House Keeper Turns Rogue Part Of Set Up

rogue housekeeper

Excerpt from diary House keeper who turns rogue and started this, who is this person? From the diary, there is an entry about her (keeper) mentioned. “Keeper” is the nick I used to substitute her name initial. 14 March 2018, Wednesday1000 hrs Arrived at Pekan Nanas Detention Centre. No haversack. Ladies’ handbag is allowed. Switch…

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Inquest of innocent foreigner death

death of an innocent man

Updates of the foreigner Nigerian national death while unlawfully detained in immigration custody Inquest of innocent foreigner death, this post is a public watch on the case involving an innocent Nigerian who was unlawfully detained by the Malaysia Immigration Department which leads to his death while in their custody. Date of watch update: 21.09.2020 The…

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Daily Routine And Fighting Inside Detention Cell

Biggest group is the Indonesian detainees This post is part of the few previous posts that tells the story of life inside Pekan Nanas Depot. In this post, I will describe the daily routine of life in the detention cell and fighting occasionally that breaks the monotone of the daily routine inside. The make-up of…

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Scheming Officer In Set-Up Case

Scheming officer was the interviewing officer This post is about a scheming immigration officer who interviewed me during investigation who pretends to be helpful. After my release, I was debriefed by family members as well as reviewed all information from various sources regarding this officer. With all these information gathered, I concluded that this officer…

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Justice systems – A Tales Of Two Different Systems

justice systems - tales of two different systems

Preamble to comparison of justice systems Justice systems in Singapore and Malaysia, it is important to talk about this. This is because both countries are so close to each other, just like twins. The citizens of both countries traveled, stay and do business in each other country. Both countries have many similarities with regards to…

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Wayang Kulit And Imigresen’s Hand

immigration traps

Immigration’s trap set to ensnare foreigners Beware of immigration’s trap and their *wayang kulit, such occurrences though few in between is common for certain category of people. This category is usually the unwary foreigners. * – Wayang Kulit is a traditional form of puppet-shadow play originally found in the cultures of Java, Bali and Lombok…

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The Australian Detainee In Pekan Nanas “Resort”

picture of aAustralia kangaroo in its resting place. never provoke one

Australian detainee from first world Australia The story of this Australian detainee is mentioned in one of my earlier post. He is the only Australian-national staying in this “resort” while the rest are mostly from third world countries staying in hellish detention center. Why do I termed “resort”? It is because this Australian detainee is…

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Immigration Abuses Cases

migrants workers

A foreigner encounter of immigration abuses Immigration abuses in Malaysia, American Maggie posted on her 3.7-million-followers instagram. We may not be able to read about American Maggie’s story of her Malaysia 5-days-of-living-in-hell immigration abuses. This is according to her Instagram’s post on 3rd July 2019. She had posted the following quote; “I have been advised…

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Rogue Immigration Officer

rogue immigration officer and housekeeper

Complaint on the Immigration officer in Appeal Letter to the Director General The complaint on the immigration officer was one of the main point in my appeal letter to the Director General (DG) of Immigration against the lifetime ban of entry to Malaysia in July 2018. The short appeal letter was sent by registered mail…

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Life Inside Malaysia Immigration Detention Center

Malaysia immigration detention center

Life inside immigration detention center, one of suffering and torture We have read of many horror stories of illegal migrants’ intense sufferings within the walls of Malaysia Immigration detention center. But we know very little of what they actually goes through. This blog post and many subsequent posts will shed more light for the public…

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