Journal of Events Series

This is a series of six parts to journal down the experiences of what a foreigner can expects when faced with the same predicament as that faced by me when you are ensnared by Malaysia Immigration. These six parts covers the events over the 37 days the Immigration department takes away my freedom against my basic human rights.

What they have shrouded in secrecy on what goes on inside their Immigration detention depot, I am "privilege" to be inside to write my first hand look and first party experience in the interest of the public.

Hopes that these postings can enlighten many and of help as sources of information on Malaysia Immigration matters.


Journal entries of 35-days detention (Part 1 & 2)

By daves | June 2, 2021

While I was in the midst of doing the repair work, a big team of immigration officers appeared outside my property gate. They were tipped off by the married girlfriend, JS of one of their immigration-officer colleagues, MZ. This girlfriend had rented a room nearby to watch and see when I would appear at this property.

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Journeying the trail of deceits

By daves | August 11, 2021

There is a saying, “darkness can never overwhelm the light, and evil can never overcome righteousness”. With this conviction, I decided to journey this trail of deceits equipped with faith in an awesome God.
Throughout the journey’s trail, we will find that the trail is scattered with many officers’ lies & deceits, cahooted with one another. All such lies and deceits are being exposed and displayed.

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Ex-occupants colluded, set trap to fix me

By daves | September 26, 2022

Little did I know that both had plotted and set a trap for me. They were planning to use the boyfriend’s immigration connection to fix me in the days thereafter. Once I fell into their trap, they will use that as leverage to get a huge payout from me.

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Not a random cyber attack

By daves | October 16, 2022

It looks so innocuous, masquerading as a Facebook official notification. It was about an alleged violation of one of their community guidelines rules. Naturally I then reviewed this notification from FB and found that the allegation was not true. I then went to click on “disagree” to reject it. The…

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Journal Entries of 35-days Detention (Part 3 to 6)

By daves | February 22, 2023

Pekan Nenas Immigration detention Depot is run and managed by the Immigration Dept.
It is used for the detention of foreigners whether illegal foreign workers, overstayers or any foreigner that are arrested under the Immigration Act. The facility is shrouded in secrecy, hidden away from public eyes while foreigners are detained in hostile, oppressive, unhygienic, and inhumane conditions. This post takes a look at what a foreigner can expect their day and lives to be liked once he or she is locked inside here. It also includes life inside Kluang prison.

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