DGI, vengeful ex-housekeeper and boyfriend

The vengeful ex-housekeeper, JS and her immigration boyfriend, MZ‘s retaliation was the main focus of my complaint in an appeal letter to the Director General of Immigration (DGI). That appeal letter was written and hand-delivered around July 2018. Writing an appeal letter to the DGI then was my only hope to have my lifetime blacklist lifted, or so I thought.

This hope came about after seeking the advice of staff officer with the High Commissioner of Malaysia in Singapore. So, I tried that route and wrote an appeal letter to the DGI. The appeal letter explains my situation with regards to the involvement of the Immigration Department of Malaysia officer, MZ in my case. I have a photo of MZ‘s immigration ID as proof, police report of MZ‘s illegal trespassing onto my old bungalow property to have his illicit relationship with a married ex-housekeeper, JS who is staying on my property.

Because of the many linkages between MZ, JS and immigration officer MHBK (leader of the Immigration raiding team) and immigration officer PS (colleague of MZ), my case was not what one would expect of a bona-fide offence and enforcement action. However, putting this allegation aside, I was prepared to appeal just to remove the immigration blacklist so that I can get back to my normal life and move on. Those days, weeks and months were the darkest hours as my life was upended due to the immigration blacklist.

What am I appealing for in appeal letter to DGI?

My five Malaysian properties and Malaysian cars are all in a limbo in Malaysia because I am not able to access or manage. The properties include the old bungalow property which the immigration team raided and destroyed in the aftermath. You can read about aftermath of a setup from an immigration raid.

Contents in part of appeal letter to DGI, quote: “I am seeking for justice to remove this unjust lifetime ban, as I need to unwind my affairs and manage my properties and other responsibilities in Malaysia, without causing further distress and trauma to my family above what we had to go through.” Unquote

Appeal to DGI

Complicity of DGI confirm in view of three court victories

However, I later found out that it was a futile exercise and an ill advice given. I never received any reply from the DGI. The appeal letter just went into a black hole. Little did I knew at that time to expect a complicit director general that I am writing to.

It was only after the conclusion of my court cases, which are listed in another paragraph below, against the Immigration Department of Malaysia, do I understand and confirm his complicity on my case.

Coming back to my appeal to DGI then; not giving up, I requested for assistance from the director of MM2H. This kind and helpful director did put in much effort and solicit a response from the DGI.

The DGI then offered a “concession” of three months special visit visa in response, out of courtesy to the director of MM2H. This three-month visit visa was for me to dispose of all my Malaysian properties and cars. But nobody can dispose his/her properties and cars with all the processing within just three months. To accept this ridiculous “concession” is the end of the road for me in this matter. On hindsight, now that I have proven that the Immigration Department of Malaysia officers, with the complicity of the DGI has subjected me to two parts of illegal, unlawful and unconstitutional detention, this decision not to accept the ridiculous “concession” was the right decision.

rogue housekeeper
Email from director of MM2H on the three months “concession” from the Immigration Department of Malaysia DG.

At the end of it all, long story short, the lifetime blacklist stays regardless of whatever I wrote in the appeal letter. I have to go for other options to resolve the blacklist matter, more so is my Malaysian properties and cars matter. As a matter of fact, the immigration blacklist issue is worthless to pursue currently, in view of more weighty issues such as pursuing the criminal actions of those immigration officers who had illegally detaining me in accordance with the Federal Constitution of Malaysia Article 8(1) and the Penal code.

Federal Constitution of Malaysia article 8(1)

Immigration DGI’s “concession” is worthless and ill-meaning

As to the “concession” visa from the DGI for three months to settle my Malaysia properties and cars, it was a worthless “concession”. Who in the right mind would accept such a “concession”? Accepting this “concession” would mean the end of the road for me. It means that I will be giving up all my rights to future recourses through other routes.

There are other possible routes such as the court to overturn such atrocious injustice. It is better to consider other options rather than accepting an ill-meaning “concession”.

In fact, by using this DGi’s letter of “concession”, I could get a new Singapore passport. After getting my new passport, the feeling was like returning the shame of the blacklist back onto the heads of those immigration officers because it was an unjust blacklist.

The battle for the truth of this matter and justice did not stop. I eventually took the fight to the high courts in Malaysia against the DGI. Me and my family’s prayers and trusting God for the truth to be revealed and to redress my injustice were answered in part with three court victories.

Today (4-1-2023), nearly five years down the road and after going through the court process in Malaysia, namely the following cases:

(i) Permohonan Jenayah No WA-44-178-07/2019 & My Appeal, (ii) Saman Pemula No. WA-24-5-01/2020 & AGC’s Appeal, and (iii) Saman Pemula No. WA-24-16-04/2022,

the truth of the whole matter can be made available publicly. Shown below are the three Court Orders for above cases concerning the 2 parts of illegal, unlawful and unconstitutional detentions being perpetuated by the Immigration Department of Malaysia officers, a clear breach of the Act 155 S. 51(5)(b), with DGI being complicit in this matter.

Declaration by High Court of illegal, unlawful and unconstitutional detention for part 1 detention.
Declaration by High Court of illegal, unlawful and unconstitutional detention for part 2 detention.
Dismissal by Appeal Court judges unanimously of AGC’s appeal against the High Court’s declaration of illegal, unlawful and unconstitutional detention.

From these court cases, it was also uncovered that the Immigration Department of Malaysia had also illegally detained the other eleven foreigners listed together with me on the magistrate order document. See image below.

This not only indicated the eleven named persons, but it can also be adduced and indicated that all previous detention of foreigners is questionable, whether they are legal and lawful detention in accordance with Immigration Act 51(5)(b). Where are the human rights for these foreigners? Does having such kind of dismay human rights record deserve a seat on the UN human rights Council (UNHRC)? Indeed, such a shameful Immigration Department, infested with incompetent or even lawless officers and the DGI is a disgrace to the uniform.

Eleven other detainees were illegally, unlawfully and unconstitutionally detained as there is no checks and controls on section 51(5)(b) of Act.
Immigration Act 155 S. 51(5)(b)

Illegal backdoor “removal of name from immigration blacklist” service available

Even with the best of evidence and justifications showing a treacherous ex-housekeeper, JS and her immigration boyfriend, MZ to set me up in retaliation and revenge, I just find it difficult to accept the DGI’s reluctance to address my official appeal that has the support of MM2H director.

With many kinds of illegal backdoor deals and corruption happening in the Immigration Department of Malaysia, is it the culture that monetary benefits must be there before one can see affirmative action. Could it be because of this factor that no one even bother to look into my appeal. It could be true that all efforts in appealing will fail when monetary benefits are not passed into their hands as I later read of many news reports involving immigration officers. Many such news reports confirm an offer to me for a back-door deal for “removal of name from blacklist” and the other kind of corruptions among immigration officers.

I list three pieces of news here: Immigration DG: Digital printing will replace manual passport stamping to stop corrupt practices & MACC: KLIA deputy immigration director among three nabbed over forgery syndicate & MACC nabs 27 immigration officers involved in syndicate which caused ‘serious breach’ in country’s borders.

While I was waiting for PS to revoke my MM2H visa at Setia Tropika Immigration HQ office, “coincidently” another immigration officer offered the HP contact of a middleman (fixer) for this illegal backdoor “removal of name from blacklist” service. The scheming immigration officer is suspected as the man behind this as it could be his one last ditch attempt to scam me. This attempt happened on 4.4.2018, the day of deportation to Singapore.

For this illegal back-door removal of blacklisting service, the “market rate” fee was RM15,000. But the fixer could discount it down to RM10,000 in his offer to me. However, I would not even go anywhere near supporting such kind of corruption, just to confirm that the number and person is a real contact.

Immigration blacklist stamp
Middleman (fixer) HP contact

Vengeful treacherous ex-housekeeper, JS

In my appeal letter to DGI, I had described about this ex-housekeeper, JS and her role in this whole matter. When this boyfriend immigration officer, MZ was cohabiting with JS, they were staying together with the migrant workers found on the property. This ex-housekeeper had deliberately damaged furniture and equipment as well as left the property in poor state of repair.

Contents in part of appeal letter to DGI, quote: “This immigration officer has been coming to the house where some foreigners with fake visa document/without valid visa document were found. He has been coming to the house for a few months and has been seen staying overnight with his Malaysian Indian lover (who is a married woman) there on many nights, the final night being witnessed by the 2 police officers.” Unquote

Affidavit (AIS) para 24 & 25

Contents in part of appeal letter to DGI, quote: “These 3 Nepalese were informed that they would be freed on the day of my court hearing. However, all 3 were deported back to Nepal instead of being set free from their latest account. These are witnesses that can still be contacted for their accounts to be verified.” Unquote

One of them was the Nepalese boyfriend of the sister, ML of JS. The Nepalese boyfriend, Chitra was detained together with me, was not charged for an offence and ended up deported back to Nepal and blacklisted. After he was back in Nepal, he WhatApps me. It was through his WhatApps that he made allegation of making payment of thousands of ringgits through his girlfriend, ML to immigration officer MZ.

There were two other Nepalese security guards with valid work permit because they were not charged for an immigration offence. These two security guards alleged that they were promised that they will be released to their local employer after their boss made payment through a fixer. Instead, they were deported back to Nepal, lost the money paid to employment agent for their work permits, detained illegally by Immigration Department of Malaysia and their boss had made payment to immigration officers, as alleged by them.

Such is the corrupt action of this MZ and his married girlfriend, JS. There are also many such cases with all these detained migrant or foreign workers. They were scammed, they were deported and blacklisted. Not one of them can come back into Malaysia to lodge complaint, or as a witness against corrupt immigration officers.

rogue housekeeper
Married girlfriend, JS of the immigration officer, MZ.

Immigration officer, MZ is boyfriend of ex-keeper, JS

In my appeal letter to the DGI, I have also laid out in much detail my complaint about the ex-housekeeper, JS‘s immigration officer boyfriend, MZ.

Contents in part of appeal letter to DGI, quote: “All the above information given I believe would support my view that the permanent ban was a revenge act by Mr MZ and his lover, Ms JS (a married woman).” Unquote

Affidavit (AIS) para 14
criminal action
ID of immigration officer, MZ forwarded by his married girlfriend, JS.

Reported to the police on MZ‘s illegal trespassing on my property

This officially confirmed his criminal action when the police came to my property in the early morning to intervene. They were called out from sleeping around 3.00 am on 15.1.2018 and questioned. The criminal action of this immigration officer resulted with a police report made against him and the ex-housekeeper as evidence of an illegal trespassing.

Though this man was illegally trespassing on my property, I was kind enough not to file any criminal charges against him when asked by the policeman. I told the policeman that I do not want any trouble except that this man no longer steps inside my property. I am aware of the race and religion sensitivity that I am a Singaporean Chinese, a Christian while this man is a is a Malay Immigration officer and a Muslim. Never did I expect a vengeful, vicious and vile person.

Contents in part of appeal letter to DGI, quote: “When I was in remand, I have told the Setia Tropika immigration officers and also the officers at the Pekan Nanas detention center that one of their senior immigration officers (Mr MZ – ID badge given by his Malaysian Indian lover is attached) bore a deep grudge against me for reporting on him when he trespassed illegally on my premise without my permission (see police report attached) on 15th Jan 2018.” Unquote

Affidavit (AIS) para 17
rogue immigration officer
Page 1 0f 2 of police report – Police report on the illegal trespassing onto my property by the rogue immigration officer.
rogue immigration officer
Page 2 of 2 of police report – Illegal trespassing on my property on 15-01-2018.

Immigration officer, MZ taking revenge, commits harassments acts

Contents in part of appeal letter to DGI, quote: “The same Immigration Officer, Mr MZ was one of the officers overseeing the Pekan Nanas detention center, and I was being paid particular undue attention throughout the remand period. An example was that I was singled out specifically for a photo shoot with a handphone by one of the runners (detainees) on my second night at Pekan Nanas.” Unquote

This immigration officer, MZ was one of the officers overseeing one of the blocks in Pekan Nanas Immigration Detention Depot. On the second day that I was at this immigration detention depot, he started to harass me. He had paid undue attention on me throughout the period of my detention. This starts from the day I was brought to Pekan Nanas Detention Depot.

Within one of the first few nights, he sent a runner aka “kawasan” to forcefully snap a picture of me even though I tried to shield my face hiding behind other detainees to show his girlfriend, JS.

He would turn up whenever he is on duty at my detention cell to whack loudly on the metal bars with his baton to creates intimidating noises.

On one night, this immigration officer created a “situation” and then instigated an immigration guard who came in cursing and was looking for the moment that I would provoke him as a reason to whack me. By staying silent and answering softly, it makes him backed off and knew that he was being made use of by MZ.

He brags about his power as an immigration officer in charge in this place and goes round showing what he can do to make life hellish for detainees. These messages are meant for me and at the same time warning others not to help me.

On another occasion, he was videotaping me with his HP camera when I was asleep and one of the detainees saw him doing the videoing. The video is intended to show my “pathetic” state in these cruel and inhumane conditions. I can only suspect that it is for the purpose of shaming me when released on Youtube or social media, for blackmailing and any criminal action. For this reason, my legal option will prevent pre-empt any such possibilities.

Affidavit (AIS) para 31 and 32

There is no reason for me to commit such offence

Firstly, this is a property given for charity use in collaboration with a Malaysian charity organization.

Secondly, from August 2010 till Jan 2012, I have donated regularly a total of S$3,000 (equivalent RM6,900) and RM 25,800 to the charity organization in Segamat. These receipts as proof for these donations were all shown to my lawyer. I have given to Malaysia charity organization a total of RM32,700 over a period of one year.

Receipt of donation to Malaysia charity organization

Is there a reason for me to commit such kind of offence. For money? Definitely not!

An unjust immigration blacklist, without justification

Is it because of my religion? It could be the reason. I remember him telling the two policemen on the early morning of 15.1.2018 that I am a Christian.

Is it because of my race? Obviously, my race is different as a Chinese and also from another country, Singapore. I remember him telling the policemen on the early morning of 15.1.2018 that I am a Chinese, playing the race and religion card in that scene in front of the two Malay policemen.

It looks like MZ had illusion of grandiose stature, that his power as an immigration officer is real and he has power over others. He must have mistakenly thought that I am a Malaysian Chinese, not a Singaporean Christian Chinese when he used the religion card and being a racist. He probably does not know that Singaporeans, being a multi-racial society, do not play the race and religion card, unlike him.

Or is it because I owned this old bungalow property, that I am a soft target, a defenseless foreigner which makes it easy to scheme against, to fix and then scam?

Maybe the two ex-occupants, JS and MZ were expecting monetary benefits from me, since they lost the fight against me evicting JS and could not take control of my property. His girlfriend, JS had vowed in front of the two policemen: quote: “to get me to move out, it is impossible”. Really? For me, as an owner, I have every right to do as I seemed fit for my property.

Anyway, this country is riddled with lots of dangers and perils to foreigners, so it is no loss for me with a lifetime ban. Read this piece of news, headline Session court judge, DPP and lawyer to be charged with corruption on how terrible and corruption-riddled this country indeed, unless reform.

Let all their wickedness come before thee; and do unto them, as thou hast done unto me for all my transgressions: for my sighs are many, and my heart is faint.

Lamentations 1:22

Updated on 5-1-2023

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