning by the admin clerk. Even the immigration office staffs milked the detainees for easy ringgits. This was done during the administration process of returning our personal belongings and cash to us.

Leaving the Pekan Nenas detention cell

This day I firmly insisted that they returned my bible to me which they refused. Escorting me back to Singapore was a senior 3-pip immigration officer. I persistently requested for the return of my personal bible, and he managed to retrieve it from the immigration guards to return to me.

A Singaporean drawn from a different cell was to be released together with me. They drove us to Setia Tropika Immigration HQ to process the final deportation, release paperwork and documentation prior to the release.

They revoke my MM2H visa and put me on their immigration blacklist for lifetime from entering Malaysia. The immigration officer, PS putting this stamp on my passport must be thinking that Malaysia is the only paradise on earth and life would be miserable for me in my home country with a lifetime ban. This officer, PS must be fuming and cursing in failing to extract a single ringgit from me.

journal entries-6
Blacklist stamp courtesy of Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia – Depot Pekan Nanas

While waiting here, a lady immigration officer gives me a contact phone number for a backdoor way to get my name off the blacklist. I gamely took the HP number, to test out if that HP number and the fixer was real or not.

And when I eventually tested the number, someone answers and offers RM10,000 for this service. According to him the market rate is RM15,000 but it is a fool to believe that it will be a “good deal” knowing that it will be an illegal deal or an immigration scam.

A fake name, Gee (this name will only be recognized by those officers using his services) was given together with this contact HP: +60143883512.

A cunning and scheming immigration officer

This immigration officer, PS tried to sell me a story that this delay to release me was to help me. He claimed that that the appeal process will be speeded up while I am still in detention. It will not be so if I am in Singapore. The way he told this lie without batting an eyelid shows his scheming corrupt ways. This lie really takes the cake.

*2 – This immigration officer, PS was one of three main key persons throughout the whole detention saga, and very good at scheming. He met with someone who later went to meet my family on the 8.3.2018. This person was also given an authorization letter by the IO to visit me on the 9.3.2018. This messenger told my family that this immigration officer, PS “appears to be a very religious person and a kind officer, who always goes to the temple” who is trying to “help” me. By agreeing to his “help”, we could save on lawyer’s fees and spared the trouble of going through the court process. After that meeting with my family members, my family members went back to Singapore and had another meeting with more members of my extended family to discuss the matter. They all agreed not to try offering any bribe as they believe it was a trap set by the immigration officer who was trying to fix me.

This immigration officer, PS’s “devious” scheme did not succeed, and he did not get a single ringgit even though he had unlawfully detained me for his corrupt motive.

Prior to this date, I committed myself to a day of fasting and prayer for the smooth process of my release, i.e. on the coming Wednesday. And in answer to fasting and prayer and God’s intervention, my release happened on 4.4.2018.

Arrival back in Singapore

Finally, I arrived back to Singapore but with Malaysia’s handcuffs. Malaysia Immigration is trying to “shame” me and making Singapore Authority believes that I was a criminal from Singapore committing serious crime in Malaysia. Kluang Prison was for the pretext that I was a criminal and Pekan Nanas as an illegal immigrant to deceive Singapore ICA.

*3 – The last key person is a senior immigration officer, MHBK and is the worst of the three.

He swore on oath in his affidavit before God that he brought me before the Magistrate within 14 days when in truth I have only seen him once throughout the whole saga. I only saw him on the night he arrested me and after that see him no more. 

At this time and with writing and completing this journal, I have documented the whole detention saga. This proves without doubts that the suppose shame which Malaysia Immigration tried to put on my head have returned upon the heads of these three main key persons in Immigration Department of Malaysia.

End of Malaysia immigration department detention

At the Singapore ICA, ICA held me in the ICA holding area while ICA trawled their database to check whether I have committed any offences. Officer from the Police department also interviewed me before allowing me to leave for home.

My family member waited for me to exit from ICA for homecoming. After changing into a new set of clothes, washed up and get myself clean-shaven for a nice photo-taking together. We send this photo to all my well wishers that I am now home safe and sound.

journal entries-1
Singapore ICA

This is notwithstanding what these evil people had plotted against me, it is a testimony that God had protected me and preserved my life.

This concludes the saga of 35 days of unlawful detention in inhumane and cruel conditions in these Malaysia Immigration Depots.

The Immigration Department of Malaysia goes to great length to shroud all these in secrecy to hides the hordes of skeletons and atrocities within these walls. Any news or information surrounding these Immigration Detention Depot will gets censored. The Malaysian public will be none the wiser on the atrocities within these walls.

As of writing, we have one recent example of this censorship. They have just gone after a well-respected internationally recognized social worker for writing and exposing these inhumane facilities and sharing on social media. Click link below on story:[0]=AZVI5EPTq8nhGYgv8JJxMFt4LM-oFiLiIPSJzme0QqJFsdjgrJ0vJ6ogBS5OPFhCuECPVOnNpQ5J1x2IVOkg06qs-wZUOvLeMQP98c73g5lY7FKz4nIWLOZ-WE1D4uFlLYSApaY-Srvk9LqAsvNtNOkQvHB9gx4mSAr5V00TKujqkw&tn=*NK-y-R

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Death Of Nigerian PhD Student In Malaysia Immigration Custody

By daves | August 2, 2019

Shocking news on death of Nigerian PhD student in immigration custody This is about the shocking news of a foreigner, a Nigerian-national who died in immigration custody. He holds a…