Rogue Immigration Officer

Complaint on the Immigration officer in Appeal Letter to the Director General

The complaint on the immigration officer was one of the main point in my appeal letter to the Director General (DG) of Immigration against the lifetime ban of entry to Malaysia in July 2018. The short appeal letter was sent by registered mail to his office. I never received any reply.

In my letter I laid out my complaints on the immigration officer’s criminal behavior. It is make clear in my complaint that it was a set-up as I listed out the illegal action of this officer. I detailed out the role of this officer together with his girlfriend and those migrant workers found on the property.

He was having his illicit relationship with a married woman, the housekeeper, on my property for months. Even being warned that he is illegally trespassing on my property, he persisted and ignore my warning. The police were called to intervene on his illegal trespassing on the early morning of 15.1.2018. The illegal action of this officer is supported with evidence of a police report made.

Officer's car parked outside while illegally trespassing on the property
Officer’s car parked outside while illegally trespassing on the property

Complaint on immigration officer illegal action

Apart from this one illegal/criminal action of this officer, I also listed out many harassment acts that he carried out against me during my detention.

police report on immigration officer
What could be more clearer than the content of this police report against the immigration officer.

If immigration has a bona-fide case against me, why is this officer doing all these harassment acts? All these instances of harassment acts are in full public view of the other immigration officers and the detainees. Everyone knew that he was targeting me and saw his threatening behavior towards me. All these points to a setup by a rogue officer.

Main complaint about officer many harassment acts

1. This officer was one of the officers overseeing one of the other block in Pekan Nanas detention center. He had paid undue attention on me throughout the full remand period of my detention. This starts from the day I was brought to Pekan Nanas.

2. He would turned up whenever he is on duty at my detention cell to whack loudly on the metal bars with his baton to intimidate me.

3. Within one of the first few nights, he sent a kawasan (detainee-cum-immigration-runner) to forcefully snap a picture of me even though I tried to shield my face hiding behind other detainees. This picture is presumably for the purpose of gloating to his girlfriend of me in his Pekan Nanas cell.

4. The kawasan cartonly run from one side to the other side as I moved position to evade his mobile phone camera. Every detainees watched this incident and knew from then on that this officer has marked me out for harassment, intimidation and violence. He brags about his power as an officer in charge in this place and goes round showing what he can do to make life hellish for detainees. Such messages are directed at me at the same time warning others not to help me.

More acts of harassment

5. On one night, he created a “situation” and then instigated a guard who came in cursing and was looking for the moment that I would provoke him as a reason to whack me. By being silent and soft, he backed off and knew that he was being make use of by the officer.

6. The “situation” that he created is to make me out as a trouble maker that got the whole cell of detainees being punished together. Everyone was forced not to move from their position for an extra half an hour. By stirring this, he is signalling to some detainees to attack me inside the cell. Another time there was a fight between different groups of detainees and I was singled out to be a witness to snitch on those involved. By snitching will leads to you being a marked man but I claimed I was sleeping.

7. On another occasion, he was videotaping me when I was asleep and one of the detainee (who has been looking out for me) saw him doing the videoing. The video will showed my “pathetic state” from suffering from such cruel and inhumane conditions. I can only suspect that it is for the purpose of shaming me when released on youtube or social media. He could also used it for blackmailing purpose. For this reason, I have took the legal route so as to pre-empt any such possibilities.

8. I was told by one of the guard that he had ordered to withheld sending my passport over for the processing and delayed my release by one week or weeks.

9. I was also told, via the boyfriend (detained together with me) of the sister of the officer’s girlfriend, that they wow to use their influence to make sure that I will be jailed.

No reason to commit this offence

Is there any reason for me to commit such kind of offence. For money?

From August 2010 till Jan 2012, I have donated regularly a total of S$3,000 (equivalent RM6,900) and RM 25, 800 to a charity organization in Segamat. I have shown all these receipts as proof for these donations to my lawyers. I have given to Malaysia charity organization a total of RM32,700 over a period of one over year.

Is it because of my religion? Obviously my religion is different as I am a foreigner. So my religion is different from the officer’s religion. I remember him telling the police officers on the early morning of 15.01.2018 that I am of a certain religion, a different religion. On this question, I may not know. It is only the officer himself who has the answer.

Is it because of my race? Obviously my race is also different from a neighbouring country. So my race is also different from the officer’s race. I remember him telling the police officers on the early morning of 15.01.2018 that I am of a different race. On this question, I may not know. It is only the officer himself who has the answer.

Or is it beause I owned a property that may be worth quite a bit of money and I am more affluent?

Maybe there is “expectation” on his part. His girlfriend had declared in front of the police officers; quote: “to get me to move out, it is impossible”. On this question, I may not know. His girlfriend may knows something and they have kept it between themselves.

Anyway this place is a place with lots of dangers and perils. This piece of news is worth noting. Session court judge, DPP and lawyer to be charged with corruption.

girlfriend of immigration officer

Picture of the girlfriend of the immigration officer

This blog is to helps me move on with my life

All the statements above is the truth and nothing but the truth. More than two years have passed by and these are all but memories that has to be vented out. This sharing is also for public awareness of what perils can happened to a foreigner in Malaysia. Always be safe for your family’s sake.

Let all their wickedness come before thee; and do unto them, as thou hast done unto me for all my transgressions: for my sighs are many, and my heart is faint.

Lamentations 1:22

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