Detained 5 Days In Living Hell

American singer arrested in Malaysia

A highly popular American singer flew in to Malaysia on the first leg of her 3-countries tour performance in Kuala Lumpur. She arrives on the 21st June 2019 for her to meet her Asian fans.

Thereafter she also has a few performance concerts lined up in Vietnam and Singapore (26th June 2019).

However she was arrested for “immigration offences” during her concert performance and was then detained for “5 days in a living hell”. This was widely reported in the online // news.

Detained for 5 days in Immigration detention centre

Courtesy of online news screen grab

Released by Maggie on her Instagram on 3rd July stating she was confined in a living hell for the next five days (22nd June to 26th June 2019)

Inhumane and cruel conditions in detention cell

So it is right from the horse’s mouth here. She let us know what it was like when you are on the wrong side of the immigration law in Malaysia. It was like “5 days in living hell” in the immigration detention cell.

“This American singer is very much fortunate compared to my 35 days in “living hell”.  Readers can read more about the inhumane and cruel conditions within the walls of the detention cell here.”

According to the Malaysian Immigration, quoted:

“The Americans were fined RM300 each under the Immigration Regulations 1963 for misusing their social visit passes. And on June 25, a sponsor was charged in court for committing an offence under section 55E of the Immigration Act. This sponsor was convicted and was fined RM30,000 which was duly paid.”

It has been reported that the venue host, The Bee clarifies regarding Maggie Lindemann’s arrest, saying that it was the permit agent’s fault.

We could have endless debate on who is at fault that sees a person get arrested. What stands out here glaringly was the fact that she was unaware of the Malaysian immigration laws. She represent the many decent foreigners who may unknowingly be caught in similar situation. And like in this case, this singer was remanded and locked away in inhumane and cruel conditions. She was locked together with others liked cage animals. For days, she could not shower, brush her teeth nor have a change of clean clothes as well as having decent meals. While being detained, she cannot have visitors while her rights and privacy is taken away.

Raise awareness among foreigners

We can learn lessons from the many immigration-related issues concerning foreigners who are visiting or staying in Malaysia. This will help other foreigners to be aware of so that they do not have to face such inhumane situation.

Malaysia Denies Detaining American Singer for 5 Days Courtesy of online news screen grab

We certainly wishes this young and popular American Singer will leaves this terrible episode behind. May she rises to greater successes performing in progressive and enlightened countries.


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