Lies and Falsehoods Perpetrators

Lies and falsehoods exposed , all thanks to the long-awaited good news; The Malaysia High Court had declared my 27-days detention by Malaysia Immigration Department was unlawful.

Finally the Malaysia High Court’s declaration on 4th May 2021 have vindicated me. The High Court Justice had declared that the Malaysia Immigration Department had unlawfully detained me in violation of the Malaysia Federal Constitution. In simple language it means that those involved in the act are corrupt and lawless.

The trial before the Malaysia High Court Justice has conclusively proven the truth on the issue of whether the account and evidence of the Immigration Department or mine account is the truthful one.

Malaysiakini news report

The role of a Magistrate as another perverse enablers to subvert justice

Looking at the document provided by a Magistrate was one of the biggest challenges and stumbling block to the Justice. In this particular case, the Justice is looking at a document that bears the signature of a court magistrate as an authentication of the document as reliable and true.

It is such tragic for the Magistrate/court system that the Justice rules that the exhibit provided by the Magistrate as unreliable against my document and exhibit.

This is the extent that perverse enablers to subvert justice in cahoots with the Malaysia Immigration Department is willing to go to great length to perpetuate falsehoods against a foreigner.

What was the Magistrate’s action in lies and falsehoods?

In an earlier court affidavit document by Defendant, an Immigration officer named H. Binti B. submitted a “Proceedings Note” dated 12th March 2018 document as her exhibit. This exhibit is purportedly to support her claim, i.e. I was brought before the Magistrate on 12.03.2018.

This document purported consists of a set of 3 pages. However only page 1 of 3 and page 2 of 3 were exhibited whereas page 3 of 3 was omitted.

However by the grace of my Lord Jesus Christ, Pg 3 of 3 documents landed in my hand miraculously through the Court hearing. It must be greatly emphasized that this document originate from Immigration. As such their usual right in court to “vehemently denied the fact” cannot be apply here because they cannot goes against own document. There is no escape opening since it is their own document that is part of their affidavit to the court.

In order to counter this original pg 3 of 3 I had exhibited in my Affidavit, the Legal Adviser F. S. Bin M. F. from Malaysia Immigration Department wrote to Magistrate M.A. S. Bin M. A. on the 4th May 2020. In this letter, he “pretended” to request from this Magistrate for copy of the Proceedings Note.

immigration department
Legal Adviser’s writing to Magistrate

So Magistrate M.A.S. Bin M. A. replied and attached a “tampered” page 3 of 3 to this F.S. Bin M. F. and then became exhibit “MHK-1”.

immigration department
Magistrate’s reply to Legal Adviser

An authentic document against a manufactured document

Unless people are really ignorant or uneducated, a normal person would be able to tell whether a document is authentic or manufactured.

In this scenario, I have exhibited a document that was supplied by Malaysia Immigration Department. It must be emphasized that this document does not originate from me but given by Malaysia Immigration Department.

In order to verify the authenticity of this document and its contents, a clear copy of a similar document from the Magistrate Office’s filing system or the archives must be presented for inspection.

Instead of presenting a clear copy, Immigration presented an unsigned copy of the document to the court. This unsigned copy and the original had more than 25 errors and differences sighted. Unashamedly it was exhibited as authentic to the Court and to the Justice. We laid both documents side by side and listed all the discrepancies, errors and differences to present to the Justice in seeing the lies and falsehoods.

It ended up with the High Court Justice’s refusal to accept Malaysia Immigration’s account presented by the Defendant’s Federal Counsel.

Difference in Court language and Engineering language

Through the coaching from the language and terms used by my Malaysia lawyer on all my affidavits filed, I have learnt that there is a difference in terms to be used in order to be politically correct with the judicial system.

As an example, the affidavit filed has to use the court-sanctioned term “tampered”. Whereas in my Engineering-background, the term I would used is “manufactured” if writing an Engineering report to describe such document.

Engineer can reverse engineered a component and using the reverse-engineered data to manufacture copies of the original component. However we can never gets the same characteristics of the original component. One of the intrinsic characteristics that can never be the same is the material characteristics which come certified through a material certificate issued by the mill. The other features can be manipulated and altered to suit whatever the user’s requirement are.

So in this case, the document purportedly is showing a tick to indicated “tidak” is selected, it has now been changed to a strikeout on “tidak” to indicate the opposite of the original. This is deliberately to deceive by altering from a tick to a strikeout.

Manufactured copy of original is to perpetuate more lies and falsehoods shows the extent and great length some without integrity are willing to go to.

The lies and falsehoods before this stage

It is amazing to note that I have to endure for more than three years from April 2018 before I could be vindicated by the truth of the matter finally.

I was quite disappointed when the case closed with the Justice ruling against me. That ruling came in December 2019 and following after was the process of my appeal against this ruling.

Little did I know that God in heaven was working through the long drawn process. This process is to show more of what these officers, the Federal Counsel and the Court Deputy Registrar were good at scheming as well as capable of perpetuating lies and falsehoods?

Now we can see how Immigration officers can abuse their power with the help of more perverse enablers to subvert justice like the Immigration Legal Adviser and Magistrate and continue to commit unlawful acts.

Other instances of lies and falsehoods

And it is not just with the help of perverse enablers to subvert justice like the Immigration Legal Adviser and Magistrate but we will show another instances of lies and falsehoods perpetuated against me during proceedings.

The second lie and falsehood – Federal Counsel and Court Deputy Registrar allows submission out-of time

In order to put the story into perspective, I have listed important key dates and related events

20.01.2020 – Based on the hard copy evidence of the Magistrate Order, we sealed an Originating Summon (OS) against Immigration and file a Plaintiff Affidavit-in-support (P-AIS).

20.02.2020 – This is the date of the deadline for submission of Defendant Affidavit-in-reply (P-AIR). However the Defendant failed to submit his D-AIR without justification.

01.03.2020 (Sunday) – This is the day that the Malaysia 8th PM took office.

18.03.2020 (Wednesday) – This is the day of the Malaysia national lockdown (MCO) due to Covid-19.

14.05.2020 (Thursday) – This is the day when the Defendant filed his affidavit-in-reply (D-AIR). This 14.05.2020 was after the deadline (20.02.2019), meaning filed and served out of time.

Court officers perpetuating lies and falsehoods

From the above timeline showing the dates and when each event occurred, we can see clearly that the Federal Counsel and the Court Deputy Registrar were perpetuating lies and falsehoods wilfully. We had called out such lies and falsehoods in my affidavit-in-reply (P-AIR) to the Defendant affidavit-in-reply (D-AIR) as shown:

The Defendant had disregard the deadline and failed to submit his D-AIR to the Court before this deadline.

However the Deputy Registrar and the Federal Counsel misused their official appointment and colluded to push forth lies and falsehoods that the MCO lockdown that started on 18.03.2020 caused him to miss the deadline to submit the D-AIR.

high court
high court
Snippet of my affidavit

The 3rd of lies and falsehoods – Immigration Commander submitted deceptive exhibit.

26.08.2019 (Wednesday) – On this day, Immigration Officer (Commander of Pekan Nanas Depot), Ms H. Binti B. representing the Immigration Department submitted a further-affidavit-in-opposition (FAIO). This FAIO is in reply to my Affidavit-in-support (AIS).

immigration department
Snippet of FAIO dated 26-08-2019

17.          I hereby deny paragraph 40 of the Applicant Support Affidavit. The applicant was brought before the Magistrate for further detention under Section 51 (5) (b) of the Immigration Act 1959/63 on 13.3.2018 and allowed until 26.3.2018. On 26.3.2018, the Applicant was arraigned in court. A copy of the order by the Magistrate is presented and marked as “HB-1”.

English translation to the above:

This exhibit “HB-1” was a fax-type document received by Immigration. As for fax document, there will be information of the sender and receiver telephone number, document ID#, date and time stamp and P. 001/003 denoting page 1 of 3 to tells you that there is 3 pages that you should received for this fax transmission.

Exhibit “HB-1” page 3 was deliberately removed from exhibit. This aims to deceive the court concerning the truth about the Magistrate Remand Order, i.e. I was never brought before the Magistrate.

With the knowledge that she is hiding this page 3 of 3 means she has no qualms to perpetuate lies and falsehoods.

The 4th of lies and falsehoods – “kind-hearted” immigration officer offered to help me

During my unlawful detention straight up for 27 days, I had no idea what was happening outside of the Pekan Nanas Detention Depot.

Neither do my family and friends outside have any idea what was happening to me inside this horrible inhumane Immigration Detention Depot throughout the detention.

A Malaysia acquaintance then went to Setia Tropika Immigration HQ building to find out more about me. He went to see a Mr P Singh to provide his testimony about me.

And this is the record in a daily log of events about this acquaintance who went to see the Immigration officer, Mr P. Singh. Is this Mr P. Singh full of lies and falsehoods?

lies and falsehoods
Excerpt from diary log

This acquaintance came to offer a “payment for help deal” to my family but the deal was rejected by my family. I was also told that in this “payment for help deal”, a particular Team 5 was being mentioned in the conversation.

Here I would leave it to the public to make their own conclusion of what was this Immigration officer, Mr P Singh thinking and doing.

The biggest of the lies and falsehoods – This Immigration Officer who trespassed/stayed illegally on my property

This Immigration Officer, Mr M.Z. Bin M. A. believed that he can creates the biggest lies and falsehoods of them all.

When he trespassed illegally on my property to co-habit with his partner, I made a police report against him.

During my detention, Mr M.Z. Bin M. A. who works in Pekan Nanas Depot was regularly harassing me. He even made an attempt to assault me once by using a proxy Immigration guard.

lies and falsehoods
Immigration officer Mr. M. Z. Bin M. A.
high court
Police Report

The moral of the story is:

Don’t play with foreigner’s life according to your whims and fancies. If you do so, even you sent in an army to fight an ordinary man you cannot win the truth. The joke on the Malaysia Immigration Department and what a shame.

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