4 Police reports against Johor immigration officers

On the 8.12.2021, I made four police reports against corrupt Johor immigration officers at a Singapore police station.

This was following the instructions given by the Malaysia High Commissions Consular office in Singapore.

Instructions from Malaysian High Commission ACP
Email acknowledgement from Malaysian High Commission ACP

These four police reports would then be transmitted to Interpol Singapore and via Interpol Malaysia, to the Bukit Aman Royal Malaysian Police Headquarter.

On the 14.1.2022, I received an email with the following update: Quote “RMP has taken necessary action.” unquote. See image above.

***To read about the four police reports and what it entails, please scroll right past the all the latest updates on current status.

Latest updates tracking on current status

As at 3rd Nov 2022

On the 31st October 2022, the Appeal Court Malaysia heard the appeal by the Malaysian Government against the High Court judgment issued on 4th May 2021. This 4th May 2021 High Court judgment declared that my detention from 13 March to 26 March 2018 by the Malaysian Immigration authorities is unlawful, illegal and unconstitutional.

The Appeal Court unanimously dismissed the Malaysian Government’s appeal and ordered cost of RM10,000 to be paid to me. This judgment passed by the three appeal Court judges had re-affirmed the fact that the detention from 13th March to 26th March 2018 was indeed unlawful, illegal and unconstitutional without a doubt.

So once again, it is time again to email the Malaysian Police regarding my police report filed against all the Immigration officers who had taken part in this unlawful, illegal and unconstitutional detention.

What a double-standard police institution on display after more than eleven months of playing dumb and deaf!

Email dated 3rd Nov 2022 to Interpol and Malaysia High Commission in Singapore

As at 13th Oct 2022

So once again, it is time again to email the Malaysian Police regarding my police report filed against the Immigration officer who had sighted my court discharge order but refused to release me. Instead, this Immigration officer deliberately locked me up unlawfully, illegally and unconstitutionally in Kluang prison, then Pekan Nenas Immigration depot. Malaysian Police double standard on full display to the whole world?

Email dated 13th Oct 2022 to Interpol-Malaysian Police

As at 30th Sept 2022

Received the sealed high court order on 29-9-2022. Make police report to incudes high court order evidence of wrongful confinement and the inclusion of two immigration officers. Will the Malaysian police double standards continue? Why are they protecting criminals by not taking action?

HC Order
Email to Interpol
Police report

Malaysia Penal code Act 574 Section 342 to Section 348 on wrongful confinement


Malaysia Penal code Act 574 Section 219 to 220 on

Section 219 on Public servant in a judicial proceeding corruptly making an order, report, etc., which he knows to be contrary to law.

Section 220 on Commitment for trial or confinement by a person having authority who knows that he is acting contrary to law.


As at 12th Sept 2022

On this 12th day of Sept 2022, the Malaysia High Court has declare that my second detention period is unlawful, illegal and unconstitutional, i.e. the period after the court had issued me a Discharge Order for my release after paying the court fine. To obtain the evidence and proof for the Malaysian Police to investigate on L/20211208/2001 is what drives the decision to take out a civil suit in Jan 2022. I now thanks God that these criminals will be dealt with so that they will no longer be running around to ruin others’ life at their whims and fancies and for corruption money.

Instead of allowing me to be set free, Malaysian Immigration authorities continues to unlawfully detained for eight more days without any reason nor explanation. I was released only after the Singapore Consulate officer approach the Malaysian Immigration authorities for my release.

This means that I am finally able to obtain a court declaration as my evidence and proof of a criminal offence by Malaysian Immigration officers against me. It is clearly a criminal offence under the Malaysia Penal code Act 574 Section 342 to 347 and there must be application of equality of law regardless of whether Malaysian or Singaporean committed any criminal offence.

My police report ref L/20211208/2001 (see report below) is pertaining to this claim and it is also reiterated in my statement to the press requesting for the Malaysian Government/AGC to act justly with regards to Malaysia law. It is for the Malaysian AGC to issue out a statement to the public in response to my claim on this issue of “unlawful detention is a criminal offence” under Act 574.

My statement to the press dated 12-09-2022

As at 24th Aug 2022

About one more month has passed and still no action nor response by the Malaysian police after the previous email reminder.

What is significant for this email reminder dated 24th August is the news that the ex-PM of Malaysia had failed in the FC appeal and thus headed to jail. Justice was certainly rendered in Najib’s case but not so in my case.

Another reminder email the Najib’s latest update news

As at 28th July 2022

After a duration of more than one month, I have yet to receive any reply or response from Malaysian police despite reminders.

On the 26th and 27th July 2022, the Malaysiakini news media published two articles on my illegal detentions by the Malaysian Immigration authorities. Two of the police reports are related to these illegal detentions. Despite being of public interest and the principle of equality of justice, the Malaysian police has yet to action on these reports.

I have once again sent out a reminder email to the Malaysian police and copied to the Human Rights Commission, Suhakam.

email dated 28-07-2022 to Interpol@rmp.gov.my and Suhakam

As at 23rd June 2022

To follow up on this complaint after receiving a reply from MFA. It seems that MFA was misled into believing that the Malaysian Police had replied on the 27th May 2022. It was replied to MFA that Malaysian police had provided a final formal letter to me on this police complaint. However, they hide the fact that my Malaysian counsel had responded to the 27th May 2022 letter. This email reply is to address the Police’s “reasons” for their non-action all these months as being invalid reason. Instead, Malaysian Police is to take prompt action on the police complaints.

email dated 23-06-2022 to Interpol@rmp.gov.my and to MFA

As at 17th June 2022

After considering the complete silence on the status updates correspondences by Interpol@rmp.gov.my and the resistance by Interpol Bukit Aman’s representative to taking any action thus far;

I had replied and stated my position to Interpol Bukit Aman and to Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) Singapore in the latest correspondence.

This correspondence was done for the purpose of transparency and fairness to all parties.

Updates as at 17-06-2022 – email dated 13-6-2022

Occurrences of recent cases involving Singaporeans and Johor immigration officers

1.   https://mothership.sg/2022/06/singapore-family-jb-customs-malaysia/

2.   https://www.asiaone.com/singapore/singaporean-seeks-urgent-help-after-friends-allegedly-detained-malaysia

3.   https://tnp.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/singaporean-and-friends-detained-7-days-after-passports-went-unstamped-johor

4.   https://tnp.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/singaporean-family-6-allegedly-asked-bribe-johor-immigration-official

As at 10th June 2022

Malaysian counsel, in separate correspondence, replied to Interpol to request for prompt action asap

About the four police reports and what it entails

Police report, reference L/20211208/2005 is pertaining to the unlawful and unconstitutional detention without a magistrate remand order after 14 days.

Why did they intentionally detained me continuously for 27 days without presenting me before a magistrate?

Why did the immigration officer involved someone to meet my family on 8.3.2018 while the investigation pertaining to my case was on-going? Are they using the threat of the investigation to get something from my family?

Report Ref L/20211208/2005

Police report, reference L/20211208/2001 pertains to immigration continue to detain me instead of releasing me. The court has given a discharge order for my release. 

My release was after the intervention of an officer from the Office of the Johor Bahru Consulate General of the Republic of Singapore.

Why did the immigration officers refuse to release me? Is that a bargaining chip to get something from my family before they would released me?

Report Ref L/20211208/2001

Supporting evidences from Malaysia High Court documents

Circumstances of both detentions show illegal and criminal activities by these Malaysian immigration officers perpetrated against me. Such detentions are tantamount to “kidnapping” me and expecting something from my family, hence the necessity to investigate.

One report, reference L/20211208/2016, is for potential lying in the affidavit and a missing page in a set of 3-page court document exhibits. Why was this page missing in the affidavit exhibit? Is this an act of “tampering” evidence?

Report Ref L/20211208/2016

The last report, reference L/20211208/2011&2013 is also for potential lying under oath in the affidavit. In addition, there was a fake remand order “manufactured and submitted as evidence. This needs to investigate on the origin and find out the perpetrators of this fake evidence.

Report Ref L/20211208/2011
Report Ref L/2021208/2013

The last two reports is pertaining to potential lying under oath in affidavits, a potential act of ”tampering” evidence and a seemingly fake “manufactured” remand order.

These illegal acts cause falsehoods found contained in my high court judge’s written judgment.

This same falsehood has also perpetuated to the appeal court record too. It constitutes serious concerns regarding both these judgments/court records in my case.

Status of these investigations by RMP is unknown

*As of 3.5.2022, there is no information about the progress status of the four police reports. Neither do I received any reply to all my emails sent after 14.1.2022.

But the Interpol started to contact my Malaysian lawyer with an email dated 28.4.2022. This Interpol’s email was on another channel, a channel with my Malaysian lawyer only. Interpol still refused to reply to my email, thus it is in effect a private email to my lawyer which could possibly be a diversionary tactics. There is still no reply nor response from the Malaysian police to my email and series of email reminders.

It is now past twenty-one weeks or almost five months and no police investigation was carried out. I have come to know the fact that there was no investigation being launched. This fact is based on Interpol’s reply, dated 28.4.2022, to my Malaysian lawyer. It is clear that RMP never intended to carry out any investigation all this while They keep the charade by playing dumb and not responding ever since the four police reports were made. This failure to carry out any police investigation is an intention to cover up for their own Malaysians/immigration officers committing illegal acts.

email correspondence on private channel. Is this diversionary tactics?

Hence, every emails and reminders that I have sent to the Malaysia government is consistently met with complete silence. This consistent silence is truly indicative of how they will treat foreigners, even a foreigner like myself, who had brought investment fund into the country and invested here.

Note: *This section is updated on 3.5.2022 with latest information.

ID badge of one of the immigration officer sent to me by his Malaysian girlfriend

Will I ever get my justice in such a country or injustice is common here?


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