Perpetrators and set up

The Perpetrators And The set Up

Being a foreigner in a foreign land one can easily be a soft target for all kinds of attacks from nefarious locals.

And the worst kind of such nefarious characters are those who wears uniform to carry out their attacks.

What makes it of the worst kind is it is done under the pretext of upholding law and order when in reality there is an ulterior motive on their part.

Previously I am a Singaporean residing in Johor, Malaysia under "Make Malaysia My Second Home" visa.

Unfortunately I ended up as one of the soft target of nefarious locals working together in cahoots with one another. They basically are the same kind sharing the same corrupt objectives to scam for money. An intermediary was sent by one officer to my family to set up a "fixer" between my family and their team. The rest of the story is documented in all these posts.

However this is not the end of the story yet. This story continues as I journal all the events, characters and actions taken in relation to the set up on this blog.

They managed to victimize me through their set up easily, due to ethnicity and religion and upended my life. Why is that so? Because the house keeper and her boyfriend played the race and religion card in front of the Malaysian police when I made a report against the boyfriend's illegal trespassing on my property.



And this takes the cake. They even put a ban on me for life from entering Malaysia. This leaves my Malaysia properties and cars in complete limbo.

So this is who our friendly neighbour up north is, now we Singaporeans and all foreigners should sit up and take note before this happen to you.

The story are told through the five posts as below:

1.   Rogue Immigration Officer

2.   Magistrate Remand Order - Two Opposing Claims

3.   Scheming Officer In Set-Up Case

4.   House Keeper Turns Rogue Part Of Set Up

5.   Perverse Enablers Help Subvert Justice

Here I thank everyone for reading all my posts and for journeying with me.

scheming and debauchery

Scheming Officer In Set-Up Case

A tale of my encounter with a cunning and scheming Immigration Department of Malaysia officer. This officer’s way of corruption is through subterfuge, and in the shadow under cover of loopholes.

rogue housekeeper

Rogue ex-Housekeeper Part of Set Up

This ex-housekeeper, JS and her immigration boyfriend, MZ were mentioned in my appeal letter to the director general of immigration (DGI). When that appeal to the DGI did not allow me to turn my dire situation around, I took the action to the court. In the same manner, these two ex-occupants who were staying on my property were again named in my affidavit to the court.

rogue immigration officer and housekeeper

DGI, vengeful ex-housekeeper and boyfriend

The vengeful ex-housekeeper, JS and her immigration boyfriend, MZ’s retaliation was the main focus of my complaint in an appeal letter to the Director General of Immigration (DGI). That appeal letter was written and hand-delivered around July 2018. Writing an appeal letter to the DGI then was my only hope to have my lifetime blacklist lifted, or so I thought.

perverse enablers help subvert justice

Perverse Enablers Help Pervert Justice

It is a tale about the odds stacked a foreigner, being discriminated against, due to the presence and role of perverse enablers. Such perverse enablers help to pervert justice on behalf of crooked and evil people.
These perverse enablers not only enable evil people to continue doing harm, but they also help them to get away without consequences.

magistrate remand

Magistrate Remand Order – Two Opposing Claims

And finally, it will be answered from the court document such as affidavits and evidence itself that were presented by the Immigration Authority to the Court. Needless to say, these facts are without dispute as these were presented before the KL High Court. These records are found in the Criminal Application No. WA-44-178-07/2019 & the Originating Summon No: WA-24-5-01/2020 court cases.