Documentary On Undocumented Migrants

Documentary on undocumented migrants that enraged the government leads to police raid on Al Jazeera.

“KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysian police raided the office of news broadcaster Al Jazeera and two local TV stations on Tuesday, seizing computers as part of an investigation into a documentary on undocumented migrants that enraged the government.

Al Jazeera, a Qatari-state owned broadcaster, said in a statement that police seized two computers during the raid, which it called a “troubling escalation” in a government crackdown on media freedom. It urged Malaysian authorities to cease the criminal investigation.

Police opened an investigation last month into the Al Jazeera documentary on the treatment of undocumented migrants after officials complained it was inaccurate and biased. Seven Al Jazeera staff members have been grilled by police as part of the probe for alleged sedition, defamation and violating the Communications and Multimedia Act.

Police obtained court warrants to search the offices of Al Jazeera as well as local broadcasters Astro and Unifitv, criminal investigation chief Huzir Mohamed said in a statement. The two local TV stations had reportedly aired the video.

Huzir said the raids were conducted jointly with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, which is also investigating the stations.

He said police seized computers which will be sent for further analysis and took statements from witnesses during the raids. “No individual or entity will be spared from action if they have violated the law,” he said.

Al Jazeera said the raid was “an attack on press freedom as a whole” and urged Malaysian authorities to cease the criminal investigation.

“Conducting a raid on our office and seizing computers is a troubling escalation in the authorities’ crackdown on media freedom and shows the lengths they are prepared to take to try to intimidate journalists,” said Giles Trendle, managing director of Al Jazeera English.





Mohamad Rayhan Kabir – The hero with the international community. You have bravely stood up for the abused over 2,000 migrants. Those who have victimised you are the world villains.

Related to this raid is also the arrest by Malaysian authorities of the Bangladeshi man who spoke up during the interview. This Bangladeshi man was subjected to retaliations from the Malaysia government for highlighting the inhuman treatment of 2000 migrants workers that were arrested. His work permit was revoked, was deported and blacklisted from entering Malaysia forever.  He was punished for doing something good for other humans. He was exposing the dangers of Covid-19 infection spreading among these 2, 000 plus detainees in cramped detention center. As usual, immigration wanted to gag the truth revealing their cruel and inhumane detention facilities. Immigration have been hiding this truth from the international community.  You can read his news here

Another brave young whistle blower’s account here:

Also related to this inhumane treatment of the migrant workers and exposing them to Covid-19 infection is another public-spirited whistle blower. For highlighting and bringing the plight of these foreigners in the merciless hands of the Immigration, she was targeted for severe harassment and dangers.


1. Link to mass arrest post:

2. Link to an email from a refugee two days ago that explains fear clearly:

3. Article that was initialy linked to this post:

4. Latest news :


6. Relook detention protocol:


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