Perils Of Losing Durian Plantation

Perils faced by durian plantation owners

Lately there are bad news from Raub, in the state of Pahang, the place of many “Musang king” durian plantations. These local owners are facing the perils of losing their plantations. The plantation is all their hard work and labor over the years. By changing rules arbitrary, a claimant can deprived these durian plantation owners their rightful gain.

On Sept 2nd, 2020 the Parti Putra Perkasa Malaysia (Putra) called for an investigation into possible corrupt practices over state land in Raub, Pahang.

The Malay party’s vice president Datuk Hamidah Osman filed a report with the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) asking it to look into the lack of action against the farmers who are said to have illegally occupied the state land for agriculture over a span of 40 years.

This whole saga seems to be between claimant and the musang king durian but they have forgotten about another culprit who is the cause of this fiasco. Read here.

This legendary fruit not only attracts durian lovers, it also attracts unwanted attention to the durian plantation targeting owners who cultivate these durian trees. It takes many years to cultivate the tree before the tree started to bear fruits and owners spend lifetime to raise a durian plantation.

Lately, some claimants came on the scene and try to take away the rights of these plantation owners. The targeted group of farmers are the owners of the top grade “musang king” durian. By doing so, these claimants deprive the farmers of profiting from their years of hard work and sacrifices. So, in their defensive move to deny the claimants from gaining their durians, the farmers are cutting down their durian trees.

Will durian lovers in Singapore and Malaysia be deprived of their favorite fruit if all the durian trees are cut down by these farmers?

This section below is updated on 23-12-2020:

On 23rd December 2020, The online news reported that the High Court in Kuantan has dismissed two leave applications for judicial review from a group of durian farmers against the Pahang state government’s “legalisation scheme” for lack of legal standing.

Image courtesy of the Save Musang King Alliance

The report also quoted DAP’s Tras assemblyman Chow Yu Hui as saying the farmers were disappointed by the court ruling today and would appeal.

Whatever it is, we knows that justice and fairness is universal and will prevail for these farmers and their families.

End of update.

Durians, love it or hate it.

Durians is one of the fruit from Malaysia most loved by Singaporeans and Malaysians. In recent years people from mainland China has taken a great liking to this fruit and the demand from China now is making the demand for this fruit more than the supply. For this reason, the high price of durian has makes it very attractive to grow durian as it has now becomes a money spinner.

When you are the owners of such durian plantations, you stand to reap huge dividends. It is also very obvious that there will be opportunists eyeing such plantations. And between durians, there are many grades of durians that can range from a few RM to RM50 per kg.

Durian lovers loves the top grade durian which is usually the most expensive and luxuriant “Musang king” durian.

And because of its pungent smell, there are also many people who hates the fruit.

Doing durians together with neighbors

One of the popular activities that most people staying in Malaysia loves doing is to visit durian plantation with friends to enjoy the fruits. We would visit those farms that produces certain good grade of durians and enjoy savoring durians fresh. At the same time, we enjoy each other company and spending time together.

In happier times exploring for durian plantations.

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