Immigration Abuses Cases

A foreigner encounter of immigration abuses

Immigration abuses in Malaysia, American Maggie posted on her 3.7-million-followers instagram. We may not be able to read about American Maggie’s story of her Malaysia 5-days-of-living-in-hell immigration abuses. This is according to her Instagram’s post on 3rd July 2019. She had posted the following quote; “I have been advised not to say more at this time, but thank you for your kind words and concern”. This is her encrypted message to say that she was gagged. Out of fear of something worse happening to her, she choose not to tell more. Well the truth that immigration failed to see is that it is impossible to gag the truth.

Some terrible immigration abuses encounter

Here is one real life case which is directly linked to my case. Because it is directly linked, I have first hand knowledge so what is shared is not conjecture.

Arrested together with me are two Nepalese nationals who holds valid work permits. The conclusion on why they holds valid work permits is based on the following.

#1 These two Nepalese were not charged in the Immigration court together with us.

#2 They are working as security guards for a large American multi-national company (MNC). I had direct dealing with this MNC for many years.

#3 This MNC requires contractor to be audited that they must meet stringent legal and professional requirements. So all security guards supplied to this MNC must be locals or foreigners with valid work permits.

#4 They paid RM6,000 each to an employment agency to obtain their work permits. Their documentation is with their company for administration purpose.

#5 They were told that they will be released after my court case has ended.

Nasty turn of event

After I was transferred back to Pekan Nanas from Kluang jail, I was surprised that they were still around.

#6 They said their boss had make some payments requested through fixer. On a side note; I was informed by my family that someone propose to my family to use a fixer in my case. This someone volunteers to be the intermediary between me and immigration and their fixer. This will be another tales for another day.

#7 They said their boss were then told to make more payment. This is believed to be the RM3,000 “redeem fee”. It is the unwritten market rate that bosses need to pay per worker to redeem one worker out. This is told to me by many detainees. This is every detainees’ only hope of getting out from this hell place, that their boss redeem them. It is also their hope to be still able to work and earn in Malaysia.

#8 Their boss refused to make this payment and they are now waiting for repatriation back to Nepal. This information came to them from their boss.

They were not redeemed out and now it has becomes their nightmare. They are faced with hardship to repay the loan they took back in their country.

Is these two Nepalese the only real life case that I encountered inside during my 35 days detention?

Another encounter with immigration abuses

This case involves a group of 11 Bangladeshi migrant workers. They are work permit holders workers who had completed two years contract with their previous contractor-employer.

One of them is Mr M.N.U. (Body No. 2xx) who is the group’s representative as he could conversed in English. Name and body ID is obscure to protect his identity.

They have each paid RM12,000 agency fee to their new employer for a two year contract. They have banded together as a group of workers to work on the construction of Southkey Megamall Development. This is the Phase 1 Project around Feb 2018 . The told them that their work permit will be processed for them accordingly.

The company is a big Sdn Bhd incoporated local contrctor company working on a mega construction project.

They were in shell-shock when they were rounded up by immigration on their construction site. It is most presumably that they were been informed upon by a collaborators-informer. Subsequently they were arrested and remanded at Pekan Nanas Detention Center. They were in fear of losing their RM12,000 agency fee paid as well as deportation and blacklisted from entering Malaysia.

They could not understand what was happening during the two weeks waiting to hear from their company. It was two weeks of life in hell and a possible nightmare for them and their families if deported.

Despair and despondency

We just prayed with them for their situation that they will not be cheated and can only hoped that they will be released to go back to work.

Almost all the detainees their stories about the RM3,000 “redeem fee” per worker. They are waiting for news of their boss redeeming them out from this hellish place.

They could only wait and wait in despair for the hope that their company would redeemed them. Otherwise, they will languished inside as undocumented migrants and wait for repatriation which could takes months.

They were finally released on a Tuesday (day every week to effect release per SOP). This was around the second last week of March.

Their boss had finally decided to make the payment after close to two weeks and redeem them out.

Languished for months in Pekan Nanas Detention before going back debt-laden to his poor family. This malnourished condition tells you the the food that is fed to detainees.

A case of a set-up on a doctor

This is a case of a qualified doctor who was double cross by his Malaysian agent after collecting thousand of RM agency fees from him. Without knowing that the doctor has left the country and re-entered on a social visit visa, the agent snitched to immigration officer that he had over-stayed.

The doctor was raided at his residence and remanded for 30 days before being told that his document is in order. “oh, we are sorry” is all that the Malaysia immigration says to him. “There is no charge and you will be set free”. He remained detained for weeks till he was deported out from Malaysia per their SOP.

Two victims of immigration abuses

Another victim, boy friend of the sister of immigration’s girlfriend

This next victim is the boyfriend of the sister who is the girlfriend of the immigration officer. The officer promised to release him after he had paid the officer a sum of money. The money, thousands of RM was paid by his girlfriend on his behalf. However it is still not enough to satisfy the officer and he refused to pay more. He was not released as promised to him.

In the end he was deported out from Malaysia and a victim of a scam. He was part of the group arrested together with me but was not charged.

Supposed to be released to go back to work after my trial ended, I was surprised to see him in Pekan Nanas when I was transferred back from Kluang jail. You never trust most immigration officer because you do not knows which officer is looking for victim.

He languished in Pekan Nanas for a few more weeks before he was deported out from Malaysia. In one of his chat with me, he cursed this immigration officer with a deadly curse for what he did to him. He is consider a relative upon his marriage to his girlfriend and the upon the marriage of the officer with his girlfriend.

So from the group of us arrested, these predators did managed to scam some victims. All these victims were deported and blacklisted to prevent any witnesses to reveal the truth about immigration abuses.

Blatant immigration abuses

As a matter of fact, there were many who holds valid documentation yet are arrested. In one of my post is the example of the Nigerian PhD student. He holds a valid student pass, yet was detained and subsequently died in custody.

When migrants workers encountered these hellish immigration abuses, their life will be filled with anguish and grief. They are usually the poorest migrants and so are voiceless. Thanks goodness for those NGOs who have stepped in and help in the case involving Filipinos mums and their children.

I had spent my 35 days of detention together with these migrants workers. These postings are to bring more public awareness of these terrible immigration abuses by sharing with the public on these encounters.

Migrants are easily detained for the claimed reason, “remand for investigation”. Just like me, these are told that they will be remanded for 14 days + another 14 days. But in actual fact, these migrants are detained more than the 28 days. I was never brought before a magistrate for the remand order during my 35 days detention.

From all above account, it seems like it is a big industry. It is no wonder that the ex-Home Minister in charge at that time is charged with 47 counts of corruption charges.

More public awareness of Malaysia immigration abuses

The public need to be aware that Malaysia immigration just locked defenseless migrants up for two weeks to months. And then arbitrary decides that they have valid work permits and release them. Possibly in return for something given, immigration decides then to release them.

Not only the public need to be aware, the international community and human rights organization should be concern about all these immigration abuses. Many of these abuses are directed at poor, voiceless and weak people from third world countries.

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