Malaysian Immigration authorities' two unlawful detentions

This page is all about articles related to as well as news concerning the Malaysian Immigration authorities' two illegal, unlawful and unconstitutional detentions.

It was with great relief and jubilation for me on that glorious morning of 12th day of Sept 2022 to receive news of a victory in the Kuala Lumpur High Court for my legal challenge against the Malaysian Immigration authorities.

This was the second victory against the Malaysian Immigration authorities for unlawfully detaining me from 27th March 2018 to 3rd April 2018 (8 days).

Similarly on 4th May 2021, it was greeted with much jubilation on the news of the first victory against the Malaysian Immigration authorities for unlawfully detaining me from 13th March 2018 to 26th March 2018 (13 days).

Why huge relief and jubilation? Because the truth has finally prevailed and the truth that I was subjected to not one but two unlawful detentions by the Malaysian Immigration authorities is now set in stone.

It was a massive win for all victims of past unlawful detentions of foreigners and foreign migrant workers. It is only fair to say that the Malaysia Immigration Act is anti-foreigner and anti-human rights seen from the legal fact of these two unlawful detentions.

These two unlawful detentions or wrongful confinements, the term used in the Malaysia Penal Code Act 574 is a criminal offence under section 342 to 348 (whichever section is applicable).

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Judicial Review on Police Inaction

Ensuring police action is to find out the truth of the matter concerning these three matters, namely: Was there a dark scheme by Immigration officers to fix me together with the vengeful ex-housekeeper? What were the motives behind the two parts illegal detentions? What was the real reason and motive for a merciless lifetime blacklist?

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Equality of justice is universal

The Malaysian FC Art. 8(1) enshrines the following:
“All persons are equal before the law and entitled to the equal protection of the law.”
I was detained illegally for 26 days in hostile, oppressive and inhumane immigration detention depot. For this abuse of human rights, I have made police reports to the Malaysian police. By the same token, in accordance with FC Art. 8 law, immigration officers perpetrating these crimes must be penalized in accordance with the Penal Code.


Criminal offences under penal code

This post is about alleged criminal offences under the penal code committed by Malaysian Immigration officers against me. After I have won the legal challenges against the Malaysian Immigration authorities on 4th May 2021 on their unlawful, illegal and unconstitutional detention, it is now a fact that there is criminal acts committed against me. As…


News of Singaporean’s unlawful detention

News on the compensation by Malaysian Immigration on 2nd part unlawful detention China Press: 非法扣留新国公民 移民局赔5万 _ 中國報 China Press Published date: 16/11/2022 Oriental Daily: 起诉大马移民局非法扣留 狮城退休工程师获赔5万 | 社会 | 東方網 馬來西亞東方日報 ( Published date: 16/11/2022 Channel 8 World: 非法扣留我国退休工程师 马国移民局被判赔偿5万令吉 Published date: 16/11/2022 Malaysiakini News: Immigration ordered to pay RM50K to Singaporean over unlawful detention.…


Second court victory in unlawful detention challenge

This morning was a different morning with a good signs from heaven. I had a lovely sighting of a bright full moon with a lone star below the moon to accompany me throughout my early morning walk exercise. It later turns out that it was indeed a harbinger of a sweet court victory news, the…


Presenting “manufactured” evidence to challenge facts

This post shares about the part 2 illegal detention by the immigration officers at their whims and fancies in disregard to court order of discharge that was issued after I paid the fine. Instead of any valid reasons or explanations, the immigration department produced two orders that I have never seen before and alleged that I was served and accepted.

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Does the State condone illegal detentions

With the court declaration orders on two detentions as illegal, it has proven that Immigration officers had abused their power to detain foreigners at their whims and fancies. Such abuse of authority to commit wrongful confinement, against helpless and defenseless non-citizen victims is a criminal offence. We await and see whether there is equality of law and justice in Malaysia as enshrined in the Federal Constitution of Malaysia, Article 8(1).

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Win for justice for case to be heard

The detention period after the first illegal detention It was perfect timing when the Singapore Straits Times journalist contacted me on a Friday evening. He was requesting for a phone interview following a piece of news released by Malaysiakini. This interview was prior to their news publication of my second legal challenge. On 2nd July,…


Cases of human rights abuses

This post shares about why the Immigration Act is an anti-foreigner anti-human rights law with a section 51(5)(b) proviso to the Federal Constitution Article 5. Examples of cases of human rights abuse by immigration officers were shown.

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4 Police reports against Johor immigration officers

On the 8.12.2021, I made four police reports against corrupt Johor immigration officers at a Singapore police station. This was following the instructions given by the Malaysia High Commissions Consular office in Singapore. These four police reports would then be transmitted to Interpol Singapore and via Interpol Malaysia, to the Bukit Aman Royal Malaysian Police…