Journal of Events Series

This is a series of six parts to journal down the experiences of what a foreigner can expects when faced with the same predicament as that faced by me when you are ensnared by Malaysia Immigration. These six parts covers the events over the 37 days the Immigration department takes away my freedom against my basic human rights.

What they have shrouded in secrecy on what goes on inside their Immigration detention depot, I am "privilege" to be inside to write my first hand look and first party experience in the interest of the public.

Hopes that these postings can enlighten many and of help as sources of information on Malaysia Immigration matters.


Journal entries of 37-days detention (Part 1)

By Simon Koh | June 2, 2021

Journal entries for day 1 – 28.02.2018 (Wednesday) Journal entries of 37-days detention prologue: I was staying in Malaysia with a 5-year MM2H visa and a valid Singapore passport when this event happened. On the night of 28.02.2018, I drove over to this property. I drove from my own Malaysia…

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Journal Entries of 37-Days Detention (Part 2)

By Simon Koh | June 5, 2021

Journal entries for day 8 – 07.03.2018 (Wednesday) This is a Part 2 continuation of Journal entries of 37-days detention Part 1 in Pekan Nanas Immigration Depot. Of the total 37-days detention, 27 days was in Pekan Nanas Immigration Depot. Then the next 3 days was in Kluang prison and the…

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Journal Entries of 37-days Detention (Part 3)

By Simon Koh | June 7, 2021

Journal Entries For Day 15 – 14.03.2018 (Wednesday) This is a Part 3 continuation of Journal entries of 37-days detention Part 2 in Pekan Nanas Immigration Depot. From very early in my detention, I decided that this was going to be a huge spiritual attack on me. I decided to fast and pray…

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Journal Entries of 37-days Detention (Part 4)

By Simon Koh | June 9, 2021

Journal Entries For Day 22 – 21.03.2018 (Wednesday) Journal entries of my lawyer’s account of access to me for discussion on this 22nd day of detention inside Pekan Nanas Immigration Depot: QUOTE: “The I.O. was M. H. Bin K. He gave me a letter of no objection to me visiting you…

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Journal Entries of Kluang Prison Detention (Part 5)

By Simon Koh | July 27, 2021

Journal Entries For Day 27 – 26.03.2018 (Tuesday) Day 27 Noon Overview of the Kluang Prison complex My family member had paid off my fine by noon time. From Pekan Nanas, they put me on their Immigration truck and sent me to Kluang Prison. On arriving, we were waiting outside of…

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Journal Entries of 37-days Detention (Part 6)

By Simon Koh | August 1, 2021

Journal Entries For Day 30 – 29.03.2018 (Thursday) Transfer from Kluang prison by excursion bus to Pekan Nanas Immigration Depot. Day 1 back to Pekan Nanas Depot and day 30 in detention. Pekan Nanas Immigration Depot Journal entries of photographic record of physical condition We arrived at Pekan Nanas Depot after…

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Journeying the trail of deceits

By Simon Koh | August 11, 2021

Journeying the trail of deceits is a post to challenge and expose some unscrupulous officials’ attempt to brand someone as “criminal” by using deceits. At the end of this post, we can see that such officials themselves are likely in that category. So this is the start of a journey…

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Journal of Virtual Court Session

By Simon Koh | November 22, 2021

Introduction to journal of virtual court session of Appeal Court In the month of November of 2019, my application for a motion of revision was heard before the High Court. During the trial, by an act of God (thank you Lord Jesus), I was inadvertently handed a crucial piece of…

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