Blog Journal – Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H)

Malaysia my second home (MM2H)

Blog Journal Of Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) 🏡 Journey

This is a blog journal of Malaysia My Second Home journey and the aftermath of a set up by a rogue immigration officer, together with his immigration-officer colleague & the Immigration investigation officer.

BlogM2H blog journal writes mainly on my Malaysia My Second Home experiences, on the events that had happened and the people related to such experiences.

One such significant event is related to a local married woman staying on my property who was co-habiting with a rogue immigration officer. This property was acquired so as to do some local charity as a form of giving back for the Malaysia My Second Home benefits. And because it is for charity, the local married woman was given to stay for free.

Though married but separated from her husband, she went on to get involved with the rogue immigration officer.

She then allowed this officer to trespass illegally on my property for few months. For this illegal trespassing, I took action to evict her for which they then conspired against me.

This rogue immigration officer then roped in both his immigration-officer colleague and the Immigration investigation officer to target me. To them I was a defenseless but well-to-do victim because this rogue officer had seen me a few times. Being immigration officers, they have power over foreigners easily. So in their eyes, I was going to be an easy-meat foreigner.

In this blog journal, I have set to lay out the details and facts of their corrupt acts against me in these few posts. For the immigration investigation officer, the facts are acquired through the court as well as more damning. These are the perpetrators in this conspiracy for some pieces of silver in exchange for their souls.

Worthless piece of Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) visa

My blog journal starts the journey from my Malaysia My Second Home visa application year in 2010.

After the set up and the detention up to April 2018, I was then repatriated across the border back to Singapore in handcuff. This act is an attempt to shame me to prevent a fight-back.

Just to allow for repatriation instead of a release, my Malaysia My Second Home visa was revoked by Johor Immigration to allow this shameful action by the Malaysia immigration hoisted on me.

Before the repatriation, I was taken to Setia Tropika Immigration HQ to put the blacklist stamp on my passport. However I was not told that it was a blacklist-for-life stamp. At this Setia Tropika, there was a last ditch effort by an officer there to dangle a “back-door pass” to gets around the blacklist for a five-digit figure. As far as I am concerned, not a single dollar can be expected to be profited out from me. It sure is not for someone who was a victim of a conspiracy.

All these are done to shame me to prevent a fight-back but heaven forbids that this can be allowed to stand.

Blacklisted to prevent fight-back

Back in Singapore a week later, I then visited the Malaysia High Commissioner to confirm on the matter regarding the duration of my blacklist. It was then confirmed to me that Malaysia had blacklisted me for life. I was also told by them that only the Malaysia Immigration HQ in KL could remove this blacklist-for-life.

I was shocked beyond belief to hear this confirmation. Needless to say the road ahead will be a very long and difficult road for me and for my family.

Because I am no longer able to enter Malaysia, what will be badly affected will be my Malaysian houses (bought for Malaysia My Second Home purposes) and my Malaysian car (imported from Singapore for Malaysia My Second Home purposes). All these have since been in complete limbo thereafter.

It has caused huge financial losses to my family as well as upended our lives. These losses are in addition to huge financial contributions to the local economy because of Malaysia My Second Home’s requirements. Such is the cruelty of this group of people (including those that assisted them on this. There were more people involved and drawn in since till current) that their actions deserved to be fully exposed to the world.

Blog journal aims to Inform and expose for public awareness

This blog journal documented the true facts of what transpired on the set up despite having stayed many years under Malaysia My Second Home program. All these facts were obtained after having gone through the legal process in the Malaysia High Court. This legal process has dragged on for almost two years.

Having gone through the Malaysia justice system, their legal process as well as through their High Court, whatever is documented on this blog journal is factual and objective.

At the same time, the whole legal process exposes how justice can be subverted just because that someone such as one like me is a foreigner. This is undeniable as now there is much proof of court officials in cahoots with one another of their own nationality and race. Even as the legal fight continues, they unknowingly are exposing more and more of how many others are involved in the subversion of justice.

The corrupt immigration investigating officer had even showed his hand in producing “tampered” evidence submitted together in his affidavit. Then there are countless delays after delays to the trial as like unto infinity. This seems to be their only way out, i.e. to bury this gross injustice against me. This is clearly detail out in this blog journal post.

Blog journal details many gross human rights abuses cases

Many posts in this blog journal is relating to the cruel and inhumane living conditions within the immigration Pekan Nanas detention depot were complained about in my affidavit to the court.

These are my first party eye-witness account of the human rights abuses I saw when under detention in Immigration detention facilities. These posts served to reveal all the skeletons hidden by Malaysia immigration department from the public eyes. Even all my Malaysian friends and acquaintances are shocked beyond belief of their Malaysia Immigration Department. Having seen and heard first hand of the thousands of foreigners subject to their corruption and abuses, certainly their actions and behaviors stink to high heaven.

Beware, your life & investments are not safe in Malaysia

Next, with regards to the lifetime ban and therefore the necessary unwinding of all my investments there, the experiences are even worse. I was already having my life upended by all these evil people with all their corruption and a lifetime ban. Yet along came people from other Government department like LHDN who are just about the same. You can read about this here.

Despite applying for MM2H with the preferential tax treatment gazetted, this all turns into an illusion with such corrupt system and governance.

The Malaysia income tax department (LHDN) also hoisted on me unfair arbitrary claims of Real Property Gain Tax (RPGT) owes. They will take forcefully even what is not theirs through all kinds of tricks. Based on all the documentation from LHDN and my lawyer, I have exposed all the many discrepancies, errors and inconsistencies that do not matched up.

Is the Malaysia Public Complaint Bureau an inactive Department

As being email-advised by the Singapore Consular officer, I should write to the Malaysia Public Complaint Bureau Director-General to complain against their errant civil service officers. This Public Complaint Bureau is a high-powered office that comes under the Malaysia Prime Minister’s office.

Even when this is being complained to their Public Complaint Bureau Director-General, there was only complete silence from him. Neither was there any response like just a shell office with no activity. However something happened after I have sent in my complaint to this address. LHDN officer quickly refunded me an amount that was clearly to be refunded back to me.

This action exposes the fact that this DG had received my complaint and supposedly to inform them to refund me the amount that was very clearly due to me. That amount that they were forced to refund was an attempt to take what was not theirs forcefully.

However, despite his/her complete silence, I have been sending to the DG regular reminders and will continue doing so. All documents will be public record of all events as objective facts.

Perils of foreigners living in Malaysia

Generally it must be said that Malaysia as a whole is a nice country for touristy visits and the majority of Malaysians are nice and not as what has been described above.

But there are lots of horror experiences that happened to many foreigners such as what had happened to me. This could be due to many being unaware of the many perils that existed. Such perils existed in large part due to the many evil and corrupt people were not exposed.

So to all foreigners who read this blog journal, please beware of the perils when you are considering living in Malaysia.

Do take care and be aware when making Malaysia a second home, or visiting as tourist, or studying on student visa, or working and even when investing in Malaysia.

(Updated: 16-Apr-2021)

Quote: “The just-announced revised MM2H programme comes with truly onerous new requirements called ‘hostile’ by one MM2Her, and consultants say it will likely doom the popular visa scheme.
The new Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) programme has been announced, and it will certainly not be welcomed by many people at all. The new requirements, which take effect in October 2021, add considerable strength to the argument that many expats have expressed to us, concluding that the current government simply does not want them here.

Since early last year, the MM2H programme has taken a real battering and resulted in MM2H visa holders giving up the visa or becoming very upset with the treatment they received. On a number of occasions, the MM2H visa holders were the last residents of Malaysia allowed to return here and some are still locked out. Although we were very disappointed by their treatment during the pandemic, we did not believe the government wanted them out altogether. Some expats and MM2Hers did not share our view, nor our willingness to give the benefit of the doubt. Now it seems they were right and we were wrong…”

(Updated on 16-08-2021)

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