Place of shame

Depot of Shame within The Walls Of Pekan Nanas

This is a set of posts about the Pekan Nanas detention facilities run by Malaysia Immigration, the people in their different roles, significant events and much of the inhumane and cruel conditions, hidden injustices, griefs, and the human rights abuses.

There are six articles posted and these are as below:

1.   35 Days Of Living Hell In Malaysia

2.   Life Inside Malaysia Immigration Detention Center

3.  The Australian Detainee In Pekan Nanas "Resort"

4.   Daily Routine And Fighting Inside Detention Cell

5.   Tragedy Of Untold Grief In Immigration Detention

6.   Freedom Fighter From Indonesia

All these six posts when read together gives a clearer picture about what Pekan Nanas is all about, the kind of facilities lacking in human decency and human rights that it has to be shrouded in secrecy away from the public eyes.

Snippet of Affidavit - Inhumane and cruel conditions

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Toilets inside cell


Layout of the cell showing the detainees packed together in cramped living spaces


An account from witnessing it All first hand

As I had the privilege to witness all these while being locked inside, I believe that it is of public interest to document all these as accurate as possible for public awareness. However more posts could be added as I recollects more of other notable incidents that I had witnessed.

There is nothing that will be hidden in secrecy no matter how shrouded the reality is.

The bible in Luke 12:3 reads: "Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops."


Main cell and isolation cell that were part of a two storey block, The metal gates for the main cell and the isolation cell were on the other side.


Snippet of Affidavit - Three of the fights listed in affidavit were blogged in details in three of the blog posts

Related to this claim are these posts: Daily Routine And Fighting Inside Detention Cell Freedom Fighter From Indonesia The Australian Detainee In Pekan Nanas "Resort"

Snippet of Affidavit - Witnessing the tragedy the death of a detainee is in one of the blog post

Related to this claim is this post: Tragedy Of Untold Grief In Immigration Detention


living hell in Malaysia

35 Days Of Living Hell In Malaysia

By Simon Koh | August 25, 2020

Days of living hell Let me describe in this post what is meant by “5 days of living hell” that popular American singer, Maggie Lindemann was subjected to. She was locked away in an immigration detention for 5 days (based on her public instagram post) for her infraction. It was reported, quote Malaysia Immigration: “The Americans were fined RM 300 each” and the DG “denied” that she was detained for 5 days. However the 5 days detention has already being widely reported by many international media organizations. Clearly this director of immigration was lying. This post will talks about the…

Malaysia immigration detention center

Life Inside Malaysia Immigration Detention Center

By Simon Koh | August 26, 2020

Life inside immigration detention center, one of suffering and torture We have read of many horror stories of illegal migrants’ intense sufferings within the walls of Malaysia Immigration detention center. But we know very little of what they actually goes through. This blog post and many subsequent posts will shed more light for the public to know more. There is very little publish on the public domain regarding this as the Malaysia immigration will censor every information of what is within the walls of Immigration detention center. The police raid on Al Jazeera’s office is an example of this censorship.…

picture of aAustralia kangaroo in its resting place. never provoke one

The Australian Detainee In Pekan Nanas “Resort”

By Simon Koh | September 2, 2020

Australian detainee from first world Australia The story of this Australian detainee is mentioned in one of my earlier post. He is the only Australian-national staying in this “resort” while the rest are mostly from third world countries staying in hellish detention center. Why do I termed “resort”? It is because this Australian detainee is the only one accorded with “special privileges” and NO immigration officer DARES touch him. He was the only national that all these immigration folks do not have the guts to touch him because he is from a first world country that stand up for human…

representations of daily routine and fighting

Daily Routine And Fighting Inside Detention Cell

By Simon Koh | September 12, 2020

Biggest group is the Indonesian detainees This post is part of the few previous posts that tells the story of life inside Pekan Nanas Depot. In this post, I will describe the daily routine of life in the detention cell and fighting occasionally that breaks the monotone of the daily routine inside. The make-up of detainees consisted of many Indonesian-national illegals in the cell during my detention. They are the biggest group and they are cohesive as a group. Many of them do not have legitimate immigration documents and were smuggled into Malaysia by boats. Because of the cultural similarities,…

rogue housekeeper

Rogue Housekeeper Part Of Set Up

By Simon Koh | September 23, 2020

Rogue housekeeper part of set up and started this, who is this person? She was once serving with a charity organization. This was prior to me coming to know her through someone’s recommendation. She was the housekeeper that was allowed to stay on my property with her young son. There is an entry in the diary that mentioned about her using the nick “Keeper” to substitute for her name initial. Excerpt from diary 14 March 2018, Wednesday1000 hrs Arrived at Pekan Nanas Detention Centre. No haversack. Ladies’ handbag is allowed. Switch off handphone.JF managed to get D’s pouch which contain…

Freedom Fighter From Indonesia

By Simon Koh | January 25, 2021

Freedom fighter is a post about one man who display what it will costs in a fight for his God-given freedom. He had to be able to resist against all odds, dangers and pain together with his indomitable spirit to stay the course. Supposedly when you packed large number of foreign migrant workers of different nationalities and cultures together into small cell like caged animals, what would one expects to see? We will most likely see people who are distressed and disillusioned. In such small cell space, there is no freedom of movement other than within the four walls. And…

immigration detention

Tragedy Of Untold Grief In Immigration Detention

By Simon Koh | April 28, 2021

Tragedy of untold grief, this post is about the death of an Indian-national immigration detainee who died in Immigration Detention Center. He died while immigration guards are busy going along with their SOP rather an emergency. It was the same detention center that immigration detained me for 27 days (28.2.2018 – 26.03.2018) without a Magistrate Remand Order. You can read more about how the Immigration officer detained me without a Magistrate remand order here (see photo below). Remand without Magistrate order An Indian-national immigration detainee was taken out from his cell to the staging area shed. This happened on one…


Journal entries of 37-days detention (Part 1)

By Simon Koh | June 2, 2021

Journal entries for day 1 – 28.02.2018 (Wednesday) Journal entries of 37-days detention prologue: I was staying in Malaysia with a 5-year MM2H visa and a valid Singapore passport when this event happened. On the night of 28.02.2018, I drove over to this property. I drove from my own Malaysia home in another nearby housing estate. I left my wife behind at home waiting for me to return after fixing up some repair work. A big team of Immigration officers raided my property while I was doing some repair work. One of their colleagues, officer MZ, had trespassed on my…

journal entries

Journal Entries of 37-Days Detention (Part 2)

By Simon Koh | June 5, 2021

Journal entries for day 8 – 07.03.2018 (Wednesday) This is a Part 2 continuation of Journal entries of 37-days detention Part 1 in Pekan Nanas Immigration Depot. Of the total 37-days detention, 27 days was in Pekan Nanas Immigration Depot. Then the next 3 days was in Kluang prison and the last 10 days in Pekan Nanas Depot again. First visitation from my wife According to the diary’s account: QUOTE: “It was raining that day.  We drove (my wife) to Pekan Nanas Detention Centre to visit (me).  Finished the visit at 1700hours. Also contacted Embassy officer to obtain more information about…

journal entries

Journal Entries of 37-days Detention (Part 3)

By Simon Koh | June 7, 2021

Journal Entries For Day 15 – 14.03.2018 (Wednesday) This is a Part 3 continuation of Journal entries of 37-days detention Part 2 in Pekan Nanas Immigration Depot. From very early in my detention, I decided that this was going to be a huge spiritual attack on me. I decided to fast and pray regularly to be able to weather this spiritual attack. From a one-day fast and pray, it then allows me to fast more and more days progressively. As the days get nearer to the court date, I seriously set to do a ten-days fasting for divine help. So today is the…