5 Chinese detainees in Malaysia

Help back home! 5 men in Henan were detained in Malaysia for 2 months, but could not board the plane after buying a ticket
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On November 22, 2021, Dahe Daily Yu Video reporter learned from the family members of five Henan men who were smuggled into Malaysia.

Due to the repeated epidemic situation in Malaysia, five people who had been detained in Malaysia for more than two months, bought them through intermediaries. After returning from Kuala Lumpur on December 3, the ticket was rejected by Xiamen Airlines.

Family member Wang Lan said that there is currently no choice for domestic airlines other than Xiamen Airlines. Due to the raging epidemic in Malaysia, the airline company refused to carry them, and the family members had no choice but to ask for help from the society, hoping that the five people would get a way back to China.

According to a previous report by Dahe Daily Yu Video reporter (click here to view), the five men went to Indonesia to work through an outsourcing company in Jiangsu in March this year. Can’t get out.

After arriving in Indonesia, they found that the promises they had made before going abroad were not fulfilled. Not only did they fail to get enough wages, but their passports were also taken away. They wanted to go home, but were told they had to pay a “return fee” of 75,000 yuan each. The money was only returned after the intervention of the Chinese embassy in Indonesia.

Because they could not get their passports back, in mid-September, they took the risk of smuggling to neighboring Malaysia, intending to return home, but were caught by the Malaysian police at the seaside.

Detained under Malaysia Immigration law

The local court was scheduled to file a lawsuit against them for violating immigration laws, but the family said they found a lawyer who was willing to provide them with free help and reached an out-of-court settlement.

With the help of the Chinese embassy in Malaysia, the five were will go directly to the deportation process.

In early November, the reporter called the Chinese embassy in Malaysia, and the staff said that they had received the application and needed to verify their identities at home. After completion, the repatriation procedure could be carried out.

On November 14, a family member said that the procedures had been completed, but they could not buy a ticket, and could only go back to China after buying a ticket.
On November 17, the five personnel had been detained in Malaysia for 2 months. With the assistance of the intermediary, the family finally bought them a return ticket at a price of 28,000 yuan per ticket. However, the next day they received a notice that Xiamen Airlines refused to carry.

Airlines rejected travel

The Dahe News Yu Video reporter consulted the staff of Xiamen Airlines. The other party said that the Xiamen Airlines headquarters assessed the risk of the local epidemic. The epidemic in Malaysia has been repeated repeatedly, which is a high-risk area. The density is higher and it is a high-risk group, and after the assessment, it is decided not to carry them temporarily.”

Xiamen Airlines also stated that if they are ordinary passengers and non-detention camp personnel, as long as they travel in accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, they will all be carried. They are willing to refund the full amount for the 5 people.

Wang Lan, the wife of one of the stranded people, said she had confirmed with her husband that they had received two shots of the vaccine and there was no risk of infection for the time being. It cost a total of 25,000 yuan in agency fees to buy tickets through an intermediary, and the family members did not get a refund.

After being rejected by Xiamen Airlines, they considered taking a Malaysia Airlines flight back home. They were worried about the situation of “not being able to get on the plane after buying a ticket” again, and they consulted the Chinese embassy in Malaysia whether to restrict flights back home.

Chinese Embassy provides assistance

In the reply letter from the Chinese embassy in Malaysia, the embassy clearly stated that family members can arrange other direct flights from Malaysia to return home, and there is no restriction on the nature of the flights.

According to the latest epidemic prevention requirements, each immigration detention camp can only arrange each flight. Up to 4 people on the flight will be repatriated back home. Wang Lan said that in order to return home, they smuggled into Malaysia from Indonesia without a passport, and now they are detained in Malaysia, and they will not be able to buy air tickets for at least 2 months, which is also uncertain. The epidemic is raging, and they hope to ask the society for a way to bring their husbands home.

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