of a setup

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words.

So to help me tell this story, photographs and screenshots will be used mostly to help describe about the aftermath of a setup.

Photographs & screenshots used are mostly of the previous Malaysian occupants of my property and the Malaysia property itself located in Iskandar, Johor of Malaysia.


On the left is the photograph of the Malaysian house keeper. She was allowed to stay for free together with her young son for many years. In addition to staying for free, she was also paid an allowance to maintain the place under a written service agreement.

She got married in August of 2016 but had problem with her husband (photo on left). Because of the problem, he no longer stays with her.

Sometime in Nov 2017, she admitted that she is in a relationship with a immigration officer who she allowed to co-habit with her.


She also sent me a photo ID of her Immigration Officer boyfriend as shown on the left photo. I never guessed what was her purpose of sending me this ID photo then and I never wanted to know. Now the reason is clear - he is her powerful backer.

Because of the terms of what was agreed in the service agreement and which she had breached, I insisted that they moved out and rent their own place. They were also into many other vices together. And since they were sleeping together as a couple, they should rent their own home.

However, they staked a claim on my property and refused to move out, taking advantage of the fact that I am a foreigner and the boyfriend is an Immigration officer. This is her own words in front of the two police officers; "want me to move out, it is impossible."

He was caught trespassing on 15th Jan 2018 with his car JQK8940 (right photo) parked outside in the wee early morning hour and a police report was made against him.


Above is a screenshot of the police report relating to his illegal trespassing on my property.

After they moved out, there were occupants let in by them who were still staying when they collaborated with their immigration officer colleagues to raid the place.

This place was wrecked and a total mess after the immigration people raided it. The place was also left unlocked and all our belongings were looted. That was around March 2018.

From the day that these immigration officers forcibly repatriated me away to the day I was transferred back to Singapore, I have never been able to or allowed to visit the property.

 They put a lifetime ban on me, as shown on photo on right, from entering Malaysia to make sure that I was never able to access this place.

Such was the viciousness of the house keeper, the immigration officer boyfriend and his colleagues to retaliate against me, a foreigner, for foiling their staked claim and evicting them from the property.

They were also mad that they got nothing for all their hard efforts seeing their very angry faces on the day that I was only given the minimum fine sentence.

It was a big disappointment to all their "high fives" celebrating a big "catch" amongst those in the raiding party and their colleagues on that fateful night.

Though we faced much grief, especially my family members, from all the issues relating to the property, my family soldiered on as my proxy. They would makes short day visits to cleans and clears the property, as well as engaging the necessary contractors to fix whatever that were damaged.

These visits by my family members were always a security and safety risks whenever they enters into Malaysia. These vicious people were still lurking around to do harm after failing to get their "expectation" as well as failing to harm me.

The property felled into disrepair after left in limbo


Because of the Immigration blacklist, I was not able to visit, to use or to maintain the property and settling every legal matters concerning this property. I had to give a Power of Attorney that would helps to close up this property-saga finally in end 2019.

The property went through stages of looted, falling into disrepair, unattended and suffered extensive damage due to non-maintenance, thanks to the Malaysian Immigration's raid.

These photographs shown below of the invested property are what it looks like after the aftermath of a setup. It provides the visuals of how tough the task was to clear equipment/junks, fix the many damages and manage the maintenances issues.

The property in year 2012 vs the property in the aftermath of a setup

My daughter rose to the occassion when this happened to me. She had to stop working to make those short-visit trips into Malaysia to handle all that the aftermath of this setup had thrown up.

This is one of the perils that a foreigner investing in Malaysia had to be aware of.

Removing all the trees & spruce up the property before putting up for sale

Obadiah 1:15 (KJV) - For the day of the LORD is near upon all the heathen: as thou hast done, it shall be done unto thee: thy reward shall return upon your own head.