Rogue Immigration Officer And Housekeeper

Rogue immigration officer and the rogue housekeeper criminal action was the main object of my complaint in my appeal letter to the Director General (DG) of Immigration. Writing an appeal letter to the DG was based on the hope that my lifetime blacklist could be lifted.

This hope came about from the advice of staff officer under the Malaysia High Commission in Singapore. So I wrote the appeal letter in July 2018, addressed to the DG of immigration HQ. The appeal letter contains my allegations of the criminal action of this rogue immigration officer and a set-up conspiracy with other immigration officers.

However I later found out that it were a futile exercise and an ill advice give. I never received any reply. This appeal letter just went into a black hole.

Not giving up, I then request for assistance from the Director of MM2H. This Director did put in much effort and solicit a response from the Immigration DG.

The DG then offered a “concession” of three months special visit visa in response to the Director of MM2H. This three-month visit visa was for the purpose of disposing of all my Malaysia properties and cars. The properties include the property that immigration raided and destroyed in the aftermath. You can read about the aftermath here. But nobody can dispose his/her properties and cars with all the processing within just three months. At the end of it all, long story short, the lifetime blacklist stays regardless of whatever I wrote in the appeal letter.

rogue housekeeper
Email from MM2H director on the three months “concession” from immigration DG.

Immigration black market for “cleaning” blacklist for foreigners

rogue immigration officer
Stamped with the lifetime blacklist

Even with the best of evidences and justifications showing a rogue immigration officer and the housekeeper who turns rogue to set me up with corrupt intentions. All these efforts will fail as I later read of news report which confirms back-door black market for blacklist removal and the other industry-like corruption within immigration.

You can read the news here (headlined Immigration DG: Digital printing will replace manual passport stamping to stop corrupt practices) & here (headlined MACC: KLIA deputy immigration director among three nabbed over forgery syndicate) & here (headlined MACC nabs 27 Immigration officers involved in syndicate which caused ‘serious breach’ in country’s borders).

They offered this back-door removal of blacklisting through someone working in Setia Tropika Immigration. The scheming immigration officer is probably the man behind this as one last ditch attempt to scam me. This attempt happened on the day of repatriation.

For this back-door removal of blacklisting service, the offer was RM15,000. But they could discount it down to RM10,000. However I would not even go anywhere near supporting such kind of corruption.

Today, three years down the road and after going through the court process, the truth of a set-up will be soon exposed publicly.

Immigration DG offered a worthless ill-meaning “concession”

As to the “concession” from the DG for three months to settle my Malaysia properties and cars, it was a useless “concession”. Who in the right mind would accept such a “concession”? Accepting this “concession” would mean the end of the road for me. It means that I will be giving up all my rights to future recourses through other routes.

There are other possible routes such as the court to overturn such atrocious injustice. We rather considered all other options rather than accepting an ill-meaning “concession”.

In fact by using this DG’s letter of “concession”, I could get a new Singapore passport. After getting my new passport, it was like returning the shame of the blacklist back on the heads of those immigration officers who did this shameful act.

The battle for truth and righteousness will not stop. Possible options will be considers and includes taking legal in the court against the DG. We have been praying and trusting God for the fight until the truth revealed and exposed the injustice.

Another potential rogue immigration officer (IO)

We managed to expose another potential rogue immigration officer (IO as recorded in diary of events, TPPI M.H.B.K.) who participated in this set-up through the legal process. You can read more about this investigating immigration officer role in the set up here.

This so-called investigating immigration officer was the officer who leads the raiding party on my property and thereafter throughout my detention never sees him anymore. Instead, another officer junior in rank to him was the person investigating. You can read about this scheming immigration officer here. He sends an acquaintance of me to my family to arrange for some “payment” to immigration team 5 under the pretense of helping me.

My wife was allows to visit me on the 7th day of my detention. This acquaintance of mine visited me on the 9th day of my detention, 2 days after my wife’s visit. He visited me to ask my permission to talk to my family about this scheming officer’s offer of fake help. His argument is it is not worth spending money on lawyers, it won’t helps. My family rejected this kind of “help” from corrupt officer outright.

Snippet of the Diary of events recorded by a relative who previously held a law enforcement position. It recorded this immigration officer, Mr PS attempting to solicit “expectation” for immigration Team 5. Team 5 is the team of the Defendant now submitting “tampered” evidence.

In the legal process, he egregiously submitted “tampered” evidence in place of the original evidence in the Malaysia court. This original evidence very clearly support the truth that they have detained me without a lawful Magistrate order. Instead of producing the clearer copy of the original evidence, he produced the “tampered” evidence.

Without a Magistrate order for remand according to their Federal Constitution law, my 28 days detention is thus unlawful.

Rogue immigration officer (Mr. M.Z.B.H.A.) criminal action

In my appeal letter to the DG, I have laid out in much detail on the rogue immigration officer’s criminal action in cahoots with the rogue housekeeper. I could lay out as much details with supporting evidences but at the end of the day, this rogue immigration officer is a “figment of my imagination”. This DG is “too brilliant” a man to probably let my appeal letter sees the light of day in his office in-tray.

So what was my complaint about this rogue immigration officer that makes his actions illegal and criminal? There must be a whole host of charges to makes this convincing to support my argument. It is very clear for anyone to see that this was a malicious revenge act as well attempting to scam a large sum of money from me.

I listed out in my complaint that it was a set-up as I list out the many illegal actions of this rogue immigration officer. He was trespassing on my property illegally for months. I provided police report as evidence of his illegal trespassing after my warnings against his trespassing. He was having an illicit relationship i.e. committing adultery with this married rogue housekeeper.

Reported to police on his criminal action

This officially confirmed his criminal action when the police came to my property in the early morning to intervene. They were called out from sleeping around 3.00 am on 15th Jan of 2018 and questioned. The criminal action of this rogue immigration officer resulted with a police report made against him and the rogue housekeeper as evidence.

Rogue housekeeper’s involvement in set up

When this rogue immigration officer was staying with the housekeeper, he was actually staying together with those migrant workers found on the property. One of them was the Nepalese boyfriend of the sister of the rogue housekeeper.

The Nepalese boyfriend was detained together with me and ended up repatriated back to Nepal and blacklisted. After he was repatriated, he corresponded with me. It was through the correspondence that he told his story of being scammed by the rogue immigration officer of thousands of ringgit.

Such is the criminal action of this rogue immigration officer and the rogue housekeeper. There are many such cases with all those detained migrant workers. They were scammed, they were repatriated and blacklisted to prevent them coming out as witness against those corrupt immigration officers.

There were two other Nepalese security guards with valid work permit. These two security guards were being promise that they will be released to their local employer after payment. Instead, they were repatriated back to Nepal.

They also alleged that their employer had paid substantial amount to the rogue immigration officer. However they will never be a witness against any immigration officer because of the blacklist ban.

Rogue immigration officer harassments acts

Apart from this one illegal/criminal action of this officer, this rogue immigration officer (M.Z.B.H.A.) carried out many harassment acts against me during my detention.

After getting his immigration colleague (he is now the Defendant who submitted the “tampered” evidence) to raid my property, they unlawfully detained me without a Magistrate Order. So I was locked up and cut off all communication for 14 days till me wife gets the approval to visit me. If immigration’s case is a bona-fide case against me, why is this officer doing all these harassment acts? All these instances of harassment acts are in full public view of the other immigration officers and the detainees. Everyone knew that he was targeting me and saw his threatening behavior towards me. All these pointed to a setup by a rogue immigration officer and his rogue housekeeper girlfriend as retaliation revenge.

This rogue immigration officer was one of the officers overseeing one of the blocks in Pekan Nanas detention center. On the second day that I was at this immigration detention center, he started to harass me. He had paid undue attention on me throughout the full remand period of my detention. This starts from the day I was brought to Pekan Nanas.

He would turn up whenever he is on duty at my detention cell to whack loudly on the metal bars with his baton to intimidate me.

criminal action
Immigration ID card of Mr. M.Z.B.M.A. forwarded by his housekeeper girlfriend.

Abuse of power by rogue immigration officer

Within one of the first few nights, he sent a kawasan to forcefully snap a picture of me. Kawasan is a term that refers to detainee cum immigration runner. The kawasan tried hard to snap a photo even though I tried to shield my face hiding behind other detainees.

The kawasan then runs from one side to the other side as I moved position to evade his mobile phone camera. Every detainees watching this incident and knew from then on that this officer has marked me out for harassment, intimidation and violence.

This picture is presumably for the purpose of gloating to his rogue housekeeper girlfriend of me in his Pekan Nanas cell.

He brags about his power as an officer in charge in this place and goes round showing what he can do to make life hellish for detainees. These messages are for at me and at the same time warning others not to help me.

The boyfriend of the sister of the rogue immigration officer’s girlfriend also informed me that they had wowed to make sure that I will get a jail term.

More acts of harassment by rogue immigration officer

On one night, this rogue immigration officer created a “situation” and then instigated a guard who came in cursing and was looking for the moment that I would provoke him as a reason to whack me. By staying silent and soft, it makes him backed off and knew that he was being made use of by the officer.

The “situation” that he created is to make me out as a trouble maker that got the whole cell of detainees being punished together. Everyone was forced not to move from their position for an extra half an hour. By stirring this, he is signaling to some detainees to attack me inside the cell. Another time there was a fight between different groups of detainees and I was singled out to be a witness to snitch on those involved. By snitching, it will leads to you being a marked man but I claimed I was sleeping to avoid being ensnared.

On another occasion, he was videotaping me when I was asleep and one of the detainees (who have been looking out for me) saw him doing the videoing. The video will showed my “pathetic state” from suffering from such cruel and inhumane conditions. I can only suspect that it is for the purpose of shaming me when released on Youtube or social media. He could also use it for blackmailing and any criminal action. For this reason, I have taken the legal option so as to pre-empt any such possibilities.

I heard from a guard that he had ordered to withhold sending my passport over for the processing so as to delay my release by one week or weeks.

No reason for me to commit such offence

Is there any reason for me to commit such kind of offence. For money? Definitely not!

From August 2010 till Jan 2012, I have donated regularly a total of S$3,000 (equivalent RM6,900) and RM 25, 800 to a charity organization in Segamat. These receipts as proof for these donations were all shown to my lawyers. I have given to Malaysia charity organization a total of RM32,700 over a period of one over year.

Receipt of donation to Malaysia charity organization

Is it because of my religion? It could likely be the reason. I remember him telling the police officers on the early morning of 15.01.2018 that I am of a certain religion, a different religion. On this question, I may not know. It is only the officer himself who has the answer.

Is it because of my race? Obviously my race is also different from a neighbouring country. So my race is also different from the officer’s race. I remember him telling the police officers on the early morning of 15.01.2018 that I am of a different race. On this question, I may not know. It is only the officer himself who has the answer.

Or is it because I owned a property that may be worth quite a bit of money that they are targeting?

Maybe there is “expectation” on his part. His girlfriend had declared in front of the police officers; quote: “to get me to move out, it is impossible”. On this question, I may not know. His girlfriend may knows something and they have kept it between themselves.

Anyway this place is a place with lots of dangers and perils. Read this piece of news on how terrible a country indeed: Headline Session court judge, DPP and lawyer to be charged with corruption.

Why write this post

This post seeks to put out much factual accounts of events publicly. All the sharing above is telling as what it is and nothing but the truth. More than two years have passed by and these are all but memories now. This sharing is also for public awareness of what perils can happened to a foreigner in Malaysia. Always be safe for your family’s sake.

Let all their wickedness come before thee; and do unto them, as thou hast done unto me for all my transgressions: for my sighs are many, and my heart is faint.

Lamentations 1:22

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