Clouds of Blessings Amidst a Drought

Phú Yên Province, South-Central Vietnam Clouds of blessings amidst a mission trip, that was how this mission trip ends up as so meaningful and memorable. Sometime in April of 2016, I had the privilege to accompany a Vietnamese Christian pastor on one of his mission trip to the province of Phú Yên. Phú Yên is…

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Brigade of Motorcycle Angels for The Calling

The Ubiquitous Motorcycle Vietnam is not only famous for its Pho (traditional Vietnamese noodle soup), Vietnamese sandwiches but also for the hordes and hordes of motorcycles weaving along on all their roads, especially in big cities. The skills of all these riders is amazingly good across all ages and genders and it is really a…

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Rogue Housekeeper Part Of Set Up

rogue housekeeper

Rogue housekeeper part of set up and started this, who is this person? She was once serving with a charity organization. This was prior to me coming to know her through someone’s recommendation. She was the housekeeper that was allowed to stay on my property with her young son. There is an entry in the…

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