Time to gets the truth with police reports

High Court Finding Of Facts

Time to gets the truth with police reports is about a long-running saga filled with set-up, lies & falsehoods in affidavits & deceptions surrounding my case. Imagine going through life with this dark cloud hanging over your head. This dark cloud was an immigration offence conviction that an immigration officer fixed me up.

This has been nearly four years of anguish and seemingly despondency over the situation. To persevere on and continues the fight is a matter of principle to clear my name and a belief that evil can never triumph over good. To be exact from the date it all started from 28-02-2018, it has been three years ten months six days.

However the day of opportunity to expose the lies, falsehoods and deceptions came with the release of the high court written judgment on 23-08-2021. This document contained two findings of fact that is of utmost importance to start unravelling the whole truth.

Finding #1 was the rejection of the averment by the investigation officer when he affirmed that he had personally brought me before a magistrate on the 12-03-2018.

And finding #2 was two remand orders were presented before the court, meaning that one remand order is a real order whereas the other remand order is a fake “manufactured” order.

High court rejected the averments in affidavit of an investigation officer
Finding of two remand orders, one real and one fake

Release Of High Court Judgment For May 4th 2021 Decision

High court decision and declaration on May 4th 2021

After the release of the high court written judgment, my counsel informed me that with this high court written judgment, I can lodge police reports to the Royal Malaysian Police on some illegal activities committed.

The high court findings had determined the facts regarding whether there was an infringement of the FC art. 5(4) which I have sought. The findings confirmed that my detention was an illegal and unconstitutional detention by immigration officers.

By the way, the Immigration Act 1959/63 allows immigration to detain foreigners for 14 days without presentation to a magistrate unlike for a Malaysian citizen who must be presented before a magistrate within 24 hours. So the Immigration Act 1959/63 is a Malaysia law that abuses foreigner’s rights to liberty as guaranteed under FC Art. 5(4).

justice systems
FC Article 5(4)

Though we did not pursue on the unjust Immigration Act applicable to foreigner’s right to liberty under FC Art. 5(4), we reserve the right to pursue this if we want to. This was because in so doing so, we want to make it a straightforward and simple case for judge to decides.

Police Report Lodged for Illegal And Unconstitutional Detention

Police report on illegal and unconstitutional detention

Closing the Chapter On the Court Case

By end November 2021, my case concluded after the appeal court proceedings and the path through the court has ended. It is the end of the road for me via this path.

But there was still one detention after 26-03-2018 that had not been addressed. This was the extrajudicial detention starting from 26-03-2018.

Similarly to lodging police report on the illegal and unconstitutional detention, my counsel advised to lodge a police report on this extrajudicial detention for investigation as well.

We then made the necessary arrangement in accordance with the Malaysia High Commission in Singapore on the process of making these police reports because of my immigration blacklist for life status. The arrangement was to make the reports at a Singapore police station. It will then send to Interpol Singapore. Interpol Singapore will be sent to Interpol Malaysia who would then forward to RMP Bukit Aman.

The Police Report On Extrajudicial Detention

On the 26-03-2018, the court gave an order was for my discharge but these immigration officers sent me into Kluang prison for a few days imprisonment. And after a few days in Kluang prison, these immigration officers sent me to the detention depot at Pekan Nanas for illegal immigrants and locked me up there.

Court order of discharge

Immigration officers finally released me after much pressure from my family and with the help of the Johor Bahru Consul General of the Republic of Singapore on 04-04-2018.

In Kluang prison, they shaved off all my hair to shame me. On the day of my release, they handcuffed me all the way to Tuas ICA facility so as to shame me. Never would they expect that the shame they put on my head would return back upon their heads.

Police report on extrajudicial detention

Comparison Of Sworn Affidavit Against HC Findings Of Facts

The high court findings mentioned that the investigation officer averred that he personally brought me before a magistrate on 12-03-2018. However the findings concluded that he never presented me before a magistrate on 12-03-2018, meaning that he had potentially lied. And he also exhibited his “manufactured” fake remand order as evidence. Police report was lodged to investigate these malfeasances to be followed up with legal actions.

Another immigration officer was reported for potentially lying in her affidavit. She was also suspected of committing an act of “tampering” evidence.

A total of two police reports were lodged to investigate to gets to the truth on what and who else the immigration officers were in cahoots with to pervert the course of justice. It is believed that there are others who had helped these immigration officers to carry out the deception and falsehoods. One of these two reports is a 2-part police report due to the number of words exceeding the maximum of words allowed in a report.

Potential Lying In Sworn Affidavit Made in Police Report

Part 1 of police report_page 2 on potential lying in affidavit & on a “manufactured” fake remand order
Part 1 of police report_page 3 on potential lying in affidavit & on a “manufactured” fake remand order

Making Police Report On Fake “Manufactured” Remand Order

Part 2 of police report_page 2 on potential lying in affidavit & on a “manufactured” fake remand order
Part 2 of police report_page 3 on potential lying in affidavit & on a “manufactured” fake remand order

Report Lodged for Potential Lying In Affidavit And Act Of “Tampering” Evidence

Police report_page 2 on potential lying in affidavit and act of “tampering” evidence.
Police report_page 3 on potential lying in affidavit and act of “tampering” evidence.

Progress Status Of Police Reports

The date of police report lodged: 08-12-2021

Update of status to be expected after one week, 15-12-2021. This was the indication given by Malaysia High Com: But no reply from Interpol@rmp.gov.my.

After two weeks, 22-12-2021: No reply and update from Interpol@rmp.gov.my

Requested Malaysia High Com for updates after three weeks, 29-12-2021: No reply and update from Malaysia High Com and Interpol@rmp.gov.my

Four weeks gone by waiting for status update, 05-01-2022: Malaysia High Com requested for more time to gets status update.

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