LHDN overtax foreigner on RPGT

Finally it is proven that LHDN overtax foreigner on their RPGT obligation. This is especially so because the retention sum which is 7% of the selling price is taken upfront. The retention sum is hence quite a tidy sum and very tempting to LHDN to keep as much as possible and return as little as…

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7% Retention Sum And Over-Taxation

7% retention sum and over-taxation by LHDN officers is what you need to read about if you are a foreigner and you are investing or planning to invest in a property in Malaysia. This is what foreigners who own Malaysia properties will be dealing with upon disposing such properties. To begin with, it is easy…

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RPGT Retention Sum Abuses Foreign Investors

RPGT Malaysia LHDN

RPGT retention sum abuses foreign investors is written for foreigner disposing Malaysia property. It is especially so when relating to residency, investments, taxes and bureaucracy. You will be guided through what is RPGT Malaysia LHDN. Writing from my experiences and encounters with LHDN, I laid out the facts to support my unpleasant experience. At the…

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MM2H Visa Foreigners And RPGT

mm2h visa

MM2H visa foreigners before making a decision to buy a house in Malaysia must consider what important factors like RPGT before doing so. MM2H visa is a long term visa that allows a foreigner to reside in Malaysia under Malaysia My Second Home program. There are many important factors to consider such as, to name…

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RPGT and Retention Sum Policy and Refund

Retention sum and refund

RPGT and Retention Sum policy Real Property Gain Tax (RPGT) and Retention Sum policy was a trap for foreigner who bought properties in Malaysia. Its aim is to make foreigners lose their hard-earned money to help the Malaysia coffers that had been depleted. I had written two earlier posts that explained on the RPGT here…

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A Bad Case For The 7% Retention Sum For RPGT

distressed by LHDN

How the 7% retention sum came about The 7% retention sum is part of the tax obligation for foreigners selling Malaysia property. In my previous post, I have mentioned that this is a new amendment law to the RPGT by the ex-Finance Minister, Mr Lim Guan Eng in 2018 when he was newly elected then.…

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Arbitrary Rule Change To RPGT

arbitrary rule change to rpgt taxes

How arbitrary rule change affects house buying decision As a foreigner buying a house in Malaysia, what are the important factors to consider when making that decision? There are many important factors to consider such as: #1 top of the list is will we have arbitrary rule change governing foreigners buying Malaysia properties. #2 what…

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