Journal Entries of 37-days Detention (Part 6)

Journal Entries For Day 30 – 29.03.2018 (Thursday)

Transfer from Kluang prison by excursion bus to Pekan Nanas Immigration Depot.

Day 1 back to Pekan Nanas Depot and day 30 in detention.

journal entries-4
Pekan Nanas Immigration Depot

Journal entries of photographic record of physical condition

We arrived at Pekan Nanas Depot after the excursion tour bus ride from Kluang prison in the afternoon.

Upon reaching Pekan Nanas office, one of the guards immediately took a photograph of me. For whatever reason, I know not and could only speculate on the reason for this photo taking of me.

The reason could be maybe to show that I was physically in good shape . Or maybe it could be a record of reference in the event that there is an physical assault on me.

My daughter had informed the high possibility of an assault as a serious concern to the Singapore Attaché. Many people knew of all the harassments and attempted assault from Immigration officer MZ.

*1 – This officer MZ was the main player of three main key persons throughout the whole saga.

I makes a police report against him for illegal trespassing on my property and evicted his girlfriend, a married woman from my property. So ever since I arrived in Pekan Nanas, he abused his position as an officer in charge of Pekan Nanas and has been harassingly me non-stop as well as instigated an attempted assault.

journal entries-5
Pagawai Imigresen Tinggi nama MZ

Journal entries of naked squat torture

As I have a Christian bible with me, I asked one of the escorting guards for permission to bring with me to read. The guard gave me permission to bring it together with me. This was prior to the naked body squat check that will be conducted later. I do not wants to be faulted or penalized during the body squat check.

Next is the naked body squat checks. Here the Immigration guards did the usual check on us fully naked and doing numerous squatting exercises. This numerous squats supposedly to find hidden items before putting us in the detention cell. It is more of a torture in disguise with the fast-paced numerous squatting and standing exercise.

I have declared to them my asthma condition and the squat exercise could trigger an asthma attacks. But these guards ignore and insisted on the strenuous squats despite the health risks.

But for the first squat check on 02.03.2018, one of the guards excused me from the squat torture because of my asthma medical condition. Upon finishing the torturous exercise we collect our belongings.

Journal entries of assault by immigration guard

During the collection of belongings, one of the Immigration guards assaulted me with a hard kick when I retrieved my personal bible. I fell to the hard concrete ground and my spectacles fell off to the ground.

One of his colleagues quickly helped me. He helped me to get up on my feet, checked whether my spectacles was damaged and whether I was injured or not.

As a Singaporean, it is hard to imagine such sadistic treatment from Immigration officer of a friendly neighboring country. So he is one of those anti-Singaporean Immigration officer, considering his colleague, another guard had already given permission.

At least the other guard helped picks me up and showed some concern. It was so unlike this sadist guard’s behavior.

I can only reported this incident verbally to the senior Malaysia Immigration officer assigned to accompany for the repatriation back to Singapore. There is no other avenue to report any assault and complaint.

journal entries

Journal Entries For Day 31 – 30.03.2018 (Friday)

Day 2 back in Pekan Nanas Depot.

Day 31 in detention

Skirmish and fight challenges

Today a small fight started involving a Japanese national and another man. As the man started to hit the Japanese, others also took opportunities to join in and beat this Japanese as he fought back.

However this fight did not last long as the immigration officers started to open the cell door and intervene.

About this Australia national Ang Mo, I had written about him in this post on his fight incident with a few Nepal nationals.

And because of that incident the top Immigration officer arranged to move the Australian to the cell upstairs in exchange for a Japan national to move down.

The Japan national detainee

What is puzzling is why must the top Immigration officer select a Japan national instead of just any third world detainee? Whatever the reason for this choice, we now have a Japan national staying in our cell.

This Japan national came down carrying very little possession and tattered clothes and beltless three-quarters pants. His pants were folded up unevenly and the shirt button was buttoned wrongly. This gives the impression that he is slightly off his rocker. He was wearing the same clothes as what he was wearing as when he was picked up.

The escorting officer parting words to him: “XXX-San, you must be good here”. We do not know the name of any of the detainee. Every detainee is just a three-digit number.

A loner handicap by language barrier

It is noticeably that he must have been having a hard time in his previous environment, the cell upstairs from the guard and detainees from the tone of the guard and their body language.

He is of 40 to 45 years old of age; about 5 feet 7 inches tall with crew cut hair and unshaven chin. He does not understand the Malay language except the little he picked up while being locked inside here and everyone communicated in Malay.

It is clear that his language handicap (not understanding Malay and English) caused him to be misunderstood easily and was being picked on many times.

Though his behavior is a bit peculiar, but we can see his Japanese Samurai spirit in his response to those taunting and bullying when he fights back.

Journal Entries For Day 32 – 31.03.2018 (Saturday)

Day 3 back in Pekan Nanas Depot.

Day 32 in detention

Set aside this day to fast and pray specifically that there will be no deliberate refusal to transfer my passport from Setia Tropika Immigration HQ to Pekan Nanas. This is the requirement that will stop my release as schedule and makes it reasonable in the public eyes.

Unless Setia Tropika Immigration HQ send my valid travel document/passport to Pekan Nanas front desk tomorrow, then only would my release be process for me in the same week.

Setia Tropika Immigration HQ Building

The nameless and faceless SOP is just a convenient scapegoat

Their Immigration SOP requires that for a release in Pekan Nanas, the detainee’s passport must be provided to the Pekan Nanas Administration in order to process the release.

In other words, Pekan Nanas Immigration officer will not release me if they do not receive my passport on Sunday regardless of whatever circumstances.

This is one of their ways to detain you longer by using and hiding behind the faceless and nameless SOP as the culprit for your non-release.

Everyone here knew that the Immigration will deliberately tried to detain me as long as they like just by not transferring my passport to Pekan Nanas.

Journal Entries For Day 33 – 01.04.2018 (Sunday)

Day 4 back in Pekan Nanas Depot.

Day 33 in detention.

Journal entries of medical treatment of urinal tract infection

As I fasted and prayed for a smooth process, I was looking to the good news that my passport had been delivered as prayed for.

Strangely that on this day I suffered a urinal tract infection (UTI) in the morning. This UTI caused so much pain that I had to see a doctor urgently while muster time was on.

The officer immediately let me out so that I could visit the doctor to be treated. I was harboring a hope that I could go to a hospital or this might even facilitate an early release. However it was a very long wait as the guards were busy with detainees’ movement, muster time and other duties. There were no spare guard available to escort me to doctor. They leave me to suffer in much discomfort and pain. They would have leave me to die if my heart attack that happened four months later had happened in this inhumane place.

That is why there are cases of detainee who died while in detention when he develop life-threatening medical condition due to waiting for hours for a spare escort guard to follow him to hospital emergency. When that occurs, then the blame is only on the faceless and nameless SOP.

journal entries

Intelligence gathering by the China national detainee

While outside and waiting, the China national was also allowed out to contact his wife to send his air ticket to Setia. As he has been “giving” generously to some guards, in exchange they were providing information he asked for.

According to the information he received, everyone who is processed to be release on Thursday would have their process completed by Sunday with their passport and air tickets. Without the passport being given to Pekan Nanas on Sunday, I will not be released on the 04-04-2018.

He was given information that his earliest release could be happening the week after next week or even a later date. He is possibly expecting the same play similar to the play that happened for his Kluang prison release.

A surprise visit by a friend

In the afternoon after returning to my cell, I was called to go out again. I initially I thought was to receive confirmation that my passport has been received in Pekan Nanas. However it was not so but a “jumpa” visit, it was someone visiting me.

While waiting, one guard chatted with me and then helped run a check through his hand phone and warn me that Setia Tropika Immigration had not sent my passport and advised me that unless Pekan Nanas received my passport ASAP, my release would not be processed in time for this week release.

It was another of the scheming Singh officer’s plot to stop my release on the 04-04-2018. Through this visit by a good friend, I relayed a message through her to my family to sought assistance from Singapore Attaché and my lawyer.

Setia Tropika Immigration’s outrageous claim

The Singapore Attaché’s representative approached Setia Tropika Immigration officer to forward my passport to process my release on the 04.04.2018.

The Setia Tropika Immigration Officer makes the claim to the representative that they did not receive my passport. The Attaché informed my daughter of this ridiculous claim. She retrieved the acknowledgment receipt issued by Immigration department to the Attaché’s office to challenge the Immigration Officer’s outrageous claim.

journal entries-3
Setia Tropika outrageous claim on “missing” passport

My daughter regularly seeks out the Attaché to get updates as well as seek their help knowing what these Malaysia Immigration officers are up to in this saga.

With the help of the Singapore Attaché’s intervention, they had to produce my passport and send to Pekan Nanas without my family paying any “3k service fee”. We have heard from the China national of this “3k service fee” being paid so that he would not be detained unnecessary longer.

With the block 4B other detainee-friends, we talked about the corrupt role that the Mr PS officer had played in releasing lies and false information to me regarding the number of persons being without valid document is only 5 while in actual facts, it was 6 persons. Also he was feeding false information that the fat Nepalese girl has valid documentation while her friend was a runaway and had no valid documentation. These friends shared similar sentiments on the Mr PS officer.

Journal Entries For Day 34 – 02.04.2018 (Monday)

Day 5 back in Pekan Nanas Depot.

Day 34 in detention.

A doctor detainee

This day we have a new detainee who is a doctor. He was being detained together with us in Block 4B while awaiting for his repatriation.

The senior immigration officer who brought him told the Pekan Nanas front office to look out for him as he is a qualified doctor. Furthermore, they had no case to charge him after their investigation.

So the front desk quickly helps him to procure an air ticket through them instead of asking his Malaysian girl friend to buy the ticket and then send to the Pekan Nanas office.

Though the senior three-pip officer says that they are waiting to repatriate him, they have to put him inside Pekan Nanas according to their SOP. He ended up having an unjustly long detention before being repatriated. We met again when he was finally out and back in Singapore.

journal entries-2
Doctor, Illegal foreigner he was not yet was detained by crooked Immigration

Journal entries of doctor’s account of his case

He was asked by Pekan Nanas front office staff why he, being an intelligent doctor, was arrested. So he gave his account of how he was being cheated by a Malaysian-Chinese agent. He engaged this agent to act for him on his visa application.

This is his story of being setup by a local immigration agent working in collaboration with Immigration.

This agent promised to help him secure a permit so that he could operate as a licensed doctor in Malaysia. He has a girl friend who is a Malaysia citizen. However this agent failed to do that but demand another RM15k to be able to continue the process. Naturally the doctor saw through the scam and refused to give in to the extra RM15k demand.

So that agent collaborates with immigration to raid his place of residence, thinking that he is staying in Malaysia without a valid visa. Both the agent and his Immigration handlers were doing this for “expectations” from doctor.

Then the front desk chided him for being foolish as a doctor to trust the agent. She then told him that many agents are in cahoots with immigration in arresting many of the cases. Anyway he clarified that he did not trusted the Malaysian agent but he trusted his friend who recommended the agent. It is his bad day that the Malaysian agent is a crooked man.

Journal Entries For Day 35 – 03.04.2018 (Tuesday)

Day 6 back in Pekan Nanas Depot.

Day 35 in detention.

An illegal foreigner this doctor was not

Immigration officers was tipped off by this crooked agent and raided his place of residence. They arrested him citing that he did not have passport. However his passport was with China Embassy for the purpose of applying for China visa. During investigation, Immigration determined that he had a valid passport stamped with a 30 days social visit pass. This 30-days-allowed-to-stay in Malaysia stamp was still valid yet was detained. Maybe someone do not understand what this mean thus making the mistake.

It so happened that when immigration officer visited him at his house, he just came into Malaysia with a 30 days tourist visa and was in the process of applying for a visa for China who took his passport for the processing.

When he could not produce his passport, they detained and remanded him for the standard 14 days plus 14 days detention. All under the pretence of carrying out the investigating process.

We have known from all that we have seen inside this place that all these is for the purpose to intimidate, frightened then “milked” some ”expectations”.

They have nothing to charge him and could only say: “sorry, wrongful arrest” to him that he has to goes through this. They told him to bear with all these detention before getting send back to home country.

So he ended up in detention for 28 days when they finally settled his case when they could not charged him any offences. Immigration came up with a reason to cover up the mistake in his detention. This is through putting him on a “return-to-country-of-origin” to cover up apparently.

Fasted for one day to pray for my release on the 04.04.2018

Journal Entries For Day 36 – 04.04.2018 (Wednesday)

Day 7 back in Pekan Nanas Depot.

Day 36 in detention.

Journal entries of release date

This was the day that they could no longer keep me within their detention walls despite all their dirty strategies. They called out my body number after morning breakfast. The call-out is for my release on this day from Pekan Nanas cell.

I saw their disbelief that Malaysia Immigration Department actually released me. As long as a detainee is in their hand, they have every opportunity to milk “something”. Everyone in the cell believed that Immigration would definitely keep me in Pekan Nanas for at least another week or even two weeks. Most detainees’ minds are conditioned that they are at the mercies of these Immigration officers.

They have seen many cases of long period of detention without justifications for many previous detainees, of whom some I have detailed their cases. Even a Singaporean released with me on the same day shared that it will at least a week or 2 weeks before we will get released. This is from their observations, the experiences and stories of many detainees in the past.

Release from Pekan Nanas

This day I firmly insisted that they returned my bible to me which they refused. I then have to get the 3-pip officer who will be escorting me back to Singapore to intervene.

I persistently requested for the return of my personal bible and he finally managed to retrieve it from the guards and returned to me.

A Singaporean drawn from a different cell was to be released together with me. They drove us to Setia Tropika Immigration to process the final repatriation/release paperwork and documentation prior to the release.

They revoke the MM2H visa and put me on their immigration blacklist for lifetime from entering Malaysia. The Mr PS officer putting this stamp on my passport must be thinking that Malaysia is paradise on earth and life would be miserable in my home country with a lifetime ban.

journal entries-6
Blacklist stamp courtesy of Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia – Depot Pekan Nanas

While waiting here, an Immigration officer gives me a contact phone number for a backdoor way to get my name off the blacklist. I gamely took the HP number curious to find out if that was for real or not.

And when I eventually tested the number, someone answers and offers RM10,000 for this service. According to him the market rate is RM15,000 but it is a fools’ game to believe such tales knowing that it is all an Immigration scam.

A fake name, Gee (this name will only be recognized by those officers using his services) was given.

HP: +6014388xxxx

A scheming corrupt officer

This Mr PS officer tried to sell me a story that this delay to release me was to help me. He claimed that that the appeal process will be speeded up while I am still in detention. It will not be so if I am in Singapore. The way he told this lie without batting an eyelid shows his scheming corrupt ways. This lie really takes the cake.

*2 – This Mr PS officer was another one of three main key persons throughout the whole saga, good in scheming. He sent an intermediary to meet my family around the second week. The purpose was to suggest making payment through a “fixer”. This intermediary claims that this Mr PS officer is a pious religious man who is trying to “help” me. By doing that we could save on lawyer’s fees and save the trouble of going through the court process. It was a lie by the Mr PS officer to trick the intermediary. The intermediary approached my family not knowing the Mr PS officer’s ulterior motive.

This Mr PS officer is trying to scam my family without involving himself. My family did not felled for his “devious” scheme nor give a single dollar for such “backdoor” help.

Prior to this date, I committed myself to a day of fasting and prayer for the smooth process of my release, i.e. on the coming Wednesday. And in answer to fasting and prayer and God’s intervention, my release happened on 4.4.2018.

Arrival back to Singapore

Finally I arrived back to Singapore but with Malaysia’s handcuffs. Malaysia Immigration is trying to “shame” me and making Singapore Authority believes that I was a criminal from Singapore committing serious crime in Malaysia.

At this time and with writing and completing this journal, I have documented and given a full accounting of the whole saga. This proves without doubts that the suppose shame which Malaysia Immigration tried to put on my head have returned upon the heads of these three main key persons.

*3 – The last key person is a very senior officer, Mr MH and is the worst of the three. He swore on oath before God in his affidavit that he “personally” brought me before the Magistrate when in truth I have only seen him once throughout the whole saga. I only saw him on the night he arrested me and after that see him no more.

End of saga

At the Singapore ICA, ICA held me in the ICA holding area while ICA trawled their database to check whether I have committed any offences. Officer from the Police department also interviewed me before allowing me to leave for home.

My family member waited for me to exit from ICA for homecoming. After changing into a new set of clothes, washed up and get myself clean-shaven for a nice photo-taking together. We send this photo to all my well wishers that I am now home safe and sound.

journal entries-1
Singapore ICA

This is notwithstanding what these corrupt people had plotted against me, it is a testimony that God had protected me and preserved my life.

This concludes the saga of 37 days of unlawful detention in inhumane and cruel conditions in these Malaysia Immigration Depots.

The Immigration department goes to great length to shroud all these in secrecy to hides the hordes of skeletons and atrocities within these walls. Any news or information surrounding these Immigration Detention Centers will gets censored. The Malaysia public will be none the wiser on the atrocities within these walls.

As of writing, we have one recent example of this censorship. They have just gone after a well-respected internationally recognized social worker for writing and exposing these inhumane facilities and sharing on social media. Click link below on story:[0]=AZVI5EPTq8nhGYgv8JJxMFt4LM-oFiLiIPSJzme0QqJFsdjgrJ0vJ6ogBS5OPFhCuECPVOnNpQ5J1x2IVOkg06qs-wZUOvLeMQP98c73g5lY7FKz4nIWLOZ-WE1D4uFlLYSApaY-Srvk9LqAsvNtNOkQvHB9gx4mSAr5V00TKujqkw&tn=*NK-y-R

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