A foreigner's account of Justice in Malaysia

This series is about the Malaysia legal and justice system following the saga of 37 days detention by the Malaysia Immigration Department.

This is a personal account of what a foreigner/Singaporean faced from the Malaysia legal and justice system in the event of being snared by this system not of your will.

The series is an on-going project as it moves through the various stages of the legal system. It can be a very long process that requires lots of patience as time and resources is endowed heavily on the other side.

But perseverance will be heavily exercised so that truth and justice will prevails and must prevails no matter how the other side tries to suppress the truth.


death of an innocent man

Inquest of innocent foreigner death

By Simon Koh | September 21, 2020

Updates of the foreigner Nigerian national death while unlawfully detained in immigration custody Inquest of innocent foreigner death, this post is a public watch on the case involving an innocent Nigerian who was unlawfully detained by the Malaysia Immigration Department which leads to his death while in their custody. Date…

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perverse enablers help subvert justice

Perverse Enablers Help Pervert Justice

By Simon Koh | December 27, 2020

Perverse enablers help pervert justice is about how when one fights against injustices, it will be with great odds stacked against you. This post writes about my experiences relating to my legal case in Malaysia. There are two other related posts that you can read here on “two opposing claims”…

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like a broken face

Judge’s Transfer and the Malaysia Justice System

By Simon Koh | January 30, 2021

 Judge’s transfer with all the buzz, and understanding the Malaysia justice system from a non-Malaysian’s point of view is what this post is about. This post writes about the transfer of the Judge, who presided over the 1MDB ex-Prime Minister Najib’s case, to the civil court – “relegation after elevation”.…

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death by unnatural death

Death By Unnatural Death of a Nigerian

By Simon Koh | March 18, 2021

Death by unnatural death of a Nigerian in Malaysia immigration custody, I am sure many people would like to know what is the truth behind this untimely death. This innocent foreigner is a Nigerian student pursuing his PhD in a Malaysia university. He died on 09-07-2019 and leave behind a…

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justice systems - tales of two different systems

Justice systems – A Tales Of Two Different Systems

By Simon Koh | April 27, 2021

Justice systems in Singapore and Malaysia, it is important to talk about the Singapore justice system in comparison to the Malaysia justice system. This is because both countries are so close to each other, just like twins. The citizens of both countries traveled, stay and do business in each other…

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magistrate remand

Magistrate Remand Order – Two Opposing Claims

By Simon Koh | May 4, 2021

Compilation of an account of events during 35 days immigration detention Regarding magistrate remand order question, it can be answered from a few different sources. One of the source is based on a compilation and recording of events during my 35 days detention. This compilation is to helps me remembered…

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lies and falsehoods

Lies and Falsehoods Perpetrators

By Simon Koh | May 26, 2021

Lies and falsehoods exposed , all thanks to the long-awaited good news; The Malaysia High Court had declared my 27-days detention by Malaysia Immigration Department was unlawful. Finally the Malaysia High Court’s declaration on 4th May 2021 have vindicated me. The High Court Justice had declared that the Malaysia Immigration…

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beautiful illusion

Beautiful Illusion of Law and Order

By Simon Koh | May 30, 2021

Beautiful illusion of law and order is for my dear fellow Singaporeans. This post is about how Malaysia Immigration Department treats Singapore citizen’s rights Thanks be to God for the truth has been revealed finally. This is from the Malaysia High Court’s declaration that the Immigration officers had detained me…

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Journeying the trail of deceits

By Simon Koh | August 11, 2021

Journeying the trail of deceits is a post to challenge and expose some unscrupulous officials’ attempt to brand someone as “criminal” by using deceits. At the end of this post, we can see that such officials themselves are likely in that category. So this is the start of a journey…

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Journal of Virtual Court Session

By Simon Koh | November 22, 2021

Introduction to journal of virtual court session of Appeal Court In the month of November of 2019, my application for a motion of revision was heard before the High Court. During the trial, by an act of God (thank you Lord Jesus), I was inadvertently handed a crucial piece of…

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