Death Of Nigerian PhD Student In Malaysia Immigration Custody

Shocking news on death of Nigerian PhD student in immigration custody

This is about the shocking news of a foreigner, a Nigerian-national who died in immigration custody. He holds a valid student pass when he was arrested and detained in Malaysia Immigration custody. He passed away in an un-natural death while in Malaysia immigration custody. At the time of his death, he was doing his post-graduate studies in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur.

This is another one of the numerous documented horror tales of Immigration abuses that has been going on for many years.

As for the undocumented tales, all the victims and witnesses are blacklisted from entering Malaysia. This makes them unable to take their tales of their horrifying experiences to the public.

Courtesy of online news screen grab

The news article relating to his death is reproduced here for public awareness.

How Nigerian Phd Student was murdered in Malaysia

Wife of Dead Nigerian Student Seeks Justice

He left behind a young wife and two young children who will never be able to have a father to see them grow up while the wife faces a very uncertain and bleak future.

This bright intelligent young man’s grief stricken wife speaks out here:

Widow of Nigerian Phd Student Accuses Malaysian Authorities of Autopsy Without Consent

The wife is now seeking answers to many questions relating to his death from the Malaysia Immigration Department and seeking justice for him.

Why was he arrested as he possess a valid student pass and was legally allowed permission to enter and resides as a foreigner student?

Why was he been detained and remanded even after he had shown proof of his legal status as having possess all valid documentation?

What are the events that happened from the time he was arrested till the time he was certified dead?

Courtesy of online news screen grab

The responses from Malaysia so far

In the capital of Malaysia, calls were made by the Malaysian Bar Association for a public inquiry to be opened. The inquiry is to look into his un-natural death in Immigration custody.

(Malaysia Bar Association calls for Public Inquiry into Student’s Death While In Detention ).


There were also calls made by two DAP Members of Parliament to the Government of Malaysia as well as the Immigration Department for a public inquest.

(Two DAP MPs call for Public Inquest Into Nigerian Student’s Death While in Custody)

Death from un-natural causes could happened to anyone in custody and there is no justice if no open public inquiry is conducted.

There are already many records of deaths from un-natural causes in Malaysia immigration posted online during the past few years. When I was inside, I witnessed an Indian national was taken to the staging ground with serious rat urine poisoning symptoms and being made to wait to receive emergency treatment. However due to their SOP, he was delayed for a long time before him being sent to the hospital. There was talk that he did not make it. Subsequently, there was a lots of inspections being carried out on all the surrounding areas by different groups of higher ups authorities. We make inquiry with the Indian Embassy in KL and receive some limited answer and we could not go beyond anything.

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