Invest In Malaysia, More Reasons Before Deciding

reasons not to invest in malaysia

Invest in Malaysia or not, first reason laid out Invest in Malaysia or not, one has to consider this important reasons which is mentioned in my first post. This is the arbitrary rule change on the RPGT in 2018. One of the additional rule has left foreign investors hanging high and dry. This is the…

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Perils Of Losing Durian Plantation

perils of losing durian plantation

Perils faced by durian plantation owners Lately there are bad news from Raub, in the state of Pahang, the place of many “Musang king” durian plantations. These local owners are facing the perils of losing their plantations. The plantation is all their hard work and labor over the years. By changing rules arbitrary, a claimant…

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Life Inside Malaysia Immigration Detention Center

Malaysia immigration detention center

Life inside immigration detention center, one of suffering and torture We have read of many horror stories of illegal migrants‘ intense sufferings within the walls of Malaysia Immigration detention center. But we know very little of what they actually goes through. This blog post and many subsequent posts will shed more light for the public…

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35 Days Of Living Hell In Malaysia

living hell in Malaysia

Days of living hell Let me describe in this post what is meant by “5 days of living hell” that popular American singer, Maggie Lindemann was subjected to. She was locked away in an immigration detention for 5 days (based on her public instagram post) for her infraction. It was reported, quote Malaysia Immigration: “The…

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Arbitrary Rule Change To RPGT

arbitrary rule change to rpgt taxes

How arbitrary rule change affects house buying decision As a foreigner buying a house in Malaysia, what are the important factors to consider when making that decision? There are many important factors to consider such as: #1 top of the list is will we have arbitrary rule change governing foreigners buying Malaysia properties. #2 what…

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Be Careful On Immigration Matters

hedge your risks and avoid grief

Good to be careful always From many of my earlier postings, the moral of the story is to be careful when it comes to immigration matters or dealing with Malaysia Immigration. This is especially so with foreigners such as Singaporeans. Singaporeans are by and large more trusting and also more affluent. They make good victims.…

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