Inquest of innocent foreigner death

Updates of the foreigner Nigerian national death while unlawfully detained in immigration custody

Inquest of innocent foreigner death, this post is a public watch on the case involving an innocent Nigerian who was unlawfully detained by the Malaysia Immigration Department which leads to his death while in their custody. Date of watch update: 21.09.2020

The family of a Nigerian doctorate student who died while in the custody of the immigration department on July 9, has urged police to speed up their investigation.
Rajesh Nagarajan and Sachpreetrah Singh Sohanpa, the lawyers for the family of Thomas Orhions Ewansiha, said police had yet to submit their investigation papers four months after the incident.

The case key fact regarding the death of innocent foreigner’s death:
The statement noted that immigration director-general Khairul Dzaimee Daud had claimed that Thomas had suffered from a seizure while sleeping and was verified dead by an assistant medical officer.

Public Outcry over innocent foreigner death

“Malaysian Bar calls for inquest into Nigerian student’s death in detention” screamed this news headline. This was a call by the President of the Bar Society of Malaysia issued on the 16th July of 2019. It was addressed to the Malaysian Home Minister and his Director-General (DG) of Immigration. This was because this death comes under their jurisdiction.

When I researched for any news of such an inquest and inquest report, these are the news that turns up online.

There was no official enquiry by the government carried out to get to the truth on this death of an innocent foreigner. This is of serious public concern as he was wrongly detained in custody of Immigration. It is all the more concerning as he was detained at their cruel and inhumane detention center. Is it because he is a foreigner and of no concern of the Malaysian public?

Wife filed application for inquest of innocent foreigner death in court

However lawyers acting for the wife had made an application to the court for an inquest to be carried out. The deceased wife through her lawyer had to filed an application for an inquest into her husband’s death on 16.08.2019.

A complaint by the lawyers that the police had yet to submit their investigation papers four months after the incident was made on 04.11.2019.

An inquest into her husband’s death was finally conducted on 02.01.2020

Inquest of innocent foreigner death proceedings

Summary of inquest findings as follows:

Witness #1:

A police witness told the inquest investigating the death of Nigerian national Orhions Ewansiha Thomas that the student was given medicine by the immigration department while in detention.
“I cannot recall who was the immigration personnel’s name who told me about this. But the person was a medical officer,” he said on the first day of the inquest.
“The IO (Noorsuhana) only asked to take pictures of the place where medicines were kept,” Kamarulzaman said.

Witness #2:

Another witness, Wan Mohamad Fuad Wan Muda, also from the Cheras police district headquarters, told the inquest that he received a report of Thomas’ death on July 9, 2019, at 12.42am.
He said that the person who lodged the report identified herself as “Ashikin” and informed the police that a 34-year-old man was unresponsive at the Bukit Jalil immigration detention centre.“Ashikin also said that a medical assistant at the scene confirmed that the man had died. However, she did not say anything about the cause of death,” he said.

Witness #3:

The Coroner’s Court also heard testimony from a third witness, Mohd Nur Izwan Semedi, who said that he took photographs during Thomas’ post-mortem at Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia’s (HUKM) pathology department.
He said that he took a total of 54 photographs but conducting officer Nurliyana Mohd Jafri pointed out that only 51 photos were tendered to the court.
Izwan said that he might have made a mistake and left out three other images.

Thomas’ family previously filed an application for an inquest into his death, as they suspected that he could have been assaulted and refused medication while in detention.

Delays and more delays of innocent foreigner death inquest

After this inquest on 02.01.2020, there are no more news report as Immigration slow walk the whole processes through delays. A period of nine months and no other reports of any court proceeding was reported.



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