Tragedy Of Untold Grief In Immigration Detention

immigration detention

Tragedy of untold grief, this post is about the death of an Indian-national immigration detainee who died in Immigration Detention Center. He died while immigration guards are busy going along with their SOP rather an emergency. It was the same detention center that immigration detained me for 27 days (28.2.2018 – 26.03.2018) without a Magistrate…

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RPGT Retention Sum Abuses Foreign Investors

RPGT Malaysia LHDN

RPGT retention sum abuses foreign investors is written for foreigner disposing Malaysia property. It is especially so when relating to residency, investments, taxes and bureaucracy. You will be guided through what is RPGT Malaysia LHDN. Writing from my experiences and encounters with LHDN, I laid out the facts to support my unpleasant experience. At the…

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Rogue Immigration Officer And Housekeeper

rogue immigration officer and housekeeper

Rogue immigration officer and the rogue housekeeper criminal action was the main object of my complaint in my appeal letter to the Director General (DG) of Immigration. Writing an appeal letter to the DG was based on the hope that my lifetime blacklist could be lifted. This hope came about from the advice of staff…

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MM2H Visa Foreigners And RPGT

mm2h visa

MM2H visa foreigners before making a decision to buy a house in Malaysia must consider what important factors like RPGT before doing so. MM2H visa is a long term visa that allows a foreigner to reside in Malaysia under Malaysia My Second Home program. There are many important factors to consider such as, to name…

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